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How To Make The Bathroom Feel Fresh and Cozy? – The bathroom is indeed the smallest room in the house. Even so, the bathroom has a very important function. This small room is a room that is often used. Therefore, making this room interesting is a must.

After carrying out activities that are so dense during the day, it is very nice if you can soak in hot water and enjoy the atmosphere of a bathroom that is so comfortable. To feel relax in your bathroom, you need to give a fresh and cozy look into the bathroom.

Here we have provided some tips in making the bathroom feel fresh and cozy. So, let’s check it out!

1. Using White as A Base Color of The Bathroom

Color selection is the main stage when you want to decorate or make a bathroom. Therefore, the choice of color for the bathroom is very important. In making the bathroom fresh and cozy, use colors that can make the bathroom look bright.

fresh bathroom decor
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White is an alternative color to make the bathroom look bright. In addition, applying white to a small bathroom can also make this room look more spacious and not cramped. In this way, the small bathroom will be a comfortable room.

The wall has a considerable influence on the appearance of a room. By painting the bathroom wall with white color, the bathroom will look so bright and fresh.

white bathtub for small bathroom
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To make the bathroom look bright and fresh, you can also apply it to the main item in this room, which is the bathtub. The white bathtub also has a considerable impact on the appearance of the bathroom.

2. Choosing The Right Colors for Bathroom Vanity and Bathroom Shelf

After choosing the right base color for the bathroom, now is the stage to choose the right color for the vanity bathroom and bathroom shelf. Color selection for both bathroom items is very important to make the bathroom look fresh and cozy.

fresh bathroom tips
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Errors in color selection can be fatal because choosing the wrong color can produce a different look and even far from the word fresh. It could be the bathroom will look dark, elegant, stiff, and much more.

So here are the right colors for bathroom vanity and bathroom shelf:

  • Bathroom Vanity

Vanity bathroom does not always have to be present in the bathroom, because there are people who do not stop the vanity bathroom in the bathroom of their home. However, if your bathroom has bathroom vanity, you need to be careful when choosing the right color for this one item.

fresh bathroom decor ideas
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To make the bathroom look fresh, vanity made from wood can be an option. The color of the wood will bring a natural feel to the bathroom so the bathroom not only looks fresh but also looks so calming.

vanity bathroom colors
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If you are bored with wood, a green vanity bathroom is also the right choice for a bathroom. The green color has become the most appropriate color to bring a fresh look into the room.

The combination of white from the walls and green from bathroom vanity seems to work together to create a fresh and comfortable atmosphere. It also can be felt clearly the calming atmosphere that is present in the bathroom.

  • Bathroom Shelf

There will be so much stuff in the bathroom, such as shampoo bottles, soap bottles, toothbrushes, towels, and much more. If we placed them carelessly, automatically the bathroom will look messy and dirty. The impact is the bathroom becomes uncomfortable.

bathroom shelf
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To make it easier for you to choose colors for the bathroom shelf, you can match them with the colors of bathroom vanity. However, if you want a different look, a wooden bathroom shelf is the easiest alternative to implement. This is because the wood will be suitable when paired with any color.

3. Add Big Mirror for The Bathroom

The mirror is an item that is often present in the bathroom. Because wearing skincare and brushing your teeth will be easier if you look in the mirror. That is the function of the mirror for the bathroom.

However, when discussing interior design, mirrors have different functions. The function of the mirror for the room is to make the room look wider and brighter. Therefore, do not be surprised if some stores offer a large mirror for the bathroom.

beautiful fresh bathroom with big mirror
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To make the bathroom look fresh, you can use one large and wide mirror, or you can also use two mirrors like in the picture above. A large mirror is also able to make a small bathroom look and feel more spacious.

4. Present Natural Lighting into The Bathroom

A bright display is indeed a major factor in making the room comfortable. Likewise in the bathroom. In order for this small room to be a bright room, we have to make the bathroom look bright.

Making white as the base color and using a large mirror is certainly not enough to bring a bright look into the bathroom. You also need to know the right lighting that should be used in this room.

natural lighting for the bathroom
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Using natural lighting has become the easiest way to make a bathroom into a comfortable room. In addition, the presence of natural lighting in the bathroom can make the bathroom look fresh.

Natural lighting is also the most appropriate lighting if your bathroom is small. Because, by presenting natural lighting into the bathroom, this room will not feel stuffy and cramped so that the small bathroom will be comfortable. In addition, the use of natural lighting for small bathrooms can provide a broad illusion.

5. Use A Patterned Floor

The use of the dominant white color does make the room look bright. However, this will also make the room look stiff. So that the bathroom becomes a cozy place, give motifs with neutral colors like black.

patterned floor bathroom
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Beautiful motifs on the bathroom floor will make the bathroom look beautiful too. With this, the bathroom will not look stiff. Even the floor motif in the bathroom will look so fresh and interesting when exposed to sunlight or light.

6. Add Some Plants into The Bathroom

Here are some very important tips for making a bathroom into a fresh and cozy room. By adding some plants to the bathroom, the bathroom’s appearance will look much fresher and not stiff. The green color of plants presents a natural feel that is so thick that the bathroom becomes a comfortable room.

some plants to make the bathroom fresh
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Plants can also be used as the most fitting bathroom decoration. By providing a beautiful container for plants, the look of the bathroom will be more beautiful.

Because the bathroom is a humid room, then use plants that can withstand the temperature of the bathroom. Aquatic plants can be an option to use.


The bathroom is a small room in the house. Although small, the function of the bathroom is very important for our lives. So, making the bathroom a fresh and cozy room is a must that we should do. Above are tips you can follow to create a fresh and comfortable look in the bathroom.



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