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Tips & Ideas : Small Dining Room That Feel So Cozy

Simdreamhomes.com – As an important room in the house, the appearance of the dining room certainly must be considered. Dining rooms are often created as rooms for gathering with family and friends. Therefore, a comfortable atmosphere needs to be presented in the dining room.

Maybe it will be easier to make a spacious dining room to make it a comfortable room. Because you can use the items you want. However, in a small dining room, there are some things that must be considered in order to make this room become a cozy room.

cozy small dining room
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Confused on how to make your small dining room become a comfortable room? Here, we have provided tips and ideas in making the small dining room feel so cozy. So let’s check it out!

Get A Warm Ambiance in The Minimalist Small Dining Room

Large rooms are indeed easier to make comfortable. However, that does not mean a small room can not be a comfortable room. It is precisely the small room more easily feels warm. And of course with the right decoration.

minimalist small dining room
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As shown in the picture above, the dining room appears so minimalist. You can also feel a warm atmosphere so clearly that the dining room is so cozy.

There are several things that need to be considered so that a warm atmosphere can be present in the dining room:

  • Make white as a base color of the room

cozy small dining room decors
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The disadvantage of having a small room is that it will easily feel cramped and stuffy. Therefore, making white as the basic color of the room is the right solution and tip. White will make a small room look brighter and feel more spacious.

  • Wooden dining table and chairs

minimalist small dining room
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The warm atmosphere felt so thick because the dining table and chairs used were made of wood. The wood used is also wood with a dark color so that it directly shows that the dining table and chairs are the main spots in this room.

  • Use a carpet

the use of carpet for small dining room
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The carpet is indeed an additional item that you can use or not. But to add warmth to the room, the carpet becomes a very important item. Another function of the carpet is to make a small room feel more spacious.

Rustic Small Dining Room Design That is So Comfortable

The first stage to make a dining room into a beautiful and comfortable room is to first determine the right interior design for this room. Rustic Design is one of the most appropriate designs to be applied.

rustic small dining room design
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Rustic design has a bright and warm appearance. And this is what characterizes this design. Therefore, applying Rustic Design to the dining room is the right idea.

Here are some things that must be considered when applying Rustic Design into the dining room:

  • Use Neutral Colors

Rustic design is indeed a design that is closely related to nature. That way, the colors used in this design are neutral colors, such as:

  1. White.Usually, white is often used as the base color of a room because white will make the room look bright and warm.
  2. Beige. Furthermore, the soft and warm appearance is present in the Rustic Design because the color used next is the beige color. Usually, the beige color is presented in the form of wood. The wood used is also wood with a bright color.
  3. Black. This is an optional color. Adding a touch of black to the dining room will make the Rustic-style dining room look a bit striking and sharp but still make this room stay calm.
  • Add the fur rug

beautiful rustic small dining room ideas
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Because the theme of Rustic Design is a farmhouse, the items used are also related to nature, such as fur rug. Adding a fur rug to the dining chairs can make it comfortable. In addition, fur rug can also be used as a dining room decoration to make it look beautiful.

Fresh and Cozy Small Dining Room

A small dining room does not always look minimalist and simple. If you like things that are crowded, you can also make your dining room look crowded. By using the right decorations, the small dining room will look more interesting and of course still pay attention to the comfort of this room.

fresh small dining room
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  • Make the most of the wall

fresh small dining room tips
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A small dining room certainly does not have a lot of space for decoration. If it is too pushy, the small dining room will feel cramped and uncomfortable. The only way to decorate a small dining room is to make the most of the walls.

The floating wall shelf is the most fitting item to use in this room. Hang the floating shelf at the top of the wall will make the dining room wall look tall and give a wide effect on this room.

  • Utilizing existing items

In decorating the room, you don’t have to buy some pretty items to make the room look attractive. It is enough to use existing items and then arrange them as neatly as possible.

As in the picture above, the books placed on the shelf and floating wall shelf make the small dining room look so attractive. Adding a few small plants make it look very fresh.

Bright Appearance of Scandinavian Small Dining Room

Scandinavian Design is the design most often applied in small spaces. Its bright appearance and simple decoration can make a small room look beautiful and feel comfortable.

scandinavian small dining room
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Applying Scandinavian Design to a small dining room is the most appropriate idea. Here are tips for applying this design to the small dining room:

  • Place the dining table near the window

scandinavian small dining room ideas
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The Scandinavian Design does look bright. And the lighting used in this design is natural lighting. Therefore, to make the dining room look bright, you should place the dining table near the window.

So that lighting can enter the dining room freely, make sure there is no decoration on the window.

  • Utilize memorable photos as a room decoration

In Scandinavian Design, the decoration used is always in the form of a painting or photos with black frames to make it look stand out and attractive. Likewise with the Scandinavian-style dining room. Memorable photos can be the most fitting decoration for this room. You can neatly hang these photos on the wall or put them on a floating shelf.

  • Use one to two small plants

small dining room scandinavian design
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Placing the plant is very important and must be in a Scandinavian style dining room. A fresh impression will make the dining room feel comfortable. Use one to two small plants and place it on the dining table and floating wall shelf.


Nowadays, a minimalist home is becoming a place of interest by many people. The rooms in this house also tend to be small. Mistake decoration can make these small rooms uncomfortable.

As an important room, the appearance and comfort of the dining room must also be considered. In decorating a small dining room is not as easy as decorating a large dining room. However, this does not mean you can not have a comfortable dining room. With the ideas and tips above, your small dining room will be cozy and also will look beautiful and interesting.



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