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Lovely Scandinavian Small Living Room Design Ideas – Beautifying the appearance of a large living room is indeed much easier. Because we can choose various kinds of furniture and room decoration that we want. Very different from a small living room. In a small room, we must be careful when choosing furniture and decoration for the living room. However, that does not mean that living rooms cannot be made attractive and comfortable.

Small living rooms are even easier to make comfortable. Warm nuance will be present clearly in this small room.

For those of you who want to have a beautiful small living room, here we have provided Lovely Scandinavian Small Living Room Design Ideas that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Scandinavian Living Room That Looks Beautiful and Simple

Simple appearance is far more suitable to be applied to small living rooms. With a simple appearance, of course the items used are also not much. This is very good for a small living room. A few items will provide lots of free space so that the small living room will feel more spacious.

simple small scandinavian living room
Cc: Pinterest

Scandinavian design is the most suitable design for small living rooms. The simple appearance of this design will make a small living room look cute.

Here are interesting ideas for creating a simple Scandinavian living room

  • Coffee table make the small living room looks cute

Because in a small living room can not use furniture that is large, the coffee table is the most appropriate item to use in this room. The black coffee table makes it look stand out despite its tiny shape.

  • Simple looks with two-seat fabric sofa

As the main item, the sofa has a considerable influence on the appearance of the living room. The presence of a two-seat fabric sofa gives a simple impression of the Scandinavian living room. Beige color makes the small living room look soft and is very suitable juxtaposed with a black coffee table.

  • An attractive look of a long-cable pendant lamp

Lighting becomes a thing that must be present in every room, including the living room. The Scandinavian small living room looks so attractive and simple by using a long-cable pendant lamp.

Farmhouse Scandinavian Small Living Room

Simple and beautiful from Scandinavian combined with Rustic Design that is rich in warm nuances is very fitting to be applied to small living rooms. Scandinavian Design and Rustic Design are a perfect combination because the colors used in both designs are neutral.

rustic scandinavian small living room
Cc: Pinterest

And here are interesting ideas for combining Rustic Design and Scandinavian Design:

  • Wall decoration with different frame colors

In making the room look attractive, wall decorations are needed. Some of the pictures that are given frames are very fitting for a small living room in the Rustic Scandinavian style. The selection of frames with different colors looks beautiful on the white living room wall.

  • L shaped sofa next to the window

To provide more space in a small living room, squatting the sofa to the wall becomes an alternative way that can be done. L shaped sofa is the most appropriate type of sofa for this.

  • A few cushions with various soft colors

As the main item, decorating a sofa is indeed the right idea to make a small living room look attractive and lovely. Some cushions with soft colors are very fitting to be used for Rustic Scandinavian-style living rooms.

  • A fur rug make the small living room feel warm

In the Rustic style, the items used must be related to nature. The fur rug is the most appropriate item to use in a small living room. Placing the fur rug on the sofa will make the sofa feel warmer and more comfortable. In addition, the sofa also looks more beautiful.

Bright Scandinavian Small Living Room with A Dominant White Color

The drawback of a small room is that it will easily feel cramped and stuffy. This is what makes small rooms uncomfortable. Therefore, making the living room look bright is mandatory.

white scandinavian living room
Cc: Pinterest

White is the right color to make a small living room look bright. The dominant white color is very good for the small living room itself. However, in applying this idea, there are several things that need to be considered:

  • Give another neutral colors touch

If you apply white to the entire living room, then the living room will look stiff. Therefore, in order for the living room to look bright and also beautiful, it needs to be given a few touches with other neutral colors.

Rattan plant pots and wooden floors are very fitting to represent beige and do not make it look too conspicuous. The black table makes a small living room look a little sharp but still calm and bright. The cushions’ gray color sweetened this small room.

  • Beautiful look with a little decoration

In Scandinavian style, there is no need for overly complex decorations. And of course, this will make it easier for you to decorate the small living room in white. simple wall displays will make the white color look so beautiful.

Beautiful and Cozy Warm Scandinavian Small Living Room

The small living room will be far more comfortable if warm nuances are presented. In Scandinavian Design it is very easy to create a warm atmosphere into the room.

warm and cozy scandinavian living room
Cc: Pinterest

With the ideas below, Scandinavian-style living room not only looks beautiful but will also feel much more comfortable.

  • Darker color wood furniture

As shown in the picture above, the warm feel of the small living room is so thick. And also the living room feels so comfortable. This is because of the presence of wood elements with a darker color. Tables and benches in living rooms made of wood can provide comfort into this small room.

  • White color on fabric

The presence of white on the fabric gives a warm and comfortable effect into the room. The white color looks so harmonious with the wood used in this small room. In addition, the white color can cover the look of a little dark because of the use of wood.

  • Plants in the corner of the room

The presence of wood and white is enough to make the living room feel warm. However, the combination of wood and white colors will make the living room a Rustic design. In order to keep Scandinavian designs in this room, plants are the right item to use. The green color of the plants makes the Scandinavian-style living room feels warm and fresh.


Scandinavian design has become one of the most fitting designs to be applied to small spaces. Its simple and bright appearance can make a small room feel more spacious. And this is what makes a small room into a comfortable room. Natural lighting and neutral colors used are able to bring comfort to a small living room. With the ideas above, the Scandinavian small living room will look beautiful, comfortable, and attractive.



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