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Factors to Consider Before Installing a New Heating System

 Are you planning to replace your old heating system at home? According to HomeAdvisor, a new heater installation can cost you between $2,616 and $6,319, including materials, equipment, and labor. That is a lot of money that you would not want to go to waste. Thus, before you go out shopping for a new heater, be sure to take into consideration these 5 important factors.


Purchasing a heater that is too small or too big for your home space can lead to premature system failure. A small heater will need to operate continuously to reach your comfort level at home, while a large heater will cause the system to short-cycle—both resulting in high energy costs. To help you calculate the right furnace size for your home, ask for the help of a licensed heating contractor. The square footage of your home and the climate in your area are among the relevant factors in sizing a heater for your home.


According to the United States Department of Energy, your heating system uses more energy than other systems in your home, accounting for about 42 percent of your total household energy costs. By installing a newer, high efficiency furnace model, you can help lower your energy consumption at home. The DOE says you can measure the efficiency of your heating equipment by checking its Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. 56% to 70% AFUE are considered low efficiency systems, while 90% to 98.5% AFUE counts as high efficiency systems.


Fuel availability can greatly affect your system selection. Today’s heating systems draw power from electricity, but there’s always an option to go for gas fueled heaters or propane fueled heaters. To help you in your decision-making, take into consideration the cost factor and environmental impact of the available fuel types. If you are still having a hard time making your final choice, try to consult a trustworthy professional. According to the DOE, 49 percent of US households use natural gas to heat their indoor spaces.


Another important consideration when selecting a heating system to buy is the type of climate in your local area. The colder the temperature in your area, the more powerful your heating system should be. If you live in a colder climate, but get a lot of sun, the DOE recommends installing a solar heating system to heat your home.

Overall costs

When setting a budget for your new heating installation at home, you should consider the initial costs,  as well as the long term costs of running and maintaining the system. To get accurate estimates on home heating installation and maintenance, talk to a professional HVAC contractor.

Partner with a reliable home heating company

Regardless of the type of heating system you are planning to install at home, always hire the pros to handle its installation and maintenance. Working with a team of professionals will not only guarantee your comfort and safety at home but also increased system performance and energy-efficiency. Call your trusted local HVAC company today!



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