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Knowing More about Characteristics of Industrial Design – Industrial design may be familiar to all of you. The beginning of the Industrial style was due to the number of factories that were no longer used (empty factories), which later these factories were used by Europeans for their homes.

In order for this factory residence to be a decent and comfortable place to live, the Europeans made adjustments but did not remove the original building or original character of the factory itself.

The industrial style does look a little unique. The appearance of this style also tends to be rough and masculine. The feel that is created from the Industrial style is cold but still feels comfortable.

So, for those of you who are interested in Industrial design, so you have to Knowing More about the Characteristics of Industrial Design. Let’s check it out!

Monochromatic Colors Become Colors Used in Industrial Designs

The look of the Industrial style is masculine and cold. This is because the colors used in Industrial designs are monochromatic colors. In addition, the appearance of industrial-style rooms tends to be dark and sharp.

And these are the colors that are often used in industrial styles:

  • Black

monochromatic colors for industrial design
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Black is the main color of the Industrial style. The application of black color is usually on different spots but looks dominant. Usually, black will be used for roofs of buildings, open pipes, some furniture or room items, and so on.

  • Brown

industrial style colors
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The next color used in industrial designs is brown. The brown color is a balancing color so that the room doesn’t feel too cold and stiff due to the dominant use of black. Usually brown color comes in wood elements.

  • Red/Orange

characteristic of industrial style
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If you look at it, the industrial style looks sharp but a little bright. This is because of the red or orange color used in this design. The red or orange color comes in the form of a brick.

Make Use of Recycled Materials

In making used factories into decent and comfortable residences, Europeans took advantage of used goods in the factory (Industrial goods) which were then converted into attractive and usable furniture.

The materials used are:

  • Glass

glass lamp cup for industrial style
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The main material used in the Industrial style is glass. Usually, glass is used as a lamp cup. With this, the lights in the room will look beautiful so that the industrial-style room will look more attractive.

  • Iron

industrial style material
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Iron is certainly a material that is definitely in the factory. And iron is usually used to make some very useful furniture, such as tables, benches, lamps, stairs, and others.

Furniture made of iron is very important for Industrial style. It is because the masculine appearance that is the characteristic of this design is present in the iron furniture used. The cool atmosphere comes from the presence of iron furniture painted in black.

  • Wood

wood material for industrial design
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What is the strength and plus point of Industrial design is that it looks masculine, rough, and cold but still feels comfortable because of the warm atmosphere in the industrial design room.

What is the strength and plus point of Industrial design is that it looks masculine, rough, and cold but still feels comfortable because of the warm atmosphere in the industrial design room.

However, because wood is susceptible to termites, wood is usually only refined.

Exposed Brick Wall

Exposed brick walls have become a common characteristic of industrial design. This exposed brick wall also makes Industrial designs look special and different from other designs.

The factory is made of bricks because brick is a strong material so that the factory does not collapse easily. However, the brick walls were left uncovered.

However, the exposed brick wall is usually given a little bit. And some also paint it white or some other shade.

exposed brick wall
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Because brick is one of nature’s elements, the appearance of an industrial design room will look a little calm and shady. You can also feel a little warmth from this room. In this way, even though black or iron material dominates, it will not make an industrial-style room seem stiff and uncomfortable. The equality between cold and warm tones makes Industrial design look special.

Lighting During The Day With Natural Lighting

In the beginning, the factory used large windows because they wanted to take advantage of natural lighting to brighten the factory during the day. Thus, expenses for electricity (operating costs) for the factory will be reduced. However, the use of natural lighting becomes one of the characteristics of industrial design.

industrial design lighting
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Besides that, usually, a room with dark colors will feel cramped and stuffy. However, these two things can be overcome or avoided by having natural lighting used to illuminate the room. The black color that is exposed to the sunlight will look bright so that it makes an industrial design room look attractive.

So that sunlight can enter the room optimally, make sure you don’t use any window decorations. If you use curtains, then open the curtains during the day so the room can look bright and feel comfortable.

Not Using Ceramic or Granite for The Floor of The Room

One thing that distinguishes Industrial design from other designs is that it doesn’t use ceramic or granite for the floor of the room. Yup, in Industrial design, the floor used is the skimmed floor or parquet floor.

skimmed floor for industrial design
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In the picture above, this is an industrial-style room with a skimmed floor. You can see the feel and appearance of the room feel so cold and masculine.

To decorate the room, people usually will add a carpet to make the room look attractive. Besides that, the carpet is also the right item to reduce the feeling of being too cold in the room.

parquet floor for industrial design
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As previously explained, wood is a material used in industrial designs. Therefore, the parquet floor is one of the characteristics of this design. As seen in the picture above, an Industrial-style room looks a little warmer and brighter by applying a parquet floor to the room. This is perfect for those of you who like a little warm and calm look.

Pipes Exposed on The Wall

In the factory, of course, there will be pipes that are clearly exposed. And these exposed pipes become one of the characteristics of industrial design.

exposed pipes in industrial design
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These open pipes can be used as room decorations to make the room look attractive. The pipes on the walls can also be repainted to make them look more attractive.

If there are pipes on the ceiling, this pipe can be used as a place to hang the lamp. This is a great way to make a room look more attractive.

Typical Lighting

In industrial design, the main lighting used is natural light. However, at night, of course, artificial lighting is needed so that the room can still look bright.

In industrial designs, the lights used are not artificial lights. In this design, the lights used are fluorescent lamps or lamps with industrial designs. Of course, this is very important to emphasize the industrial style in the room.

In industrial designs, lights are also used as items to decorate the room so that the room looks attractive. Usually, in industrial designs, the lamp used will be given a cup lamp made of iron or glass.

industrial lamp
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It can be seen from the picture above, the hanging lamp looks so beautiful with the glass. This chandelier utilizes the pipes on the ceiling as a place to hang the lamp.

industrial lighting
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The pendant lamp with a black iron cup also looks beautiful in the dining room industrial-style. Different cup lamps are not a problem. In fact, the appearance of the room looks more attractive.


Industrial design is one of the most popular designs among young people. Its simple and masculine appearance makes Industrial design look more attractive.

As in general, each design certainly has its own characteristics, which is what distinguishes one design from another. Likewise with industrial designs. So, for those of you who are interested in Industrial design, the points above we provide for you who want to Knowing More about the Characteristics of Industrial Design.



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