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Fresh and Cozy Bathroom with Plants Decors Ideas – Plants have become one alternative to create a fresh atmosphere at home. In addition, plants can also be used as the most fitting room decoration. Any stylish room will look attractive when adding some plants to it. Likewise with the bathroom.

Although the bathroom is the smallest room in the house, the bathroom has a fairly large function and is very influential in our lives. The bathroom is the room most often used. Therefore, making the bathroom attractive and comfortable is a must.

Using plants to decorate the bathroom is the right choice. There are many benefits of the plant that are very good for the bathroom.

For those of you who are interested in adding the plant into the bathroom, here we have provided Fresh and Cozy Bathroom with Plants Decors Ideas that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Plant Beside The Bathroom Vanity

When you want to decorate a room, of course you must first determine the right spots and fit to be given decoration. Likewise, when you decorate a bathroom with plants. Before you choose plants, first make sure the right spot in your bathroom to find plants.

cozy bathroom with plants decorations
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Spot next to bathroom vanity is the best idea for plants to give. Large and medium plants will give a clearer green color and make it stand out.

A beautiful potted plant is also one step to add to the beauty value of the bathroom itself. As shown in the picture above, the white pot with wooden legs looks so simple and sweet. Very fitting for a simple bathroom.

Hanging Plants Look So Beautiful in The Small Bathroom

It’s much easier to decorate a large room. We can use several decorations and there will also be many spots that can be decorated. However, what about a small bathroom? Of course we have to find ways to decorate a small bathroom without having to make it narrow.

hanging plants to freshing the small bathroom
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Hanging plants are the most fitting for use in decorating small bathrooms. By using hanging plants, we no longer need to determine which spots plants can put.

Here are some ways to hang the hanging plants in the bathroom so the bathroom looks fresh, beautiful, and feels spacious.

Adding The Pole on The Ceiling

When it has been determined to use hanging plants as bathroom decorations, of course we must know where hanging plants can be hung.

Adding the pole on the ceiling is the right way to be able to hang several plants at once. Just make sure that the pole is securely fastened to the ceiling so that the plant does not fall.

Hanging some plants near the bathtub is a great idea to make this spot become a cozy spot to relax. It also makes the bathroom become a soothing place to rest and enjoy the bathroom ambiance.

Hang on The Shower

fresh small bathroom decors
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If there is no place to hang plants, the shower can be used as a media. As shown in the picture above, plants look so beautiful when hung in a shower. A fresh impression is seen so clearly in the bathroom. With this, you can take a shower while enjoying the beauty of your bathroom.

Ladder As A Media to Hang Some Plants

interesting bathroom decors with ladder
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Want to give an attractive appearance to the bathroom? The wooden ladder can be used as a media to hang some plants. You just should hang the ladder on the ceiling and after that hang some plants on the ladder. The use of the ladder makes the bathroom look so attractive and unique.

Beautiful Small Plants Arranged on The Floating Wall Shelves

A simple appearance is indeed much more attractive. By presenting several plants in only one spot in the bathroom is enough to make this small room look fresh and comfortable.

The use of floating wall shelves is the most appropriate way to give a fresh look at just one spot. In addition, by using floating wall shelves, the wall is a media that is used/decorated. In this way, using some shelves will not take up any spaces in the bathroom so the bathroom will not feel cramped. This one decoration would be very suitable to be applied to a small bathroom.

floating wall shelves for bathroom decors
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White floating wall shelves can increase the brightness of the bathroom so that the bathroom will feel warmer and more spacious. Or if you want to give a warm atmosphere to the bathroom, floating wall shelves made of wood without any paint are the most appropriate choice and idea.

Fresh Bathroom Corner

The corner of the bathroom is the most fitting spot to be given a decoration. Because the bathroom corner will not be used to put bathroom stuff so that it can be used to make the bathroom look beautiful and fresh.

fresh bathroom corner
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Placing a small plant at the corner of the bathtub and also become the corner of the bathroom makes it look so attractive. You will feel so comfortable when soaking in the bathtub. Resting in warm water while enjoying the green color of plants can make you feel calm and much more relaxed.

Beautiful Bathroom Door Wedge

Soaking in the bathtub while enjoying an interesting TV show is very pleasant. But, of course it is not possible to bring the TV into the bathroom. However, you can open the bathroom door so you can still enjoy your favorite TV shows.

beautiful bathroom door wedge
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In order to make the bathroom door can be opened and not closed easily, of course the door wedge is really needed.

There are some door wedges that are easy for you to make and able to give beauty to the bathroom:

Door Wedge from Plant with Beautiful Rattan Plant Pot

When choosing plants as room decorations, of course, pots are needed to put the plants. In addition to placing plants, pots can also be used to add value to the beauty of the bathroom.

The beautiful rattan plant pot is the most suitable pot to use. Because of its beautiful shape, this plant can be used as a door wedge so that the bathroom door can be kept open.

Plants that are used as door wedges must also be medium-sized plants because small plants cannot hold doors and large plants will be too difficult to move.

The Help of The Small Chair

attractive bathroom door wedge Ideas
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If you think moving medium plants is heavy enough, small plants can also be used to keep the bathroom door open and also make the room look attractive. However, surely one item is needed to help hold the door, which is a small chair.

beautiful bathroom decor ideas
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Not only small plants that can be used to make the bathroom look attractive. Some beautiful flowers placed in a beautiful flower vase can also be placed on a small chair. With this, the bathroom will not only look fresh but also look more attractive, sweet, and beautiful.

Cozy Simple Bathroom with Small Plants Decor

Using large plants will take up a lot of space in the bathroom. Especially if your bathroom is small in size. Therefore, using a few small plants is enough to make the bathroom look fresh. Even by using small plants, the bathroom will look much simpler and more spacious.

fresh and simple bathroom decors
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Indeed, media is needed to help small plants can be seen and make a simple bathroom look beautiful and fresh. Choosing a small chair to serve as a table to put these small plants into the most fitting idea for the bathroom. The small chair can also be used as a place to put some bathroom stuff like shampoo and soap. Or you can also add aromatherapy candles so that the bathroom becomes a relaxed and comfortable place.

Besides being a place to put some small plants, the small chair is also far more practical. This one item can be easily moved when you feel bored and want to change the bathroom arrangement.


Using plants has become an alternative and mainstream way that is often used to make a room feel comfortable and fresh. Like adding plants to the bathroom, this room will look more beautiful. The green color of plants is believed to be able to relieve stress due to activities that are so dense.

There are so many benefits that can be felt by using the plants as bathroom decorations. So, have you determined which ideas you will apply to the bathroom in your home?



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