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Sweet Swimming Pool Designs That Can Decorate Your Home and Make You Feel at Home

1. About the swimming pool

The swimming pool is a building design, and a place that has given the water then is intended for many people to swim. Many people like swimming because it can make people healthy and can also be used to relieve stress. Then, the swimming pool must use clean water because the swimming pool must follow the rules of health standards. So it will avoid skin diseases that impact your comfort and health.

Having a swimming pool in the yard is everyone’s dream. Moreover, in situations that force you to stay at home for a long time. Plus, you and your family love to go to the swimming pool to relax and do water sports, this certainly makes your holidays not need to go out of the house. As we know, In the swimming pool, you can soak and do water sports while playing water ball.

You certainly know it is not easy to make a swimming pool in your home because you have to have enough money to make it and have enough land. For that, you can make it in the backyard or side of the house, and the most important thing is that you have enough land.

2. The best design

Swimming pool design is very influential on people’s interest in swimming. Especially if you have children whose hobby is swimming, they want to swim in a comfortable swimming pool. Therefore, if you want to make a swimming pool in your home, you should consult with a swimming pool maker so that the results do not disappoint you. Do not let the swimming pool after build then the result is not liked by your family.

Then, make a design with elongated because as not to take up space. The most important, should not make a round model because the swimming pool will look small and make your children not free to move. For that, make your swimming pool with a water disposal area to exchange the water. One thing, Don’t forget to install lights in the swimming pool because you can use them when you swim at night. Well, make design the swimming pool as beautifully as possible so that the exterior of your house will look luxurious.

3. The budget for swimming pool construction

The first thing to consider when making a swimming pool, you must plan to calculate the costs that you spend out and calculate how many materials to design a swimming pool. This preparation can help you to know the costs to be incurred.

The swimming pool construction is the most important part for that, if you want to make a beautiful swimming pool, you must attend, what kind of style do you want to apply, what is design do you want, what is the depth of the pool, and the area of ​​the swimming pool. All of that certainly affects the budget plan that you have to prepare. For example, for a minimalist swimming pool at home, you must prepare a budget of around Rp. 3.5 to Rp. 4.5 million per cubic meter.

4. The Best Material

The selection of the best material is very influential on the durability of the swimming pool and swimming pool maintenance. Material selection can extend the life of the swimming pool and save on maintenance costs. For example, if the ceramic of the swimming pool is damaged and broken, or the ceramic nut is damaged. Of course, you will call a swimming pool maker to repair it. Then you also have to replace the material, and you can spend a lot of the money.

As we know, the best swimming pool materials can make beautiful the appearance of the swimming pool, such as installing beautiful ceramic motifs, decorating the edge of the pool with natural stone, and installing marble on the edge of the pool. All of these costs need a lot of money. But the results will surely satisfy you and your family. For that material selection, you should choose the best so that the exterior appearance of your home also looks more attractive to the eye and your swimming pool will look luxurious and fun. Well happy decorating and good luck!

5. Calculate Maintenance Costs

In addition to planning the budget for making a pond, you also need to calculate maintenance costs. The design and construction you choose greatly affect the cost of maintenance cost. In addition, to taking care of the pool walls or the cleanliness of the building, you also have to pay attention to the cleanliness of the swimming pool water.

After planning, now you have a big picture to making a swimming pool to its maintenance. Of course, you already have the desired plan, as well as the required budget plan. Next, you can decide to make a pool.

6. Some examples of swimming pool designs

In this article, we will provide some attractive home swimming pools pictures. We hope this example can inspire you to make better designs. In this way, your home exterior will look beautiful and make you cheerful and proud with your guest. For that, we will discuss one by one swimming pool design below. Congratulations on choosing the one that suits your taste and home model.

