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Coastal Interior Design for Fresh and Soothing Home – Who likes the beach? The beach has become the most appropriate place for refreshing because the nuances are so warm and soothing. This is what makes the beach able to make us free from stress and fatigue due to busy activities.

If you are one of those who love the beach, you can make this an idea to make your home a comfortable place for you. Coastal Design is the most appropriate interior design to be applied.

Here we have provided Coastal Interior Design for Fresh and Soothing Home that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Warm Ambiance in The Living room with Coastal Design Ideas

As the main room, the living room must be made into a comfortable room. In presenting comfort, the appearance of the living room certainly must be considered. By bringing Coastal Design into the living room, a warm nuance will be present in this room and make the living room feel so comfortable.

coastal living room design
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There are various styles of living rooms with Coastal as the interior design. So, choose the look that you like and want according to your character.

  • Coastal Living Room Style Cottage Decor

coastal living room style cottage decor
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Cottage style does often looks warmer because it usually used a wooden element. Cottage style living room is very interesting to try at your house. Wood elements painted in white give a bright side that is so warm. The combination of blue decorations is so fresh and soothing.

  • Modern Coastal Living Room

modern coastal living room design
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Coastal-style living rooms can also be made to look modern and attractive. The use of furniture with minimal carving makes it look more modern. In addition, the simple pendant lamp used in the living room also gives a minimalist look and looks more modern when compared to the living room cottage.

The warm ambiance can be felt clearly from the presence of benches made of rattan and some beige or wood colors in the room.

  • Simple Coastal Living Room

simple coastal living room
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The decoration is not always a benchmark to make the room look attractive and not stiff. As shown in the picture above, a coastal-style living room looks so simple without any wall decorations. Simply use the furniture needed such as sofas, tables, and additional rugs to make it look beautiful and simple.

The color used also reflects how simple this room is. Blue, white, and beige have become the right color combination for a coastal-style living room. The help of natural lighting also makes this room look alive and warm.

Beautiful and Comfortable Coastal Dining Room for Gathering

Not only the living room, but the dining room is also often a room to gather with friends and family. Creating a warm and fresh atmosphere in the dining room is very important to make this room feel comfortable. The coastal style dining room is the most fitting idea.

coastal dining room design
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  • White or Blue Wall Paint Makes The Dining Room Look Fresh and Bright

coastal dining room ideas
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White is indeed an alternative to creating a bright room. In coastal design, the appearance of the room must look bright to look fresh and warm. If you get bored with white, blue is also the right color to be applied to the walls of a coastal-style dining room.

As shown in the picture above, the blue color makes the dining room atmosphere so calm. The addition of a marine painting emphasizes the coastal design to the room. The wall also looks so pretty with a mirror that is given a rattan on its side.

  • Blue Dining Room Furniture That Look Sweet and Soothing

beautiful coastal dining room
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Making white as a base color outside the room. It is precisely white is easy to combine with other colors. And in a coastal style dining room, choosing white as the base color is not wrong because the blue color can be applied to dining room furniture. As in the picture above, the combination of blue and white colors makes the atmosphere of the dining room look so soft and soothing.

Beautiful Kitchen with Coastal Interior Design Ideas

Although the kitchen is a room that is rarely exposed, it does not mean the beauty of the kitchen can be ruled out. In fact, the appearance of the kitchen has a strong influence on the appearance of the house because the cleanliness of a house is seen from the kitchen.

coastal kitchen design
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To make the kitchen seem clean and fresh, the coastal design is the most appropriate interior design to be applied. The combination of white and blue colors makes the kitchen look bright and fresh. In addition, the combination of these two colors creates an atmosphere so calm that the kitchen becomes a comfortable room.

  • Marble Coating

Can be seen from the picture above, the marble layer in the coastal-style kitchen looks sparkling and gives an elegant and luxurious effect into the kitchen. Even so, the kitchen still looks so calming.

  • Wood Elements on Bar Stools and Floors

The use of wood elements has indeed become an alternative to bring a calm feel, especially in coastal-style kitchens. The presence of bar stools made of wood makes it look more stand out. Layers of a soft blue chair as if emphasizing the coastal look in the kitchen.

Wood flooring has become a characteristic in coastal design because it can bring a warm feel like being on a beach. Hardwood floors seem to replace the color of the sand on the beach.

Soothing and Cozy Bathroom Coastal Design

The bathroom is the smallest room in the house. Even so, the bathroom became a room that we often use. The function of the bathroom in a dwelling is very important. Therefore, this small room must be made as comfortable and attractive as possible.

beautiful coastal bathroom design
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Applying coastal design to the bathroom is the most appropriate idea. The combination of light blue and white makes the bathroom look so fresh and calm. The blue color on the bathroom wall looks so fresh and beautiful. The bathroom sink table and white mirror frame look so harmonious.

The warm light on the mirror side gives a warm feel that is so comfortable in the bathroom. The addition of some marine decorations such as seashells and others emphasize the coastal design in the bathroom. In this way, the bathroom is not only a soothing and comfortable room but also an attractive room.

Soothing and Fresh Bedroom with Coastal Design Ideas

The bedroom is a room that is so important because this room is a private room. Even some people do more of their activities in the room. By implementing coastal design in the bedroom, the bedroom will certainly be a room that is so fresh and soothing.

coastal bedroom design
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  • Wood Elements Painted White

The use of wood elements in coastal design is more dominant because wood can bring warm nuances that can make the bedroom feel so comfortable. Wooden walls are the most appropriate idea for a coastal-style bedroom. To maintain the bright appearance of the bedroom, white paint can be applied to wood.

  • Blue and White Bedding

As the main item in the bedroom, the bed has an influence on the appearance of this room. The combination of white and blue colors on the bedding gives a refreshing look like being on the beach. The nuances that are calm are also created so clearly.

  • Decorations Related to The Beach

Coastal design is a design that is inspired by the look and atmosphere of the beach. Decorations related to the beach such as boats, fish, shells, and others become the most appropriate decoration for coastal-style bedrooms.


The interior appearance of the house is indeed often associated with the person and characteristics of the owner of the house. If you are a person who likes calm, warmth, and also fresh, the coastal design is the most appropriate choice to apply to your home. The combination of blue, white and beige looks so harmonious. The atmosphere of the beach will be created at home so clearly.

The above are coastal style home interior ideas that you can make as your reference. So what are you waiting for? Let’s apply these ideas to make your home a comfortable place to live.



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