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A Cozy Bedroom Tips to Welcome Winter – Winter will soon be here. The cold air indeed makes it better for us to continue to stay at home. Taking a break and enjoying the wintertime is great.

The bedroom is one of the rooms that will be used most often in winter. Therefore, the comfort of this room is the main thing that must be considered. Making the bedroom feel warm is a must when welcoming winter. And here, we have provided A Cozy Bedroom Tips to Welcome Winter that you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

Make Sure There are No Cavities in The Window

Because the air was very cold, staying in the room was the only way to keep yourself warm and not sick. And of course, the bedroom must also be made as warm as possible to make it feel comfortable.

Cold air outside can enter the bedroom and make this room uncomfortable. Usually, cold air from outside enters the bedroom through the cavities in the windows. Therefore, in welcoming winter, make sure there are no cavities in your bedroom window.

winter bedroom
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However, covering all the openings will cause the window to condense. The condensation on the windows occurs because there is no air entering the bedroom so that the bedroom becomes humid. Also, the clash of the air inside the bedroom with the air outside the bedroom.

Condensation on windows should not be allowed as this can create mold and mildew which will make the bedroom smell bad.

There are several ways for condensation to occur on windows in the bedroom:

  1. Use weather stripping.
  2. Use fans.
  3. Open the window briefly.
  4. Keep plants away from windows. The plants will provide moisture to the room, so during winter, they should be kept away from windows.
  5. Turn on the ceiling fans for a while so that air circulation in the bedroom occurs.

Layered Bedding

During winter it is best to rest lying down and sleeping in bed. Therefore, the comfort of the bed must be considered. In this season, the bed must be made as warm as possible so that our body temperature is maintained and does not get sick easily.

To make the bed warm and comfortable, layered bedding is a tip that you can follow and apply to your bed.

winter bedroom
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As the main item in the bedroom, the bed also has a considerable influence on the appearance of the bedroom. Therefore, the bed is not only concerned with its comfort but also its appearance.

There are several options to choose from so that the bed can look attractive and also feel warm in winter.

  • Choose a white bed sheet

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White is an alternative color to choose from because it will look great with any color in the bedroom. Choosing a white bedsheet will give this room a neutral, bright look. So, you do not need to bother choosing colors and patterns for the pillowcase so that the bed looks attractive.

  • Bedding with a slightly dark color for a warm feel

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Presenting dark colors can indeed bring a softer and calmer atmosphere. Although the appearance of the bedroom will be a little darker, the comfort of the bedroom will increase. Choose a black, gray, and brown bed sheet.

Using a plain bedsheet (without a motive) can indeed make a bedroom seem ordinary and even stiff. A bedsheet with a checkered pattern can be used as an option to give it a more attractive appearance but still simple.

Using a Wool Blanket

In winter we are required to keep our body temperature warm. And the blanket is the most important item and must be used this season. There are many blankets that you can find, but choose a blanket that can make you feel warm even though the weather is cold.

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Wool blankets are the most appropriate type of blanket to use. Wool blankets can make you feel warm in winter. Besides that, the wool blanket also has a soft texture so it will feel comfortable when used.

To make the bed feel nice and warm, you can use 2-3 wool blankets. Choosing a wool blanket in a different color can also be a way to make the bedroom look more attractive.

Put Some Pillows on The Bed

As the main item and a place to rest and spend time during winter, the bed should be given more attention. So, do not be surprised if there are too many things to pay attention to on the bed, such as the use of pillows.

Apart from layered bedding and wool blankets, you also have to pay attention to the number of pillows used for the bed.

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Putting a few pillows on the bed can make the bed feel more comfortable. Besides that, using several pillows is also believed to make you sleep better and improve sleep quality. Therefore, put some pillows on the bed is the next tip you can follow to make your bedroom feel cozy in winter.

This method can also be used to provide a more attractive appearance to the bedroom by using several pillowcases with beautiful colors and motifs. In this way, the bedroom will look more filled.

