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Creating A Beautiful Design A Small kitchen Room and Make You happy To cook

With the increasing number of people, many housing types make minimalist homes.
Of course, you will know that the minimalist small house certainly does not have a large room, and the room is adjusting to the size of the house.

Therefore, for those of you who have bought a small house model, you can make a small kitchen, and for you remember that a small kitchen should make comfortable and make you happy to cook.

You don’t have to worry because there are many ways to make your small kitchen look beautiful and fun.
To making like it, one of them is preparing attractive kitchen furniture, kitchen equipment, including kitchen furniture and accessories. For that, you still have to adjust to the model of your small kitchen room.

In this article, we want to give you ideas to make a beautiful design for your small kitchen.
In this way, we hope you can immediately design your kitchen like the picture below.
Please choose the best one according to your wishes.

Beautiful small kitchen room with dining table

Having a small kitchen sometimes makes you confused about how to organize it.
We know that a small kitchen room makes you uncomfortable and lazy to cook because you are not happy and difficult to move.
But don’t worry, a small kitchen room can be designed beautifully and comfortably, and can make you happy to cook.

Therefore, you have understood the layout of the kitchen equipment, furniture and you must arrange your small kitchen room to be beautiful.
Otherwise, your kitchen will become cramped, and you will find it difficult to move.

In this article, we describe the design of a small kitchen room, and you can still arrange this room with a dining table and some accessories to make this small kitchen room look attractive and artistic.

Like this picture, we hope the layout of the small kitchen room is suitable for you then make you happy to cook to serve your family’s meals.

Kitchen wall

The walls of this kitchen are mounted with bright ceramic motifs so that the appearance of a small kitchen room looks bright and attractive with sunlight. Then to add to the beautiful impression of the kitchen wall, accessories racks, you have to install this equipment to make the kitchen look more attractive.

In this way, your family will be satisfied and happy to see the appearance of your small kitchen room.


In the corner of this kitchen room, you can see a sink set for washing dishes are design including a water tap. Then you can see a set of stoves complete with gas stoves for you to cook. With the arrangement of this furniture like it, you can see that the small kitchen room looks more attractive.
Besides that, if you want to make the small kitchen room look completed, you have to equip the dining table near this room, so the appearance of your small kitchen room looks attractive.


This small kitchen room has been install with a window, and the windows are making of wooden and combined with glass then painted a bright color, then it matches with the color of the ceramic walls.

As we know, the function of the window is a place for the entry and exit of sunlight, so make your kitchen will look bright during the day.
Incoming sunlight can save electricity during the day.

Besides that, the window and then cooking smoke will come out through the window. Of course, make that makes the room will be more comfortable and healthy.

Attractive small kitchen room

You will feel amazed and attracted by the small kitchen room design in this picture. Then, you can see the appearance of this kitchen room was made with a brilliant idea and has a high artistic value. So it looks artistic.

The beautiful design of this small kitchen room makes you feel at home and happy to cook your family’s favorites food. That way, you will not bring your family to eat out of the house.

As we know, the appearance of the kitchen room can affect you psychologically to interested, and immediately stay in the kitchen room to cook.

In this picture, You can see the combination color in this small kitchen room, the arrangement of the kitchen set, furniture, hand washing sink, and refrigerator arranged making so neatly, then make a small kitchen room look beautiful.

Therefore, In this article, we will explain the function of the small kitchen room equipment in this image.

Small kitchen set

Looks! a small kitchen room looks beautiful and elegant with a kitchen set. At first, you don’t believe that you can arrange your small kitchen a beautiful like this. But with your decorating skills, a small kitchen set can be installed in the corner of the room and make this room more attractive.

For example, you can see the arrangement of the small kitchen set giving gray color and the combination with a white table, gray dishwashing sink complete with water tap, and the gas stove set. It makes this small kitchen room more attractive.

Wall and floor

The idea of making a combination of tiled walls and floors is required expertise in decorating, so that makes this room has a high artistic value.

As you see that the walls of the kitchen set are giving a small motif of ceramics, and the paintings on the walls and the floor with colorful motifs then make this small kitchen room look attractive and artistic.
With a beautiful design like this, we know that you will be happy to cook your family’s favorite food than you feel in this room.


