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Types of Lamps That You Can Use to Make The Interior Look Beautiful – Who does not want a comfortable home. As a place to live, everyone wants their home to feel comfortable. One way to make a house a comfortable place to live is to design the interior of the house as good and beautiful as possible.

To make the room look beautiful, pay attention to the decorations used for the room. There are several items that must be used but can be used as room decorations, one of which is a lamp.

It is better to use natural lighting as the main lighting of the room. However, natural lighting cannot last for 24 hours. Therefore, using lights is mandatory so that the room can look bright at night.

At present, the many types of lights that are presented make the light function not only to illuminate the room at night but can also be used as room decoration so that the room at home can look more attractive. So, here are the Types of Lamps That You Can Use to Make The Interior Look Beautiful.

Table Lamps

As previously explained, the function of lights is not only to provide light to the room but also to make the room look more attractive. Therefore, it is okay if you want to use more than one lamp in your room.

table lamp for bedroom
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One additional lamp that is often used by people is a table lamp. Its small size makes this lamp practical to move around. In addition, changing room decoration will be easier.

Table lamps are usually used in bedrooms. This lamp is placed on the side table beside the bed. People prefer to put a table lamp beside their bed to provide additional light which can make their activities in bed easier. Whether it is reading a book or chatting with a partner. And after that, when you want to turn off the light, you do not need to get out of bed. In this way, the bedroom will be a comfortable room.

table lamp for living room
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Not only bedrooms, but table lamps can also be used to make the living room look attractive. The table lamp will look beautiful when placed on a cabinet table. Give some other displays such as pictures on the cabinet table will make it look more beautiful.

Floor Lamp

Some people sometimes find it difficult to make a large room look simple but also attractive. Floor lamps can be used to fill extra space in a large room so that the room does not feel empty.

Care is needed in choosing the right floor lamp for the room. Its size is large enough to become a focal point in the room and affect the appearance of the room itself. Therefore, try to choose a floor lamp that matches the interior design of your home.

floor lamp
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Floor lamps can be used to fill the corner of the room and provide lighting to this spot. That way, the room will look brighter and more comfortable. Pastika used the right light. Warm lighting can be used to bring a warm feel to the room.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a type of lamp that is difficult to apply to a room. Besides that, it takes more than two lights to make the room look bright. However, the use of recessed lighting will give a charming appearance. Soft light can make the room feel so comfortable.

recessed lighting
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The application of recessed lighting to the room can make the room look elegant and expensive. Try to place recessed lighting in the right spot so that it can make the room look perfectly bright.

Because there are a lot of lights used, so when one light goes out or has a problem, then you need to replace the lamp with a new one so that it does not affect the appearance and comfort of the room. Because just one lamp that is off or has a problem can reduce the lighting for the room.

Pendant Light

Pendant lamps are the most popular type of lamp and are widely used to make a room look bright as well as look attractive. There are many types of pendant lamps that allow you to choose a pendant lamp that is suitable and suitable for your interior design. That way, the room will look attractive and beautiful.

pendant lamp for room decor
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And here are the types of pendant lamp that you can use to make your room look beautiful and attractive:

  • Drum Pendant

drum pendant for room
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Just as the name suggests, this type of pendant lamp resembles a drum. The form of a circle covered with cloth or iron. Various sizes are presented so you can choose a drum pendant according to the size of your room. Keep in mind that the darker the color is chosen for the drum pendant, the less light will come out.

  • Bowl Pendant

circus pendant
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The most popular type of pendant lamp is the bowl pendant. It can be seen from the many motifs from the bowl pendant to choose from. Besides that, its simple shape is perfect for any design space.

There are bowl pendants to choose from: the shape of the bowl facing downwards so that it emits light down, or the shape of the bowl facing up so that it emits light up.

  • Exposed Bulb Pendant

exposed bulb pendant
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Choosing a budget-friendly lamp type, the exposed bulb pendant is the right choice. The minimalist shape is very suitable to be applied to rooms with minimalist, rustic and industrial designs.

