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Some Examples of Type 36/72 Houses Have Been Renovated And Transformed To Be More Beautiful

1. What is a renovation

As we know, renovating a house is not primary for the people because renovation or remodeling has done when the condition is no longer following the times Generally, they want a new atmosphere. Doing renovations seems complicated because we have to prepare a sufficient budget

Renovation can be definitive as the process of updating, repairing, or changing the building of a house. Renovation is not always a question of the structure or shape of the house. But can also mean developing the interior of the house and the exterior, such as yard, garden, or garage maintenance. Repairs to outdoor buildings such as gazebos can also be called home renovations.

The purpose of home renovation is to get comfort, safety, aesthetics, adding space, to maintenance. So, don’t let home renovation activities turn into lifelong regrets because of mistakes and ignorance. For that, there are several important things before doing renovations. The following are things to consider before remodeling your home.

2. What is the purpose of renovation

Then if you want to renovate a house, the first step, you must consider the purpose of the renovation. Start from the distribution of the budget the selection of building materials or materials. For example, if you only want to renovate the interior design, you can determine the financing. Do not make your budget that is preparing does not match the final result. Of course, it will make you disappointed and in vain.

When you set a budget, you must be ready with all the estimated costs in as much detail as possible, such as design costs, handyman services, to cleaning costs. You can also set up a reserve fund of no more than 20% of the total cost. Often when the renovation process takes place, there are additional costs for building additions. Therefore, it is better to complete the renovation concept from the beginning so that expenses do not swell.

3. Choosing a simple design and architect

Renovating a house is not an easy matter. Especially if the design does not match the image or expectations, then regrets may come after the renovation is complete. Moreover, you’ve spent a lot of money. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with using the services of an architect or contractor who has high flying hours to get a simple design if you have a mediocre budget. By using an architect, at least they can help you provide the best advice and tips so that the final result of the renovation is what you want and is satisfying.

In addition, you have to see the results of your new home renovation. So it will look perfect, and don’t let the renovation actually block the view or even disturb the privacy of your neighbors. For that, you need to use building experts such as architects.

4. Choosing a simple material

You must choose the best material. This step is also one of the most important and often ignored when people renovations of their house. It should be emphasized that renovation is not only about changing the appearance. But also about the quality and strength of the materials used. Choose building materials that are strong, durable, and economical on the pocket. But don’t forget to keep using materials that can protect the family. So as not to make the family uncomfortable. It’s useless, right, if strength in the rainy season but fragile when entering the summer.

In addition to the points above, make sure that the renovation you are doing does not violate the building permit. Therefore, you must get permission from the local officials in the neighborhood you live in and also don’t violate the rules. Of course, the permits must be including the specifications of your home. For example, you are not allowed to build a house with four floors, so don’t ever dare to violate the rules that already apply. This method will harm others as well as you.

5. Some of the interior room pictures

In this article, we prepared some pictures of the interior design of a renovated house. Of course, you can choose this image according to your taste. We hope this design fits your taste and your budget. Some examples of budget homes and luxury homes you can imitate to make you happy with your family. Therefore, we will discuss the renovated houses one by one in the article below. Let’s see the picture right away!

Type36/72 simple house before renovation

The house type 36/72 has been renovated

The type 36 house is a standard house which when you buy the building it is still standard according to the developer’s design. To make this house have an elegant appearance, of course, you have to spend money to renovate, from the front to the back.

In this picture, we show a type 36 house that has been renovated. You can see after the renovation the house looks beautiful and elegant. Of course, you are interested in renovation also. But don’t forget, to do renovations according to the budget you have, don’t overdo the building. In this way, you can save costs, so you don’t regret buying a luxury home. We hope you will consider making one.

Type36 simple house living room after renovation.

At first, this type 36 house has designed very simply and still not perfect. However, after the renovation, the floor of the house has been replaced with granite with marble motifs. Then, the doors, windows have designed with a minimalist model, and the walls have given a bright color. This design makes a small house look amazing.

To add to the beauty of this small living room. Then, the room had equipped with a beautiful sofa set, a glass table, a wall painting, a small tree in a pot, and a decorative lamp. In this way, you can save costs, so you don’t regret buying a luxury home. We hope you will consider making one.

Family room after renovation

The type 36 house is a standard home and does not have much room. For that, you have to look for inspiration on how you use the available space in this room. Organizing a small house to make several rooms is not easy. For that, you have to prepare a room drawing design. For that, you can consult with the architect so that the interior in your house does not become cramped. Then, how to make a family room for family gatherings without being disturbed when guests come. For that, you ask the architect to renovation a small house.

In this picture, you can see the family room in a type 36 house. This room is designed for your family to relax while watching television. However, this renovated family room has separated from the living room. Then, to add to the beauty of the living room, you need to add a beautiful sofa, living room accessories, and some flower pots. In this way, you can save costs, so you don’t regret buying a luxury home. We hope you will consider making one.

Bedroom after renovation

The bedroom for a type 36 house is not a big room. To arrange it, you have to design the location of the furniture in your bedroom. If you arrange it incorrectly, the bedroom will become narrow and make you uncomfortable in it.

To organize and renovate your small bedroom, you should not put a lot of furniture and accessories. Then, place a bed that fits the area of ​​your bedroom and decorate your bedroom with the right accessories such as decorative lights, flower pots, and wall paintings. In this way, your bedroom will look beautiful and charming and make you comfortable sleeping. In this way, you can save costs, so you don’t regret buying a luxury home, Hopefully, you can make it.

Kitchen and dining room after renovation

The kitchen and dining room the located not far apart. Of course, this makes it easier to place freshly cooked food. Many people renovate their rooms like this because it can save space. That way, the kitchen and dining room do not look cramped. But you need to pay attention, don’t put a lot of furniture in this place because it can make narrow space and make it difficult for you to move.

However, if you want to make a beautiful kitchen, you can add kitchen sets and other equipment such as gas stoves, refrigerators, and kitchen accessories.
As for the dining room, you have to arrange it according to the size of the room and don’t put a lot of furniture in this place, but to beautify the room you can add the necessary accessories such as flower pots, tableware, and other accessories. In this way, your kitchen and dining room will look attractive and comfortable. Then, you can save costs, so you don’t regret buying a luxury home. We hope you will consider making one.

Bathroom after renovation

Type 36 houses certainly have a small bathroom. A bathroom with a limited area does not make you anxious. You can renovate this bathroom comfortably. For that, you can consult with the architect to ask for input on how to design a small bathroom, or you can see some minimalist house designs as a guide, then give it to the handyman who renovates your home.

With the best materials as marble, ceramic motifs, natural stone, and bathroom accessories, then the best designs, your dream of having a beautiful and comfortable bathroom will come true. We know that you will spend a lot of your time in the bathroom to make up and clean yourself before doing activities, and you need a comfortable bathroom.
For that, we provide sample images in this article as a guide for you. One thing that doesn’t make you regret is not having a big house and a big bathroom because of your limited budget. In this way, you can save costs, so you don’t regret buying a luxury home. Hopefully, this design can make you happy and cheerful.

6. Conclusion

If you want to renovate a beautiful small house, we present some of the best house designs. Then to renovate it, you should choose the best house design to look more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, and not cramped.

In this article, we explained several house design pictures to design your home. Then to make it, of course, you will have to spend the money if your home has to be decorated by a home decoration company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained and then give it to the house maker. Hopefully, you can make like this picture. Hopefully, this article can help you to make your house look beautiful. Happy decorating!



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