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Here’s What You Can Do to Unclog Your House Drains

There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with a clogged drain on a busy day. A clogged or blocked drain can get your bathroom floor flooded while you’re in the shower and cause water to flow over the sink when you wash the dishes. It makes simple household chores difficult and time-consuming.

To clear the blockage that causes slow drains and water backups in your home, check out these 5 effective tips.

Unclog the drain with a plunger.

A household plunger is very helpful in clearing minor drain clogs. Having a plunger in your tools closet can help you get rid of buildups in your pipes before they get worse. This drain cleaning tool works both on toilets and kitchen sinks.

Plunging can be tricky. It can create a wet mess in your kitchen or bathroom once done incorrectly. Thus, be sure to learn the procedure first before doing it on your clogged drains at home.

Use a drain snake for stubborn clogs.

Like plungers, drain snakes can be found at every hardware store in your local area. Drain snakes are more difficult to use compared to plungers and can be damaging to your pipes. Homeowners are advised to use this tool only for stubborn clogs that can’t be removed by a traditional plunger.

Pour hot water down the drain.

Using hot water is the easiest and least expensive solution for clearing drain clogs. All you have to do is turn the kettle on and wait for the water to boil. Make sure your sink is already dry when you pour the heated water down the drain. If the water does not drain after a couple of minutes, scoop it out and try the process again.

Try a natural drain cleaner.

Another household remedy you can try is using natural drain cleaners. You should avoid the use of commercial drain cleaners as they’re not effective as they claim to be. They usually have high chemical content, which can be damaging to your water pipes. Try a combination of baking soda and vinegar instead. Pour ½ cup of baking soda and ½ cup of vinegar and let it sit for an hour. Next, run the hot water tap. Repeat if necessary.

Schedule a hydrojetting service.

If all the above drain cleaning techniques fail, it is high time to ask for help from a professional plumber. Experts highly recommend calling for a hydrojetting service to flush out any types of buildup in your pipes. Hydrojetting only uses high pressurized water to remove food waste, grease, tree roots, and other debris blocking the waterways. It is a long-term solution for your clog problems at home.

Hydrojetting can highly benefit your plumbing. Call your trusted local plumber to schedule your first hydrojetting service today.



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