  • Globe Pendant

globe pendant
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Pendant lamp in the form of a ball/globe pendant has an attractive, simple, and beautiful appearance. This type of pendant lamp was popular in the 1950-1960s. So, for those of you who like medieval designs, choosing a globe pendant is the right choice. Hang several globe pendants at the same height for a slightly bold look. Hanging at different heights can also make it look more attractive and modern.

  • Multiple Pendant

multiple pendant
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Have one lamp but with different shapes? You can get this by choosing multiple pendants. Multiple pendants are usually used for rooms with elegant or minimalist designs. Several different shapes can make this room look more beautiful and attractive.

  • Abstract Pendant Light

abstract pendant light
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Just as the name suggests, this type of pendant light has an abstract (irregular) shape. The abstract pendant light is very suitable to be applied to rooms with modern designs. The abstract look will make a modern designed room look more attractive and cool.


The next type of lamp that you can use to make the interior look beautiful is the chandelier. Some people think that a chandelier is the same as a pendant lamp. In fact, these two types of lamps are very different. Chandeliers have a luxurious appearance.

Most chandeliers are made to resemble crystals, so using this type of lamp in the room will make the room look luxurious and classy. Besides that, its large size makes the chandelier a regular lamp that is used to light up large rooms.

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Installation of chandeliers itself is quite easy. Only need to be installed in the lightbox on the ceiling of the room. So, when you want to change the room design, you can easily replace the lights.

Ceiling Fan with Light

In order for the room to feel comfortable, the room really needs to be cool. If using AC takes a large budget, a ceiling fan can be an option. However, some people are confused about how to use the ceiling fan in the middle of the room. In fact, in the middle of the room, it is necessary to provide light so that the room looks bright.

fan ceiling with light
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If you are the one who has this difficulty, a ceiling fan with light can be an option. Decorating a room with a ceiling fan with light is the right way. The light from the ceiling fan can make the room look bright. However, the light produced by the ceiling fan will not be as bright as using a lamp. Therefore, the room needs to be given additional lighting so that the room can look bright at night.

Choose a black ceiling fan so that it appears more dominant and can be a focal point in the room so that the room can look more attractive and prettier.

String Light

String light or commonly known as Tumblr light is a type of light that is currently popular, especially among teenagers. Many people prefer to decorate their room with string lights. Usually, string lights are used to decorate the bedroom to make it look more attractive.

string light decor
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Applying a string light is quite easy. You only need to determine the room spot you want to decorate. Hang the string light properly and neatly for maximum results and appearance.

In the bedroom, string light is usually applied to the wall near the bed. Warm lighting from string lights not only makes the room look pretty and attractive but also makes the bedroom feel so cozy. Therefore, string light is one of the decorations used to make a spot at home feel cozy.

Swing Arm Lighting

The swing arm lighting has a function similar to a table lamp. It is just that swing arm lighting is more often used in bedrooms.

Sometimes, the table-side in the bedroom is fully filled with our knick-knacks so there is no space to put the table lamp on the table. Therefore, using the wall is the only right way. The swing arm lighting is a type of lamp that can be used to replace table lamps.

swing arm lighting
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The minimalist shape makes this type of lamp preferred by many people. Even some bedrooms with a minimalist or modern concept prefer to use a swing arm light rather than a table lamp. Besides that, there is a table lamp that can be shifted so that it can adjust where the books we read are while sitting on the bed. Practical and simple, it attracts more people.


Currently, many types of lamps are presented that makes the lamp function not only to illuminate the room at night but also to make the room look beautiful. So, some people prefer to use lights in decorating the interior of the house to make it look pretty. So, in this article, we have provided Types of Lamps That You Can Use to Make The Interior Look Beautiful. And do not forget to try choosing the lights that match the interior design to make it look attractive.



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