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7 Great Ideas Aesthetic Minimalist Men Bedroom – Apart from food and clothing, the house is also a very important human need. You don’t need to have a luxurious and expensive house, the most important thing is that the house feels comfortable. That way you will feel happy and safe when you are at home.

To make the house a comfortable place to live, of course, you have to make the rooms in the house look attractive.

As a privacy room, the bedroom is the most important room in the house. Therefore, making the bedroom feel comfortable is a must. In order for your bedroom to feel comfortable, of course, you have to decorate the bedroom as well and as aesthetically as possible.

Usually, men prefer simple things. Therefore, applying the minimalist concept is the right idea. So, for you men, you no longer need to worry about how to make the bedroom feel comfortable because here we have provided 7 Great Ideas Aesthetic Minimalist Men Bedroom that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Aesthetic Monochrome Men Bedroom

To make the bedroom look attractive and aesthetic, you don’t need to use too many colors for your bedroom. To create a minimalist look for the men’s bedroom, choose two neutral colors such as black and white.

monochrome men bedroom
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The combination of white and black is the way to make the monochrome bedroom.

  • White

great monochrome men bedroom
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For those of you who prefer a bright appearance, you can make white the base color of the room. With this use white more than black. To create a bright look, you can paint the bedroom walls white and choose white furnishings.

And for black, you can use black as room decoration in the form of pictures, night lights, some displays, and so on.

  • Black

black men bedroom
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If you prefer a masculine and cool look, you can make black the basic color of the room. With this, the black color will look more dominant.

In creating a masculine bedroom, make sure that your bedroom is large enough. Too much black application in a small bedroom can make the bedroom look smaller, cramped, and stuffy.

Use white as room decoration, such as some wall displays, some bedroom stuff, and so on.

Aesthetic Men Bedroom with Gray Nuances

Some people think that men’s bedrooms tend to look monochrome. In fact, creating a minimalist bedroom doesn’t always use white and black.

Men prefer something simple but look cool. Therefore, applying gray as the basic color of the bedroom is the right idea to apply. The dominant gray color will make the bedroom look cool and simple.

grey men bedroom
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To make the bedroom look attractive, of course, it takes some decorations. The following are decorations that you can apply to a gray bedroom:

  • White

aesthetic grey men bedroom
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The addition of white decorations is the right idea to make the bedroom look less stiff. The combination of white with gray makes the bedroom look a little sweeter and brighter.

  • Black

soothing grey men bedroom
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To create a mature and masculine look, add black décor to the gray bedroom. The black color in the bedroom will give you a sharp and soothing look so that the bedroom will look aesthetic.

  • LED Lighting

grey men bedroom lighting
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Using LED lighting is also the right idea in decorating a gray bedroom to make it look more attractive and aesthetic. Choose LED lighting with warm colors to make the bedroom atmosphere less cold. In this way, the bedroom not only looks aesthetic but also feel comfortable.

The LED lighting can be applied on the edge of the bed frame or the desk.

Soft and Aesthetic Men Bedroom with Neutral Colors

In creating the aesthetic men bedroom you not always use black and white or make the appearance of the bedroom look dark and cool. Because, for those of you who prefer the soft appearance, you could also make the bedroom look soft and aesthetic too.

soft men bedroom
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Neutral colors it the great colors to use to make the men bedroom look soft and aesthetic. And here are the colors that you can use for the men bedroom:

  • White As A Base Color

cozy soft men bedroom

The first neutral colors you can use for the bedroom is white. To make the bedroom look soft, make white as a base color of the bedroom is a great idea. It because white is a great color that will be fit when combining with any colors.

  • Grey to Make The Bedroom Looks Mature

men bedroom decor

Add grey to the white bedroom is a great idea to bring a mature look to the bedroom. You could apply grey for the bed by choosing the grey bedsheet, blanket, and so on.

  • Beige Colors to Make it Looks Soft

comfortable men bedroom
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The next color you can use is beige. A combination of white and beige will bring a soft look to the bedroom. To make the bedroom still look cool and mature, try to not use beige to much.

Choosing the lower part of the room to make it soft is a good idea. With this, you could use the beige carpet for the bedroom. You can also use the wooden light table side and put the plant on to make it look a little fresh.

  • A Little Touch of Black

minimalist men bedroom
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In the men’s room, it feels less if you don’t use black in the room. Therefore, giving a little touch of black to the men’s bedroom is a good idea to make the men bedroom look masculine and aesthetic.

You can use the picture or painting that has black color there.

Modern Minimalist Men Bedroom

Men really prefer things that tend to be simple. In fact, some of them prefer to use things that only they need. However, of course, if there are too few items in the room it can make the bedroom look stiff and unattractive.

To avoid this from happening, you can apply the modern concept to the minimalist men bedroom. The modern concept is not about trendy design or decoration, but rather pay attention to the room in more detail. The concept of a modern bedroom will look more simple but attractive because it only uses the furniture that is needed. The minimalist concept prioritizes free space so that the room becomes comfortable.

modern men bedroom
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To make the men bedroom look not stiff, you can add a little bright colors like yellow or orange to the bedroom. And still, use white as the basic color of the room so that the room feels more spacious and comfortable.

Use natural lighting as the main lighting to make the room look bright. Natural lighting is also very good and helps the atmosphere of the room to be more lively. In this way, the men’s bedroom not only looks modern and aesthetic but also feels so comfortable and fresh.

Industrial Aesthetic Men Bedroom Design

Industrial design is a design that is often applied to cafes and restaurants. However, with the development of the times, people began to dare to apply this design to their homes.

The appearance of Industrial Design does look colder and masculine. Therefore, this design is the design most often chosen by men to make their bedroom feel comfortable.

industrial men design
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The dominant black color is indeed the characteristic of this one design. So, don’t be surprised if the industrial style looks cold and sharp. However, the use of wood as natural elements is able to balance the sharp appearance of this design so that the industrial design still looks beautiful and attractive.

Not only black, but the exposed brick wall is also the hallmark of this design. The exposed brick wall has a considerable influence on the appearance of an Industrial-style room. The industrial design room will look a little more colorful so that it will not look monotonous.


As a privacy room, the bedroom is indeed an important room in the house. Therefore, making this room look attractive and comfortable is something you have to pay attention to. For you men who want an aesthetic and minimalist bedroom, this article has discussed 7 Great Ideas for Aesthetic Minimalist Men Bedroom that you can make as your reference. So, let’s choose your favorite bedroom!



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