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Fabulous Pink Bathroom Ideas That is So Comfortable – The bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house. Even so, the function of the bathroom is very important. The bathroom is a room that we often use. In fact, some people make their bathroom as a favorite room in their home. When feeling tired because of the activities of a day that is so dense, it is most comfortable to relax by soaking in warm water and enjoying the atmosphere of a bathroom that is so comfortable.

To make the bathroom comfortable, you can apply pink to your bathroom. The color pink is likened to a symbol of sweetness and affection. By applying pink to the bathroom, this small room will look so soft and soothing.

For those of you who are interested in a pink bedroom, here we have provided Fabulous Pink Bathroom Ideas That is So Comfortable. So, let’s check it out!

Nude Pink Bathtub Makes The Bathroom Look So Soft and Soothing

There are many variations of pink that can be used and applied to the bathroom. As in the picture below, the pink nude looks so beautiful. The bathroom looks so soft. The soothing and comfortable atmosphere is very much felt in this small room.

beautiful pink bathroom with pink nude-colored bathtub
Cc: Pinterest

As the main item in the bathroom, the bathtub has a great influence on the appearance of the bathroom. The use of a pink nude bathtub makes the bathroom look so beautiful.

Placing a pink nude-color bathtub beside the window is an appropriate idea. Natural lighting that entering the bathroom hits the surface of the bathtub so that the pink color looks lively and bright. The warm atmosphere can be felt so clearly.

A Touch of Gold in the Pink Bathroom Makes It Look Elegant and Luxurious

Pink does not always look feminine or girly. Can be seen from the picture below, the application of pink in the bathroom can make this room look luxurious and elegant. In addition, the bathroom also still feels comfortable and soothing.

luxurious pink bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

In the picture above, the bathroom uses 5 color schemes, namely pink, white, gold, green, and black. Although the colors used are quite a lot, the appearance of the bathroom is not quirky or tacky.

Application of Pink

The owner wants a little feminine look but still looks stand out so that the pink color is applied to the main spot, such as the wall for the sink and bathroom shelf.

Application of White

The presence of white color is quite dominant to make the bathroom look bright. Plus the big window in the bathroom allows natural lighting to enter this room freely. The incoming natural light reflects off the white color and makes this room look bright and lively. This reflection also makes this small room look more spacious so that the luxurious is displayed perfectly.

Application of Gold

The gold color has indeed become an alternative color when it presents a luxurious look. The gold color in the pink bathroom looks so sparkling that the pink bathroom becomes an elegant and luxurious room. A slight touch of gold on some items made of iron make it still look simple and not tacky.

Application of Green

When viewed in the picture, the fresh look is so visible and makes the bathroom feel comfortable. Just like in gold, to make pink look dominant, the use of green is only on a few items, such as curtains, small plants, and pretty little tables.

Application of Black

To give a striking and sharp look, black is a color that is often used, including in the pink bathroom. Indeed, the pink bathroom prefers a bright appearance. However, if a touch of black, the bathroom will look soft and not elegant. So, applying black to some items in the pink bathroom is very important.

Beautiful Simple Pink Bathroom Ideas

Pink does not always look fancy and elegant. As in the picture below, the color pink makes the bathroom look so simple but beautiful. The application of soft pink on the walls gives a very calm and soft nuance.

simple pink bathroom with painting decors
Cc: Pinterest

The older pink color applied to bathroom vanity gives a more striking effect so that bathroom vanity will look stand out. This also makes the bathroom look attractive.

The addition of decorations that fit the bathroom wall makes a simple bathroom not look stiff. Some simple paintings that are given a white frame make the bathroom wall look so attractive. Laying the painting neatly makes this small pink room look neat.

The addition of green plants in a beautiful flower vase adds to the beauty of this small room. Although the pink bathroom looks simple, the fresh impression still exists in this room and makes the pink bathroom feel so comfortable.

Beautiful Pink Bathroom with A Shabby Chic Design

Shabby Chic design is thick with a feminine appearance. Even so, there are many enthusiasts from this one design. Besides being feminine, Shabby Chic’s design also looks cute and soft so that a simple bathroom will still look beautiful, comfortable, and soothing.

beautiful shabby chic pink bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

White That Makes The Bathroom Bright

The bright display becomes the characteristic of Shabby Chic design. So that white is the most appropriate color to use in Shabby Chic-style bathrooms.

Beautiful and Sweet Look by Using Soft Pink

Besides being bright, the appearance of this design is also sweet and beautiful. Pink floral motifs are the most appropriate choice to bring the sweet and soft side as well as a simple feminine look into the bathroom.

Fabulous Modern Pink Bathroom Idea

Want to have a modern bathroom that looks beautiful and attractive? Pink is one of the colors that can be used to create this bathroom.

Combining pink with several other colors can create a modern look.

modern pink bathroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

As seen from the picture above, applying pink on the side of the wall where the bathtub is located is clearly visible that the color you want to highlight in the bathroom is pink. Soft pink ceramic applied to the bathroom wall makes the bathroom wall look bright and shining. So that you no longer need wall decorations so that the pink bathroom looks beautiful.

The use of marble for bathroom walls, on the other hand, gives a simple look that is so modern. Indeed, the presence of a pink marble bathroom looks a bit more luxurious and elegant.

The pink soft sink makes it give a simple soft look so that the modern look is so thick in the bathroom.

The modern look can also be seen from the bathroom vanity used in the bathroom. Bathroom vanity made of wood is a perfect combination of pink and marble. The presence of wood elements in the bathroom also provides a little warm atmosphere which can make this small room feel comfortable.

Because it prioritizes a modern look, so bathroom decor is used as little as possible. The green plants that are thrown into a beautiful flower vase is enough to make the modern pink bathroom look attractive and fabulous.


Pink is often avoided because some people think that pink looks so flashy and tacky. However, the selection of pink and the right decoration can give an attractive and fabulous look to your bathroom. The pink color is actually able to bring a very comfortable atmosphere into the bathroom. And above are some ideas of beautiful and comfortable pink bathrooms.

Besides the appearance of the bathroom, the cleanliness of the bathroom is also important to make this room become a cozy room for relaxing. So, make sure you clean the bathroom regularly.



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