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Top 4 Telltale Signs You Need an Emergency AC Repair

In spring, most homes keep their doors and windows shut to keep outdoor allergens at bay. Everyone relies on their air conditioning to cool the home and provide fresh, clean air inside. That is how important air conditioning is to your daily home living. Without a high-functioning AC system, you will be at risk of developing allergies and heat-related illness as the temperature increases outside.

To stay cool and safe inside your homes during the hot season, be sure to maintain the top condition of your AC system. Do not hesitate to call for an emergency AC repair once you notice these 4 telltale signs:

Warm air is coming out of your air conditioner.

If your air conditioner fails its primary task of cooling your home, it is high time to call for professional repair service. Your home temperature should cool down a few minutes after you turn the AC on. If it does otherwise, check to see if there is a problem with your thermostat settings or filters. Air conditioners that blow hot air may also have faulty electrical connections or refrigerant leaks—issues that require professional attention.

There is moisture or leak around the system.

Water leaks around the system are an obvious sign of air conditioner failure. Do not wait another day to call a qualified technician. Leaks can lead to serious issues in your home, including structural damage, mold and mildew growth, and pest infestation. If you have leaks around your indoor unit, you probably have a clogged condensate drain line. There are multiple methods you can use for unclogging the drain line. However, if you are looking for a no-fail solution, it would be best to hire the service of a qualified technician.

Your energy bills have skyrocketed.

According to the United States Department of Energy, air conditioners cost US homeowners $29 billion per year. During the hot season, air conditioning costs could account for nearly half of the total household energy costs. To increase the energy efficiency of your AC system and save money on your cooling bills this summer, you should invest in professional maintenance and repair services. One of the most important maintenance tasks you should never miss is replacing the air filters. The DOE says replacing dirty air filters with clean ones can lower your air conditioning costs by 5 percent to 15 percent.

Your AC makes way too much noise.

It is normal for air conditioners to make a sound when you turn them on. However, it is not supposed to be loud and disturbing that would keep you awake at night. If you hear screeching, banging, grinding, or squealing noise coming from your AC system, that is a clear indication you need to get your system checked and repaired.

Do not hesitate to ask for professional help

Are you experiencing any of these air conditioning problems at home? If yes, be sure to call your trusted HVAC professionals right away. Repairing your AC or replacing parts without letting the pros inspect the unit first can be a waste of time and money. Your HVAC company may advise you to get a new AC installation if your old system has reached retirement age. Call the pros to get quality consultations and estimates today!



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