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Looking at Beautiful and Luxurious Hollywood Artist House Designs that You Can Imitate

Becoming the world’s top artist is everyone’s dream to pursue a fantastic income. Of course, you can found this dream by studying and working hard. Then you also have to face a lot of fans who want to get to know you.
By having fantastic wealth, of course, you want to have a beautiful and luxurious house. By having a home like that, you will be comfortable in your luxury home. Not a few top Hollywood artists have wealth and luxurious homes. One of Hollywood’s artists who have tremendous wealth is John Travolta. With his wealth, he can design a house complete with airplane parking and an airplane runway. It’s awesome! Do you want to be like that and have a very luxurious home? For that, we will explain the article below!

1. Having a big and luxurious house

As the world’s top artist, of course, they have a luxurious house and luxurious equipment. By having a luxury home, you can make them safe, comfortable, and confident. It can motivate them to be more successful in their work and get more profits. However, as a top artist who is busy with filmmaking activities, they certainly don’t have much time to think about the design of a luxury home.
That’s why we want to share ideas for those of you who want to design your home to be luxurious as the world’s top artists. Of course, you have to have excess money so that the results are according to your wishes.

2. Making a beautiful design

When a famous artist buys a house, they must have prepared a great designer. By hiring a great designer, you will get a luxury home design, for example, the selection for the front view of the house, living room, family room, bedroom, front and back yard, garden and dining room, and kitchen. Without a great designer, the design will not be satisfactory. Therefore, they entrust the house selection to a famous designer.

3. The room that always concerns by designer’s

Some of the rooms that are always a concern by the designer are the terrace front of the house, front yard, living room, bed, and lounge. The room is generally always used by a famous artist to relax. For that, the rooms must look luxurious and pleasing to them. Therefore, the designer must expert in choosing the room design, equipment such as furniture, accessories, chandeliers, and attractive paint.

4. Safety and comfort

Having a very luxurious house makes the artists have to prepare their home security. For this reason, an artist must ask a home designer to prepare equipment for securing their home. Without security equipment, of course, an artist will not feel safe and comfortable at home.
As you can see in the luxury homes owned by Hollywood’s top artists, they prioritize security for their homes by asking designers to install secure fences, make security posts for security officers and install security trails on the doors and windows of the house.\

5. Rooms Accessories

For the design of the room to look more luxurious, the selection of furniture, room accessories, and wall paints must be made beautiful.
Of course, all this is related to the luxury of the room so that people who see it will be amazed and praising. Then, To design all that, you have to prepare a lot of money so that the quality of the materials used can make the room look beautiful and amaze.

6. Some luxury room design models

We come to a discussion of some of the luxury designs in the homes of Hollywood’s top artists. In the article below, we will present some luxurious room designs. As you can see, some of the rooms are making luxuriously designed and make everyone who looks at them amazed and praises them, wow, that’s cool!

You are so curious and want to see some of the appearances of the room. For that, let’s discuss one by one the rooms in the homes of famous Hollywood artists. If you want to make something like the picture below, prepare a lot of money, and you will be happy and enjoy it at the same time! Let’s start with the room you admire!

One of the front yards house

This Hollywood artist’s house has an area of ​​2880 square meters. The yard of this house looks big and full of various kinds of facilities. With green natural scenery accompanied by swimming pool facilities, sunbathing areas, and comfortable places to relax around the pool area will make it very enjoyable. Of course, a home page of this size needs a lot of security.

Living room

The world’s top celebrity is one of the most coveted professions of men and women throughout the universe. With a luxurious lifestyle, they have a beautiful room in the house.
In the picture, you can see the appearance of a luxurious and glamorous living room. The wooden furniture with foam, chandeliers, flower decorations, wall decorations, and beautiful carpets make this room look beautiful and charming. If you like this model, you can decorate it like this picture.

Bright living room

Hollywood design is generally very much associated with artistic value. Then, this is a visual art, architecture, and design style that combines modern style and craftsmanship. That way, art deco represents luxury, glamour, joy, and confidence. Therefore, curvy furniture, round mirrors, and round tables make this room look bright. If you like this model, you can decorate it like this picture.

Dining room

The more famous an international celebrity is, it’s natural that Hollywood artist houses, of course, make you are jealous. Therefore, you can also create unique home decorations of world celebrities that highlight their character as homeowners. With this inspiration home design, you can make a Luxury dining room design like this picture above! If you like this model, you can decorate it like this picture.

Bedroom interiors.

The glamorous appearance of the bed on the red carpet exudes the luxury and identity of the Hollywood world artist. Bedroom accessories all in gold, silver, and elements that create sparkling light can be the best option to bring a luxurious effect to your bedroom. If you like this model, you can decorate it like this picture.

Chandelier for living room

A large chandelier with lots of bling, such as a crystal chandelier, is the perfect way to make this Hollywood-style room look beautiful and bright. Then, with a vintage chandelier, anyone will be amazed by the design of this luxurious house. If you like this model, you can decorate it like this picture.

Decorative mirror for living room

If in Indonesia, the mirror is famous for preening in the room but not for the world’s top celebrities. They made the mirror as a decoration for the living room to make it look beautiful and artistic. Moreover, the mirror is placing in the purple room, and this can symbolize good luck.
So from now on, add a mirror as a home decoration like foreign celebrities. If you like this model, you can decorate it like this picture.

Big backyard

Having a big yard with natural views like trees is very nice. The Iron Man actor owns a house in New York City, and the backyard is decor with a windmill. Then this house has plants like shady trees, clean and makes this house cool during the day. With a backyard of this size, this house looks attractive and fun.

Kitchen room

Minimalist kitchens with black and white nuances are currently having a lot of fans. This color combination is a favorite color for top Hollywood artists. Black itself is a color that provides security, and white gives a bright impression. However, not only that, black and white shades also give a modern impression. For this reason, many artists make kitchens with models like this, especially for they have houses on the beach.


For those of you who like to see the beauty and luxury of the homes of Hollywood’s top artists, we present some of their home designs that look beautiful, attractive, and luxurious. Therefore, you should make your houses like their home’s interior and exterior.

In this article, we explained some ideas for your home looks beautiful and luxurious like theirs home. Then to make it, of course, you will have to spend the money if your home has to be decorated by a home decoration company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained then give it to the home decoration maker. If you like Hollywood artist house models, you can decorate like this picture.

Hopefully, this article can help you to create and organize your home. Happy decorating!




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