Minimalist swimming pool

The swimming pool is a fun area to relax while exercising without the hassle of leaving the house. However, limited land is often an obstacle. In fact, with a simple modification and creativity, you can realize your dream of making a beautiful swimming pool. That way, you can bring your child to relax and have fun. The trick is to make adjustments to the size of the swimming pool according to the shape and land area. Use the following references as inspiration to design a fun small swimming pool by utilizing your backyard.

To add to the beauty of the swimming pool, you can put a beautiful chair and arrange a small garden in the pool area so that it is not monotonous. Then, plant a small tree and place a flower pot in the small garden area you created. Then, put some toys in the pool so that your child likes to play in the pool. That way, the swimming pool area looks more attractive. Don’t forget to clean the pool after swimming and playing in the pool.

Beautiful swimming pool

Having a swimming pool at home is a lot of fun. Especially if you have a hobby of swimming. Spending free time swimming at home, of course, is a privilege. Plus if the weather is hot, you can cool off in the pool water. Then, you can also swim in the morning by doing water sports in your swimming pool without having to go out of the house to swim. Wow, that’s fun!

We know, making a swimming pool does take a lot of budget. Moreover, you make a beautiful and complete swimming pool as in the picture above. But this is not an obstacle for you, for that you can make a good plan. In addition, you can also make a pool with a minimalist concept with a relatively economical budget.

To add to the beauty of the swimming pool, you can put beautiful chairs, sun umbrellas, a swimming pool roof with fiberglass, a small bar, and arrange a small garden in the pool area to look more attractive. Then, put some duck toys in the pool, so your child likes to play in the swimming pool. That way, the swimming pool area looks luxurious and makes you cheerful. Don’t forget to clean the pool after swimming and playing in the pool.

Small Swimming pool

Having limited land should not be an obstacle to making a swimming pool in your home. For that, You can design it well by looking at the location and size of the land you own.
If you have landed behind the house, of course, you can take advantage of this land by making a small swimming pool.

With a small swimming pool, you can swim and soak in the pool when the weather is hot.
Well, please consider making this swimming pool, instead of having to leave the house to look for a swimming pool.

If you have a small swimming pool. However, if you arrange it well, your swimming pool will look beautiful and fun. To add to the beauty of your small swimming pool, place a lounge chair so you can enjoy the atmosphere in the pool. That way, your tension at the office will disappear, and you won’t be stressed anymore. The philosophy is that water can calm our souls and make us calm and comfortable.

Round swimming pool design

Having around a swimming pool looks attractive and unique. Then, to make this swimming pool, you have to use swimming pool experts. To make a swimming pool with a round model is not easy. Besides that, the maintenance is also more expensive than an ordinary swimming pool. But. for the appearance your house looks beautiful and artistic.

If you have sufficient land and budget, of course, you can make it behind your house. Then to make the swimming pool more beautiful, you can put some lounge chairs so you can enjoy your favorite swimming pool.

Glass swimming pool

The glass swimming pool is the unique model of all swimming pools. Therefore, the manufacture must use thick glass. Then, it is not easy for broken when you use it.
To manufacture it is cheaper and easier but really must be safe. For that, if you want to make a swimming pool from glass, you have to prepare enough land behind your house because this glass swimming pool is not suitable to be made in front of the house. The advantage of a glass swimming pool is that you can see your child when swimming, and for safety, the glass swimming pool is safer because we can see your child swimming.

To look more beautiful, you can add beautiful flower pots and small plants on the edge of the pool. Then, you can also put chairs in the pool area for you to relax. As you can see, this swimming pool is easy to install on the beach. So you can see the view from inside the glass swimming pool.

7. Conclusion

If you want to make a beautiful swimming pool in your house, we present some of the best house designs. Then to make it, you should choose the best design to look more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, artistic, and aesthetic.

In this article, we explained several swimming pool design pictures to design your home. Then to make it, of course, you will have to spend the money if your home has to be decorated by a home decoration company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained and then give it to the swimming pool maker. Hopefully, you can make like this picture. Hopefully, this article can help you to make your house look beautiful. Happy decorating!



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