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Beautiful Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas That Will Inspire You – Minimalist and simple appearance is the reason why the Scandinavian style is one of the most popular styles for many people. In addition, the Scandinavian style also looks sweeter, which is a plus point for this style.

Applying Scandinavian Style to the home kitchen is the right idea. In this way, the kitchen will feel more comfortable. The neutral colors used in this style provide a calm atmosphere.

So, for those of you who want to have a Scandinavian Kitchen, here we have provided Beautiful Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas That Will Inspire You. So, let’s check it out!

White and Grey Scandinavian Kitchen Makes The Kitchen Looks Bright and Beautiful

The characteristic of Scandinavian design is its bright appearance. Therefore, in applying this design to the kitchen, you must make the kitchen look bright. First of all, make sure there is natural lighting in the kitchen.

scandinavian kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Besides natural lighting, the colors used for the kitchen also will affect the appearance of this room. White and grey are the perfect colors to present the Scandinavian design to the Kitchen. The white and grey Scandinavian kitchen looks so bright but soft. The nuance of this room also feels warm and cozy.

Using wooden items is also the right idea to give a warm feel to the white and gray Scandinavian kitchen.

Beautiful Simple Scandinavian Kitchen

If usually the room will look stiff and unattractive if it looks too simple, then it’s different from Scandinavian design. The Scandinavian room with very simple decoration looks so attractive and beautiful.

As seen in the picture above, the decorations used in the Scandinavian kitchen are only plants that are put in clear flower vases. However, the Scandinavian kitchen looks so attractive.

simple scandinavin kitchen design
Cc: Pinterest

There are several things that must be considered in applying simple decorations into Scandinavian kitchen designs.

  • Natural Lighting

In order to make the simple Scandinavian kitchen look attractive and beautiful, you have to make sure the kitchen looks bright with natural lighting. Bring in excess natural lighting to make the kitchen look less stiff

  • Little Touch of Black

Because less decoration, so to make the simple kitchen look attractive and not stiff need a little touch of black. Black in some spots in the kitchen makes it look sharp and striking. In this way, even though the kitchen is so simple, but it will look beautiful and more attractive.

  • Wooden Ceiling and Floor

Indeed, white is the best color to present the Scandinavian design to the room. But, if the room is too simple, apply white to the whole of the room will make this room look stiff and unattractive.

The simple Scandinavian kitchen looks so attractive and beautiful with a wooden ceiling and floor. The wooden ceiling and floor will give the warm nuances to the simple Scandinavian kitchen so that the kitchen will be a cozy room.

White and Wooden Makes The Scandinavian Kitchen Looks So Perfect

The nuances created from the Scandinavian style are warm nuances that are so comfortable. This is because the Scandinavian style adds natural elements to it. The natural elements used in this style are wood which has a light color. Usually, the wood used is mahogany.

soft scandinavian kitchen look
Cc: Pinterest

The combination of wood and white looks so pretty and sweet. The atmosphere created is also warm and comfortable. With this, you certainly will feel comfortable in the kitchen.

Natural lighting is also very helpful in this kitchen. Exposure to sunlight on wooden surfaces makes the kitchen feel more alive. Besides that, the sunlight also makes the white color in the kitchen shine so that the kitchen looks brighter and more comfortable.

Golden Pendant Lamp Presenting The Modern and Beautiful Look to The Scandinavian Kitchen Design

Natural lighting is not the only thing that should be presented to the kitchen. To keep the kitchen looking bright at night, artificial lighting is needed, such as lamps.

The number of lamp models nowadays makes the function of the lights not only to illuminate the room at night but also as a beautiful room decoration. As you can see in the picture, the Scandinavian kitchen looks so modern and attractive with the gold pendants.

golden pendant for scandinavian kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

The presence of gold pendants presenting the modern and beautiful look to the Scandinavian Kitchen. In addition, a little elegant look is also seen in this kitchen.

To keep the soft and natural appearance, the plant is a great item to use. The big plant with rattan pot looks so attractive. The Green of the plant also brings fresh nuances to this room.

Glamour and Beautiful Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas with Marble Elements

For those of you who like a glamour, you can also add it to the Scandinavian kitchen design. The look of glamor and sweetness is the perfect combination to make the kitchen look really pretty and attractive.

glamour scandinavian kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Marble is the right element to be applied in this kitchen. Some spots with marble elements look so dominant. Therefore, to keep the simple and soft look of the Scandinavian style, do not add marble too much.

The use of wooden and marble cabinets is an idea that can give beautiful value to a Scandinavian-style kitchen. The soft look of wood and the glamor of marble look so harmonious.


Even though the kitchen is not an exposed room, but the comfort and appearance of this room must be considered. The look of the kitchen also will affect the look of your house. Apply the Scandinavian design to the kitchen is a great idea. The simple and soft look will make the kitchen feel so comfortable. So, the points above are Beautiful Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas That Will Inspire You. Which you are interested in? So, happy trying all!



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