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Makeover Your Small Dorm into A Cozy and Aesthetic Place to Live In – Headed to college? Soon it will be entering the new academic year where students have started studying at the University. For those of you who live outside the city, of course, it will be very sad to leave your beloved family. Besides, you will certainly have a hard time leaving such a comfortable house.

Those who usually live in a fairly spacious house, when you enter university, you are required to live in a small dorm. If you are not used to it, of course, you will feel uncomfortable when you are in the dorm.

The only way to make the dorm a cozy place to live in is to makeover the dorm. For those of you who get the freshmen dorm and want to make it becomes a cozy and aesthetic place, you are so lucky to read this article.

In this article, we provide some tips to Makeover Your Small Dorm into A Cozy and Aesthetic Place to Live In. So, let’s check it out!

Apply White Concept to The Dorm

As we know, there is no large college student dorm. However, this does not mean that we cannot make the dorm a comfortable place to live in while being a college student.

Because the room is small, it is no wonder the dorm feels cramped and stuffy easily. To deal with this, we have to give a broad illusion to the dorm.

white dorm decors
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Applying the white concept to the dorm is the main tip that you can apply to cover the dorm into a cozy place to live in. Applying white as the base color of the dorm will make the dorm look naturally bright. Besides that, applying the white concept to the dorm will help to get rid of the cramped and stuffy feeling.

Applying white to the entire room can indeed make the room look stiff. However, do not worry because there are still a few decorations that can be applied to make the white dorm concept look aesthetically pleasing.

Layered Bedding

Usually, the bed becomes the furniture that has been provided. So, you do not need to buy a bed anymore. This of course will save your expenses.

What you need here is to create an attractive bed appearance to make the dorm look comfortable and aesthetic. Why do you have to do this? The bed is the main item so it will become the focal point of the dorm. Besides that, the bed will also be a spot that will be used the most. So, make the bed look beautiful and comfortable is important.

college student dorm makeover
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In a bedroom makeover that looks normal to make it look attractive is by applying layered bedding. This tip is the simplest and easiest tip to apply.

Try to choose white bedding to create a spacious appearance in the dorm. And for duvet covers, you can choose white or any other color you like. However, for a soft and calm look, try to choose neutral colors like beige, brown, or gray.

beautiful small dorm
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To give a slightly cheerful impression and a more attractive appearance (not monotonous), take advantage of the pillows that are on the bed. By using pillowcases with attractive and simple motifs, the dorm will look more alive. You can also choose the pillowcases in the colors you like.

Place The Bed Next to The Window

Still in bed. To make the bed a cozy spot in the dorm, try to place the bed next to the window.

The rooms are narrow and inside the building, sometimes it will make you feel bored easily while in the dorm. And by placing the bed next to the window, you can see the view from inside your dorm. This will really help you get rid of boredom and boredom while in the dorm.

comfortable narrow dorm
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Not only that. By placing the bed next to the window, the sun will hit you right away. Sunlight is very good for our health and mental. Being exposed to the sun in the morning can boost your mood so that you will feel happy in carrying out your activities.

cozy and aesthetic dorm
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Because the window is an item that connects outside and inside the room, the window can be an item that can interfere with your privacy. So, to maintain your privacy in the dorm, use thick (not transparent) curtains.

Curtains can also be used as decorations to make the white dorm concept less stiff. By choosing curtains with soft colors, the dorm will look more aesthetic.

Utilizing Under The Bed As A Storage Area

Paying attention to the use of space in the dorm is very important so that the dorm can feel comfortable. To create a dorm that is comfortable to live in, try to use the areas carefully.

One of them is to use under the bed as a place for storage. Under the bed is rarely used so that it becomes a nest of dust and makes the dorm dirty. Instead of being abandoned, it is better to use it right?

cozy dorm ideas
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You can use small shelves to make it look neat and tidy. Try to group your things to get organized. This will make it very easy for you to find the items you will need. To make it easier for you to find items, you can also add sticky notes to the shelves.

