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Get A Warm and Comfortable Dining Room with Japanese Scandinavian Design Ideas

Simdreamhomes.comScandinavian style is indeed the most fitting style to be applied to the current homes. Its simple appearance and prefers functional make it superior to other designs. This also makes it very fitting to be applied to the current minimalist homes.

Recently there is the Scandinavian style with an interesting combination called Japandi, which is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian.

This Japandi style looks much more attractive. The bright appearance with darker woods gives a different feel to the Scandinavian design. The warm feel of the Japandi style room is so thick and this is what actually makes the room feel so comfortable.

Applying Japandi style to the interior of the dining room is a very appropriate idea. As it is known that the dining room is often used as a place to gather while eating food. Therefore, it makes this room comfortable is a must.

For those of you who are interested in it, we have provided the best ideas to Get A Warm and Comfortable Dining Room with Japanese Scandinavian Design. So, let’s check it out!

Three Pendant Lamp Makes The Japandi Dining Room Looks Simple but Attractive

Lights become a very important item and must be present in every room in the house, including the dining room. With the presence of lights, the room will still look bright even at night or darkness.

In addition to lighting up the room, lights also have other functions. Because at this time there are so many types of lights, the lights can be used as room decoration.

japanese scandinavian design
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The pendant lamp with a simple shape and dark brown color look so beautiful when used for the dining room in the Japanese Scandinavian style. Hanging the pendant lamp right in the middle of the dining room table makes this spot look stand out. The dining table in this room is also much brighter. Warm lighting used in this room gives so many warm sensations. Warm lighting also boosts wood elements in presenting the soothing atmosphere to the room. This makes the dining room become a cozy place.

Because the pendant lamp is only able to provide lighting on the middle side of the room, to make the dining room look bright, adding lighting to the edges of the room is the right idea.

Wooden Beams Become A Very Interesting Wall Display

Dining rooms without decoration will certainly look stiff and unattractive. Moreover, the Scandinavian style prefers functional and only uses items that are needed only. So, adding decoration to the room is very important.

cozy japanese scandinavian dining room
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The appearance of Scandinavian design is simple. That way, the decoration used must also be simple and of sufficient quantity.

As seen from the picture above, the wooden blocks displayed on the wall look very attractive. Mahogany wooden beams make the wall look bright but still simple. The color of the gray walls given the mahogany decoration gives it a very modern look.

Natural Lighting Warms Japanese Scandinavian Style Dining Room

In the Japanese Scandinavian style dining room, the material used is dominant with dark wood. The use of this wood will actually bring a warm feel into the dining room and make the dining room feel so comfortable.

However, if not given the right lighting, the dining room will look dark and become uncomfortable. That way, bringing natural lighting into the dining room is a great idea.

simple dining room japanese scandinavian
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The use of large windows is a solution that can make the dining room look bright during the day. The wood in the dining room will look more alive when exposed to direct sunlight. Warm nuance will be felt so clearly in this room. Soft and soothing appearance also makes this room more comfortable.

There are many benefits to bringing natural lighting into the dining room:

  • Saving your budget

when using natural lighting, of course you don’t need to turn on the lights. This way, lights will only be needed at night. Automatically, your electricity bill will be reduced.

  • Make the small room feel more spacious

Smaller rooms will more easily feel cramped and uncomfortable. By using natural lighting to illuminate a room, a small room will feel more spacious. Especially if the white color is the basic color of this room.

  • Presents a fresh and soothing feel of nature

To make the room feel fresh and soothing, bringing a natural feel into the room is a common alternative that is often used. By using natural lighting, natural shades will be easily created by adding some fresh wood and green elements.

Wooden Floor As Room Divider

It’s okay if you want to apply Japanese Scandinavian design only in the dining room. As seen in the picture below, the floor used in the dining room is different from the floor in another room. In another room the floor of the house is white and in the dining room the floor uses wood.

comfortable japanese scandinavian dining room ideas
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Unwittingly, the use of different floors determines the area of the dining room itself. Hardwood floors emphasize the Japanese Scandinavian Design in the dining room. The wooden floor looks so harmonious with the wood and wooden table used in this dining room. Rattan lamp that is above the dining table also looks so pretty.

Fabric Chairs Make It Looks More Modern

In Japanese Scandinavian design, usually the furniture used must be made from wood with a smooth surface. However, the use of fabric chairs will give a different look than usual without reducing the Scandinavian design in the slightest.

modern japanese scandinavian ideas
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As seen in the picture, the fabric chair looks so harmonious with the dining table made from wood. The use of cloth will give the same warm feel as wood. So, there will be no change in the atmosphere in the dining room. It’s just the appearance of the dining room will look more modern and attractive.

Fresh Atmosphere from The Presence of Plants in The Japanese Scandinavian-style Dining Room

Giving decoration to the living room has indeed become the most appropriate idea to make this room look attractive. And of course, there are lots of decorations that can be used, starting from ceiling decorations, wall decorations, and others.

fresh japanese scandinavian dining room
Cc: Pinterest

Using plants as a dining room in a Japanese Scandinavian style is the right idea. The presence of plants in this room makes it look and feel fresher. The green color will blend with the wood elements and provide warmth and comfort to the room. Plus the use of natural lighting provides a natural feel that is very fitting to make this room very comfortable.


A large number of enthusiasts from Scandinavian Design makes it present a new style of this design. The combination of warm and calm from Japanese design blends with Scandinavian design that is simple and bright makes the room look perfect. Simple impression, functional, bright, and warm will make the room a very comfortable place at home.

As a room for gathering, the dining room becomes one of the rooms that need to be made as comfortable as possible. And Japanese Scandinavian Design is the most appropriate design to be applied in this room. With interesting ideas that we have presented to you, your dining room will be the most comfortable room to gather with friends and family.



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