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Beautiful Nature Bathroom Inspiration and Ideas – Even though it is not an exposed room, the bathroom is a very important room. The comfort and beauty of this room are certain things that must be considered. This is because the bathroom is the most used room.

In fact, the bathroom is often the right place to relax from a tiring day of activities. Soaking yourself in warm water while enjoying the soothing bathroom atmosphere is indeed a very pleasant thing. That is why making the bathroom feel soothing and comfortable is important.

Applying nature feel to the bathroom is a great idea. The nature bathroom will make you feel relax and enjoy. And here, we have provided Beautiful Nature Bathroom Inspiration and Ideas. So, let’s check it out!

Wall-Plants Makes The Bathroom Looks Green and Beautiful

Making a nature bathroom can not only be applied to large bathrooms. If you have a small bathroom, you can also make it feel soothing and relaxing.

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Wall-plants is a great inspiration and idea that can be your reference. The wall-plants will make the bathroom looks green and beautiful without taking up space in this room. In this way, the bathroom will look beautiful and comfortable.

To make the bathroom look nature, you do not have to apply the plants in the whole bathroom wall. Choose one spot or one side of the bathroom wall.

Nature Feel with Natural Stones in The Bathroom

In applying natural designs to the bathroom, of course, some natural elements are needed. One of them is natural stone. Natural stone is the right element to be applied to the bathroom because it can provide a cold feel to this room.

Natural stone walls and floors are also the right ideas to apply to the bathroom. This is because the natural stone has a texture that is not slippery even when exposed to water. This way, you will feel safe when you are in the bathroom.

beautiful nature bathroom
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With the natural stone in the bathroom, you don’t need a lot of plants. To freshen up your bathroom, choose 2-3 plants. Hanging plants are the right plants to apply.

Natural stone in the middle of the bathroom is also the right decoration. Natural stone becomes a beautiful bathroom divider. The presence of glass in the middle of the bathroom will be visible because of the natural stone down there.

Natural stone also looks so beautiful with some aromatherapy candles on it. This candle is also able to emphasize the cozy nuances in the bathroom.

Natural Lighting Makes It Beautiful and Cozy

The lighting in the bathroom is something that needs attention. The lighting used can be a factor that affects the atmosphere and appearance of this room. In bringing a natural feel into the bathroom, bringing natural lighting into the bathroom is the right idea.

cozy nature bathroom
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The natural lighting in the bathroom makes the bathroom look bright and comfortable. Therefore, applying skylight windows in the bathroom is a great inspiration. Skylight windows can also show nice clouds so that the bathroom looks so beautiful.

Beautiful Simple Nature Bathroom

In making the bathroom look attractive, you don’t just have to use excessive decoration. A bathroom with a simple appearance also looks more attractive and calm.

simple natural bathroom
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A natural bathroom with a simple appearance is also an interesting idea. The lack of items in the bathroom makes the bathroom feel wider and more comfortable. The simple look gives it a calming and soothing feel.

Dominant wood elements provide a warm atmosphere that is soothing and comfortable. The wood ceiling and wooden bathtub look so harmonious in making the bathroom look naturally beautiful.

Cozy and Beautiful Outdoor Bathroom

The outdoor bathroom is the right inspiration to enjoy the natural atmosphere clearly. You can feel the soothing natural atmosphere well. Green plants make you relax. Blue clouds are no less interesting. Blue clouds can make you calmer.

outdoor bathroom
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Use natural stone for the walls and floors of an outdoor bathroom. This is very useful to emphasize nature feel in the outdoor bathroom.


Having a comfortable bathroom is indeed the desire of many people. Therefore, nature bathroom is the right idea. And the points above is the Beautiful Nature Bathroom Inspiration and Ideas that can be your references. Happy trying all!



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