Make sure the items that are placed in the shelves are small items which if left visible in the dorm will make the dorm look messy and dirty.

Apply Carpet or Wooden Vinyl

Some of the dormitories have tiled or cement floors. So that in winter, the dorm will feel so cold and uncomfortable. To avoid this, you can apply a carpet or wooden vinyl.

It does cost more on this tip. However, you can feel comfortable staying in the dorm for a long time.

college student dorm
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Carpet floor or the wooden floor/wooden vinyl will not only make the dorm feel warm and comfortable in winter but also greatly affect the appearance of the dorm itself.

The carpet floor or the wooden floor will make the dorm look calm and more aesthetic. This is because the carpet floor or wooden floor will look harmonious with the furniture used in the dorm.

Decorate The Dorm Wall

The appearance of the walls will greatly affect how your dorm looks like. This is because the walls are the main focal point of the room.

So, in makeover the dorm into a cozy and aesthetic place to live, try to decorate the dorm walls as well as possible. It should be noted that decorating the walls as well as possible does not mean using too many decorations. Extravagance is no good either. So, decorate the walls to taste.

wall dorm decoration
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There are several wall decorations that you can use to make the dorm look more attractive:

  • Tapestry

tapestry dorm decors
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Feel the walls too plain? Maybe tapestry can be used as an option to make the dorm wall look more colorful and attractive.

There are many tapestry images that you can choose from so that it will make it easier for you to choose the tapestry that suits your taste. The use of one tapestry is enough to decorate one side of the dorm wall.

  • Quotes Framed

quotes framed wall decor
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Some people sometimes need words of encouragement in their dorms to raise their spirits to achieve their dreams. These words of encouragement or what is commonly called quotes are not only able to make you excited again but can also be used as dorm decoration so that the dorm can look attractive.

Quotes framed are items that can be used to decorate dorm walls. You can use more than one framed quotes and hang them neatly on the wall.

  • Photos and Posters

photos dorm decoration
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Having an art gallery wall in the dorm is an interesting thing. By sticking a few photos and posters on the wall, the wall will look busier so it will not make the dorm look stiff.

Pasting a few photos of your memories along with friends or family can make the wall a memorable place. However, you also put some photos and posters with your idol’s face. That way, the dorm will be a pleasant place.

Posters and photos affixed to the wall neatly will make the dorm look so aesthetic and up to date.

  • String Light

string light dorm decors
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This one is quite popular and is most often used to decorate rooms, including dorms. Using string light to decorate the dorm wall will make the dorm atmosphere feel alive. Warm lighting from string lights also makes the dorm feel so calm. So, using string light as a wall dorm decoration will make the dorm cozy and also look aesthetic.

  • Synthetic Vines

synthetic vines dorm decor
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Due to the narrow space, the dorms often feel cramped and stuffy. So, to make the dorm feel comfortable, try to make the dorm look fresh. Using plants is the best way.

Synthetic vines are items that can be used to decorate dorm walls. Hanging synthetic vines on the walls of the bed area can be used as an alternative to making the bed a cozy spot in the dorm.

Add Small Rug to The Dorm Floor

The last tip for making over the dorm is to add a small rug to the dorm floor. It may seem trivial, but the effect of using a small rug in the dorm is huge.

Using a rug on a small dorm can provide a broad illusion so that the dorm will not feel cramped. In addition, a cozy rug such as a sheepskin rug will also make you feel comfortable when standing or sitting on it.

dorm makeover
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For students from outside the city, dorms are very important places to live. However, because the place is narrow, it makes the dorm easy to feel cramped and uncomfortable. So, making the dorm a comfortable place to live is very important. And in this article, we have provided the best tip to Makeover Your Small Dorm into A Cozy and Aesthetic Place to Live In. So that you can feel comfortable in the dorm for a long time, the decoration of the dorm is according to your character and taste.



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