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Several Ways to Decorate a Balcony to Make You Comfortable and Relax

1. Overview of the balcony

We know the balcony is one of the areas in the house that can use to relax and spend time. In this place, you can relax, bask in the morning sun, and enjoy the afternoon and evening. Then you can enjoy a coffee drink while having a dialogue with your friends or family. But for those of you who like plants, you can channel your hobby with plants.

If you live in an urban apartment, chances are that the balcony is the only area that functions as a personal space. Therefore, it is more important to keep the balcony clean and tidy and decorate it as attractively as possible to provide comfort while in this place. You can also put some furniture that you think is appropriate to be used as a place to relax and rest. Then to not look monotonous and create shades of green, you can decorate it with flower pots in the parts that you think are appropriate.

2. Choosing an attractive design

Many models of balconies have been offered to us. But not everything we can make in our homes. For that, you should choose a design that suits your taste so that the results do not make you disappointed. For a minimalist design, of course, many people use it in their houses or apartments because this design is beautiful, clean, and simple, and doesn’t use much furniture, so you don’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate it. With this design, your balcony will look beautiful and spacious, and you will be easier to move. However, there is a balcony with a Scandinavian style which is similar to a minimalist design. But for the vintage style, there are still striking differences. Because this design uses more ancient items as balcony decoration. Now it all depends on your taste. Are you happy with the airy atmosphere or with the old style? please choose an attractive design.

3. Some examples of beautiful balconies

From many balconies has offered to you. Not all of them can make in your home. For that, you must select something beautiful, attractive, and aesthetic for your home because you also have your design and your taste to make it in your home. In this article, we want to give some examples of attractive and fun balconies for you to design in your home. We hope that the designs of some of these balcony pictures can add to your inspiration. Hopefully, one of these pictures makes you interested in designing it in your home. For that, let’s discuss one by one the images below. Happy following!

Arranging furniture outside the room

Outdoor furniture should be made of weather-resistant materials such as wicker, plastic, wrought iron, and teak. Then to be more relaxed, please add a comfortable sofa, coffee table, and armchair to relax while enjoying a cup of solid coffee and reading a book. Bright-colored furniture can add energy to the room.

If you have a small balcony, choose a folding table and chairs that can be stored when not in use. Then you can also add an outdoor swing with soft pillows. This design can make you feel like you are on vacation outside the house. But if you live in a rented house and don’t want to invest in adding furniture, you can use floor pillows or patterned carpets to make the balcony terrace comfortable and pleasant. We hope this design can make your balcony become the coziest place and make your family happy.

Choose a weather-resistant floor

The balcony floor must be able to withstand the elements and provide an attractive appearance. For that, you can use interlocking deck tiles to give a natural wood look to the balcony floor. Materials such as porcelain and matte finish ceramics are perfect for balconies. Then consider natural stone flooring or terracotta tiles for an understated look. Since you can’t grow green grass in this place, please make a patch of fake green grass instead. In addition, you can also beautify the floor with stencil art. it is a cost-effective method of introducing patterns and enhancing the appearance of concrete floors. If you have a balcony design like the one in this picture, you can apply several options according to your taste and your budget. We hope this design can be an inspiration for you.

Decorate with plants

If you want your balcony to look green, make it a point around it with some plants. Then, to save space, you should use hanging plants because they don’t make your room narrow. Then not only that, use empty walls to make vertical plants. Lay plants along balcony railings and turn parts of the fence into beautiful bars.

Then, if your balcony lacks privacy, use tall plants vines or make a bamboo partition to make your place invisible from the outside and eliminate the view from outside. Of course, this design can make you more comfortable talking with your family and your guests. Then, put guest bench or sofa to make your conversation more relaxed. Hopefully, this design can make you happy and can be your inspiration.

Install adequate lighting

A balcony can be said to be complete if it has adequate lighting, whether from sunlight or lights at night. The atmosphere during the day is different from the night. At night you can be more relaxed to enjoy your time. You will feel tired when you rest on the balcony at night. Moreover, served a cup of tea and snacks that make you lulled and complacent. Then, add the lights to illuminate your resting place and makes you feel comfortable.

To get an atmosphere like this, of course, you have to design the right lighting location on your balcony ceiling. Of course, This atmosphere makes you relax and enjoy your rest in peace. We hope that sufficient lighting can make your balcony look beautiful as your dream. We hope this design can be an inspiration for you. Then, to make your balcony to be beautiful with lights.

Make a balcony cover

If you have an open balcony area, protect yourself from the sun and rain. By installing a tent and covering the balcony from the transparent roof, you will protect yourself from the sun and rain. In addition, cover your balcony to protect existing equipment such as guest sofas, tables, and accessories in this place. With a balcony cover that you install, you feel more comfortable relaxing and chatting with your family and guests. Then your balcony doesn’t have puddles of water when it rains.

If you want to install a balcony cover, try the material you use according to your balcony model to make it look more attractive and harmonious. For that, you should use mild steel or aluminum because these materials are lightweight, weather-resistant and installation will be easier and safer. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Adding accessories

Accessories are decorations used to sweeten the room. With the accessories, your balcony looks monotonous will become more attractive. For that, you can decorate it with a small fountain to turn on and attract people to sit and relax on your balcony. For this reason, solar-powered fountains are an energy-saving solution.

In addition, you can also decorate the balcony walls with murals or patterned tiles and install wind chimes that sound when the wind blows. You can also add decorations in the form of flower pots and accessories made of wood that can be attached to the balcony wall. Then to add a more attractive wall, you can add a wall painting as an additional accessory. A design like this can make your home more attractive. Hopefully, this design can make you feel at home in your home. Then this design can add to your inspiration.

Secure balcony with fence

If you have a balcony on the second floor, you must install a fence on the edge of your balcony then your family is safer. Beauty is not everything to you. For that, you have to think about security for your family, and then you must install a fence on the edge of the balcony. Of course, it must be adjusted to the model and height of the balcony and make it look harmonious and safe.

If you are happy with using a stainless fence, you can design it with a simple model so that the design is not too crowded. Then, please make it with pre-dyed and profiled process iron. This material will look more durable and resistant to all weather. If you want to install wood, you should use durable wood such as teak or wood that is resistant to weather. Most importantly, you have to make the best design for your fence so that your balcony looks more beautiful and charming. Hopefully, this design can make you interested in imitating it and make this design an additional inspiration for you.

Complete with bar design

The comfort of the balcony is very influential on the design that you will make. The balcony will look comfortable and pleasant if it has complete facilities such as a bar table, lounge chairs, and maximum lighting. With a bar table design, you no longer need to go out to get a relaxed atmosphere. You can bring your friends to sit back while enjoying coffee and tea. With an atmosphere like this, you will find happiness at home. However, to make the balcony look not monotonous and attractive, you can decorate the balcony with an ornamental plant. This plant can provide clean oxygen and neutralize toxins around your place. Don’t forget, for security you must install a fence on the side of the balcony so as not to endanger your family.

4. Conclusion

If you want to get the best inspiration for a beautiful balcony. You can look at some sample pictures in home decor magazines. Then, to design it to look elegant, beautiful, attractive, and aesthetic, you have to look for inspiration to determine your balcony decoration. Therefore, you must arrange your back terrace as comfortably as possible so that it can make you cheerful.

In this article, we provide some minimalist balcony pictures. Of course, if you want to make it. You will have to spend a lot of money if your balcony has to be decorated by a furniture company. But if you do not have enough money, you can choose according to the drawings we described and give them to the balcony builder. Hopefully, this article can use for you. Happy decorating!



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