The refrigerator is a cooling device for storing vegetables, fruits, meat, and other raw foods.
With a refrigerator, the food will be durable and safe then you are confident to cook.
Especially if you have a big refrigerator, you can store various food in your refrigerator then can use last a long time.
That’s why the refrigerator is always placed near to the kitchen room, so it’s easy to get the food when you want to cook.

In this small kitchen room picture, you can see a big refrigerator leaning against the wall and place in front of the dishwasher. With a position like this, you can move freely in this small kitchen room.

But to make your small kitchen room look not cramped and you can move freely, you have to arrange the refrigerator in the right place and don’t prevent you from moving in the kitchen.

Minimalist small kitchen room

If you have a small house, you should design your small kitchen space with a minimalist model. As we know, those minimalist models are lovely by many people. Of course, this model can make you are happy with the comfortable atmosphere.

Therefore, the placing of furniture might be adjusting to a small minimalist kitchen space so that your kitchen will look beautiful and fun.
For this reason, in this article, we will explain the types of furniture that are appropriate to be placed in a small minimalist kitchen
We hope you can consider making your kitchen as beautiful as this picture.

Kitchen set

In this small kitchen room, you can see the kitchen cabinets set does not make with the full model.
So you are looking that the kitchen set is design to place a gas stove, for washing dishes. Then The color of the kitchen set is made bright so that the appearance of this room becomes bright.
To match the color of the kitchen set, then bright ceramic motifs wall adjusted to the kitchen set color.

With an appearance like this, the small kitchen room will look bright and attractive so you will be happy to cook in this small kitchen room.


The refrigerator is a place to store various foods so it can last a long time.
You can see, the refrigerator in this small kitchen room is placed in the corner of the room and then parallel with the gas stove set.
The position also does not hinder your path so that you can move freely in this small kitchen room.
In this way, it will be easier for you to take food in the refrigerator to cook, so making this room is not cramped.

Other kitchen utensils

To save space and add to the beauty of your small kitchen room, You can put other kitchen utensils are hung on the kitchen wall.
Then you can see the kitchen utensils leaning against this small kitchen space, such as a microwave for heating food, painting, and cooking utensils.

Decorative light

For a small kitchen room like this picture, you have to install bright lights in the middle of the ceiling of your small kitchen room so that the light can illuminate all small kitchen rooms.
In this way, the appearance of your small kitchen room looks beautiful and fun.
But during the day, you may not turn on the lights because there is sunlight coming in from the window.

But if you like with a bright light, you can turn on the lights during the day so make the atmosphere in the room comfortable and pleasant then you are happy.

With this small kitchen room design, you are happy to cook for your family’s favorite menu. Happy decorating.

Simple small kitchen room

For the appearance of this small kitchen space, it seems simple.
Then you can make and arrange your own, but you have to buy kitchen equipment that fits the size of your room. If not, your room will become cramped and make you uncomfortable.

In this article, we will explain like the one in this picture, and we hope you can combine your ideas to make your small kitchen room attractive.

Kitchen set

The kitchen cabinet set is not making with a full until the top. The kitchen cabinets below are making use of ceramic motif, then the doors of the kitchen cabinet are closed with bright triplex motifs so that the items inside are not visible from the outside of the kitchen cabinets.

To make the kitchen cabinet look attractive, so the kitchen cabinet below was made with a letter L and connected to a stove set. In this way, the cupboard under the kitchen unites with the dishwasher.


The walls of the kitchen room will be more precise if using ceramics.
For kitchen wall design, you can use various ceramic motifs according to taste. But you have to adjust to your financial condition as well.

Therefore, in this picture, you can see the walls of the small kitchen room are made with a simple model and use bright motif ceramic and make the room looks bright and attractive.

To making a small kitchen room look attractive, you can install a small shelf to store cooking utensils.
Then behind the gas stove set, there is a ceramic table that merges with the kitchen window and can use to place the kitchen equipment.


To design your small kitchen room to look elegant, beautiful, attractive, you should choose the best design and accessories that are appropriate to your small kitchen room decoration is determining.
Therefore, you must put the best furniture, flowers, trees, and then accessories according to the area of ​​your small kitchen room.

In this article, we describe some ideas, how to design a beautiful small kitchen room.
Of course, you will have to spend a lot of money if your small kitchen room has to be decorated by a home decoration company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we describe.
Therefore, we have given some ideas to make your small kitchen room look beautiful, and make you are happy to cook for your family.

Hopefully, in this article, you can create a beautiful small kitchen room as your dream, and then you are happy to cook. Happy decorating!




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