Place The Bed By The Window

Still in bed. Besides decorating the bed so that it can be a comfortable and attractive place, the position of the bed is also one of the things that affect the comfort of the bedroom.

In winter, we spend more time in the bedroom. So, do not be surprised if you feel bored in winter. However, this can of course be overcome by creating a cozy spot in the bedroom.

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So that the bedroom feels cozy and not boring during winter, try to place the bed by the window. So, when you feel bored and lazy to go out because of the cold air, you can still enjoy the outside atmosphere from inside the bedroom. Also, watching the snow when it falls will boost your mood and make you feel happy.

Use Fireplace

Using wool blankets can indeed make us warm, but it cannot make the air in the bedroom feel warm. Therefore you need a fireplace so that the bedroom air stays warm and the bedroom feels comfortable.

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There are two fireplaces that can be used in the bedroom:

  • Traditional Fireplace

traditional fireplace
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To turn on the traditional is quite troublesome. You have to prepare some firewood and then burn it with fire. The fire that is burning is also not immediately big, but gradually so it takes a long time. However, the smell of wood-burning can make the bedroom feel more comfortable. The Winter vibe can be felt very clearly.

  • Electric Fireplace

best electric fireplace
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The electric fireplace is indeed more modern and its use is simpler. In addition, the size of the fire can be adjusted as desired. The appearance of the electric fireplace is also much more modern. It is just that, using an electric fireplace requires electricity so that your budget will increase.

Replacing Furniture with Wooden Furniture

The use of furniture must also be considered because it can affect the comfort of your bedroom. To make the bedroom feel warm and comfortable in winter, use furniture made of wood.

Usually, there will be some furniture made of iron or aluminum, but try to replace this furniture with wooden furniture. Wood is a natural element that can make the air in the room warm.

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Pay attention to large furniture, such as bed frames, desks, and cupboards. This furniture is more in control of the comfort of your bedroom.

The use of wood that is left alone (without being painted again) can make the bedroom appear more natural. Natural shades can make a bedroom feel calmer and more comfortable.

Add Rug on The Floor

The application of wooden floors is indeed the right way to make the bedroom feel comfortable during winter. However, this is not enough to make a bedroom feel warm. In winter, the weather will be more extreme. Sometimes the temperature reaches up to minus degrees.

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To make the bedroom feel comfortable, you can add a carpet to the bedroom floor. Use the rug with soft and smooth materials so that you will be comfortable when walking in your bedroom. Besides, lying all over the bed will be very boring and you can try lying down, relaxing, or reading a book on the bed. Putting a rug near the fireplace is a good idea to create a cozy spot in the bedroom. Don’t forget to add some pillows to make it more comfortable.

Use Additional Lights

Lights are indeed an item that must be in every room, including the bedroom. Lights are used to make the room look bright at night so that activities can keep going well.

However, nowadays there are many types of lamps offered, making the function of the lights not only to illuminate the room but also to make the room appear more attractive. Besides that, choosing the right lighting can also add to the comfort of the bedroom.

beautiful string light
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There are several additional lights that can be used for the bedroom to make it feel more comfortable:

  • String Light

string light
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String light or what is commonly called Tumblr light is not an unfamiliar type of light anymore. Some people will prefer to use string lights in decorating their bedroom to make it look more attractive. Besides that, the selection of string lights with warm light can make the bedroom feel so warm and comfortable in winter. Installing a string light near the bed is one way to make the bedroom feel more alive.

  • Sconces

sconces lights
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Sconces are a great option for bedroom use. The use of this lamp can create more space because it does not require the use of a table-side. Sconces only need to be hung on the bedroom wall. This type of lamp is usually used for rooms with formal designs. However, using sconces in the bedroom is also the right idea to provide warmth and comfort to the bedroom.


During winter, the bedroom is indeed the right place to relax. The cold air outside the house will make your sleep quality much better. And of course, this can happen if the bedroom is decorated as well as possible. It takes some proper decoration so that the bedroom can feel warm and comfortable during winter. And in this article, we have provided A Cozy Bedroom Tips to Welcome Winter that you can follow.



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