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Cozy Bedroom with Tumblr Lamp Ideas

simdreamhomes.com – For some people, the bedroom is the best place to spend their leisure times. Most of them make a bedroom as their favorite places. Taking a rest in the bedroom after a tired long-activity has become a matter of course. Therefore, most of the people make their room as comfortable as possible.

Turn your bedroom into a comfortable place, you do not have to buy expensive things. Usually, right now people use Tumblr lamps to make their rooms feel comfortable and attractive. The price needed to buy Tumblr lamp is very inexpensive. And also you can get it very easily because Tumblr lamps are sold in many places.

And here, we have the best pictures of Cozy Bedroom with Tumblr Lamp Ideas. Let’s check it out!

Use a light that is slightly dim to get a calm atmosphere.

Slightly dim light will give you a calm vibes to your room.

If you want to get a calm atmosphere, using a slightly dim Tumblr lamp is the best choices. You can get a calm vibe in the night when you are in your room. A slightly dim lamp will make you feel relax. So, if you are tired after a day of activity, lie down on your bed and enjoying the dim light from the Tumblr lamp. Is it really nice?

Colorful tumblr lamp to make the bedroom more attractive

To get a cozy bedroom, you can also use colorful Tumblr lamp. A colorful Tumblr lamp is perfect for you if you want your room still looks colorful but giving a calm impression. And also, the colorful Tumblr lamp will make your room more attractive.

Simple tumblr lamp is really effective.

If you are a simple person and you do not want using a lot of Tumblr lamp, you can try the picture above. You only need to use a simple Tumblr lamp and hang it on the wall above your bed. In this way, you can still make your room feel cozy even though it is quite simple.

Decorate the bedroom as best as possible with Tumblr lamp Use Tumblr lamp that fit with the color of the wall. The combination of Tumblr lamp can make your room interesting.

To make your room feel cozy and looks more attractive, you can use Tumblr lamp and hang it on the roof of your bedroom. Maybe it will be a little bit so hard for you, but this way is the best way. I bet you will feel comfortable even though you are in your room all day. Most people applied this way in their rooms and they are satisfied in this way.

Use Tumblr lamp around the bed.

Placing tumblr lamp around your bedroom.

Bright Tumblr lamp is great for making the room brighter.

A lighter Tumblr lamp is perfect for you if you want your room looks bright. And of course, you will need this light will a small amount. Just a little is enough to light up your room in the night.

A dim Tumblr lamp will provide peace to the owner.

This way is the different way to get a cozy bedroom. If we see the pictures above, the Tumblr lamps hang on the wall or around on the bed. But this way, you can hang the Tumblr lamp on the curtain. It is a nice try. Just hang it on the curtain you can still make your room feel cozy and interesting.

Form a tumblr lamp into word that you want

This is the last picture of Cozy Bedroom with Tumblr Lamp Ideas. Same with the picture above, this way is different from the other ways. You just have to form the Tumblr lamp into the word that you want. It will be more attractive.

Those are Cozy Bedroom with Tumblr Lamp Ideas. Which image are you interested in trying? Hopefully, the above methods are very useful for you who want to turn your room into a cozy place.



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