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How to Take Care of Plant when You Buy It Online

Have you ever think about buying plants online? Is it safe? How if my plant died in the delivery? Can it be saved? Yes! Your plant definitely can be saved even if it looks terrible (turning yellow and become wither). You just need to know how to take care of it once you open the package. Not only humans but the plant can also feeling stress and died. Especially when they are not receiving much water and sunlight for days. Then after the plant arrives, we are not directly taking care of it and make our plant died. That can be a problem. Plant are stressing because of the shipping. We have to immediately take care of them so they can be fresh and healthy in an hour. There are several ways to save the plant from death.

Directly watering

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After we open the plant package, make sure that the plant gets enough sunlight and fresh air. Put it in the sun, outdoors. As we all know that plants really need air so they can grow properly. So, to prevent our plants from turning yellow, spray a little water all over the plant. Give lots of water to plants so they are fresh and not stressed. As the plant adapts to the new environment, let’s prepare the pot and soil. Don’t forget to always buy vitamins and fertilizers once you’ve decided to buy plants online.

Instead of giving the plants a lot of air, you also need to know in advance whether the plants you are buying are types of plants that require a lot of air or not. Some plants that are watered too much will wither and then die.

Preparing a new home

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Because the plant may be stress after several days not having water and sunlight, we have to make sure that the soil we have prepared is good for the plant. The best soil for all plants is the porous one and not solid. It will make the water spread to all of the areas of the soil and come out from the pot.

Make sure you choose a pot that matches the size of the plant so that the plant can grow well. The longer the plant will grow and the roots of the plant will be disturbed if the pot is used too small.

Give Vitamin

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After we are done preparing ‘the new home’ for an out plant, immediately put it in the soil. Give them water again until the water soaking the pot. Let it adapt for a few minutes before giving the plant vitamin. The plant should receive Vitamin B1 after the repotting. Vitamin B1 or Thiamine Hydrochloride is an activator nutrient to stimulate the plant to grow better. This vitamin makes stress-plant healthy. Even though we have to measure that this vitamin doesn’t hurt the plant even more. The excessive use of B1 potentially making the plant died.

The right amount of B1 to make our plant healthy is to mix 500 ml water with only 2 tablespoons of B1. Then, pour the mixing vitamin into the soil and do not spray it onto the plant. After that, give a plant a rest and put it under the sun. Or if there is no sunlight at that time, wrap the plant with big transparent plastic then put it under the lamp or the table outside the house. You will see the differences the next day. Your plant will grow healthy and beautiful.  B1 is famous for reducing the stress of plants, accelerate growth, and push away bugs and fungus. However, B1 can only be used in two until three weeks after the first usage.

Use Moss as Media

Once we open the package of plant, immediately put it in the soil or give some moss on the soil as the media. There are several benefits for planters when they deciding using moss as media for planting their plant. It is well known for Moss that they can stimulate the root to grow faster and healthier. Moss makes roots not rotten because of the overwatering.

As for the plant that we buy online, Moss can reduce stress and yellowing. They also enhance flowering and fruiting. Moss can increase the plant to resist heat, drought, frost, pests, and disease. Even we know that Moss solution is not a nitrogen-based fertilizer, it is safe to use on all plants.

How to Take Care

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All plants prefer soil that is well-drained and free-flowing. They are also comfortable in a pot the right size for growing the length of the roots. Before continuing to water your plants every day, make sure your plants like lots of water or not.

Usually, plant watering is scheduled 2 or 3 times a week when the soil is dry. Check the pot every month to make sure there are no pests. Then, keep in mind that plants in full sun will need more water than semi-shaded plants.

And usually, there will be pests that land on plant leaves. To fix this, you can use pesticides and spray on plant leaves. Try to spray pesticides regularly so that pests don’t easily get on the plants and cause damage to the plants.


Giving a green color to the house is very important to bring a fresh impression to the house. Therefore, using plants is very important and a must. Because of this COVID-19, we cannot go outside to find the plants we want. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use fresh plants for your home. You can buy it online. And after that, you have to take care of the plants so that they can grow properly. And in this article, we have provided some tips about How to Take Care of Plant when You Buy It Online that you can follow.



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