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Beautify The Room, Here are Kinds of The Partitions You Can Use As A Room Divider  –To provide boundaries between one room and another, a room divider is needed. Building a wall between two rooms is the method most often applied to housing.

There are several purposes why a divider between rooms is provided:

  1. Privacy is maintained so that we will feel comfortable when in a private room,
  2. The division of the room is clearly visible,
  3. Distinguishing the function of the room, and so on.

Although the wall is the most popular room divider, there are some people who prefer to use partitions made of wood, iron, or glass. The goal is of course to make the house feel wider and also look more beautiful.

And Here are Kinds of The Partitions You Can Use As A Room Divider. So, let’s check it out!

The Fringe Curtain

Using curtains as a room divider has been done since time immemorial. Some people prefer to avoid using the door as a room divider because they think the door can make the room feel cramped. Also, too many doors in the house are not good.

The fringe curtain is the first partition that you can use as a room divider.

the fringe curtain
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Using the fringe curtain as a home partition is not difficult. All you need is a pole or bamboo as a pole to put the curtain. Hanging the pole slightly up close to the ceiling is an alternative to make a small room seem wider. In this way, the wall of the room will look taller and give the illusion as if the room looks spacious.

As we can see that the result of using the fringe curtain looks transparent. So, we can still see the room which is divided by the curtain. Therefore, do not use the fringe curtain as a barrier between the other rooms and the bedroom. For private rooms, try to keep them closed properly.

room partition
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The fringe curtain can be used as a divider for the living room and dining room. This will make the living room feel wider and more comfortable.

The Step Bookcase

Have too many books at home? Do not store these books in warehouses or boxes because these books can be used as decorations to make the room look more attractive and more aesthetic.

Making the books as a room decoration, of course, you need a place to display these books.

What if the place to display books is multi-functioned as a room divider? The step bookcase becomes a partition that can be used as a room divider.

step bookcase
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For those of you who carry an open and airy room concept, using a step bookcase is the right choice. The gaps that can be seen from the step bookcase can still show one room to another.

The function of using a step bookcase as a barrier is to differentiate the function from one room to another but does not make the room feel cramped.

step bookcase room divider
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By using a step bookcase you will not only beautify one room but two rooms at once. Therefore, try to put other displays besides books, such as some photos, small plants, automatic air fresheners, and so on.

The Bamboo Screen

Creating a practical, easy, and fast room divider why not? All you need is a foldable partition.

The bamboo screen is one of the easiest partition types to use. Besides its lightweight making it easy to move around, how to use it is also quite practical. This reason that is makes bamboo screens becomes the partitions that are most often used as room dividers.

bamboo screen
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Bamboo screens are most often used as room dividers in apartments, especially studio apartments (one bedroom). As we know, the studio apartment is the smallest apartment size so if you use a room divider that is too large it can make the apartment feel even narrower and make this place uncomfortable. The bamboo screen is usually used to limit the room for sleeping and the room for the living room in the apartment.

bamboo screen room divider
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However, using bamboo screens to decorate homes is also not prohibited. To provide insulation between one room and another in the house, bamboo screens can be the right partitions to use. The existence of gaps on the bamboo screen will not make the house feel cramped.

TV Stand

Which occupancy does not have a television? Television is an item that can entertain you when you are at home. Watching your favorite cartoon or movie can make you feel comfortable and happy when you are in your home.

LED TV is usually hung on the wall to create a room that feels more spacious. However, what if the TV is used as a partition to limit one room to another?

tv stand
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For those of you who are interested in it, you only need a TV stand to put a TV in your house. There are various forms of TV stands that can be used.

As can be seen from the picture above, a room with a modern concept feels so spacious with the TV Stand as a room divider.

modern TV stand
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There is a TV stand with a modern concept where you can play your TV so you can enjoy TV broadcasts in two different rooms. Simply turn on the TV where you are in the room. Practical and easy right?

The Drapes

This one is indeed a concept similar to the fringe curtain, which is both using the curtain as a room divider. The difference is only in the type of curtain that is used as a room divider.

For the drapes themselves, the curtains used are thick, non-transparent fabrics. The drapes are usually used as room dividers in apartments. As we know, in some apartments it is very rare to have a wall as a room divider because it is considered capable of making the apartment feel cramped.

the drapes
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Besides that, the drapes can also be tricked to give the illusion of a spacious apartment. By hanging the pole more up toward the ceiling, the walls of the apartment will feel higher and make the apartment feel more spacious.

Using drapes is also very easy and practical. When you want to limit the space in the apartment, you can draw the curtains so that a barrier is created between one room and another. However, if you want an apartment with a spacious concept, you can pull the curtains back.

The Built-In Shelves

Why is it impossible to permanently create shelves? The built-in shelves will create a room divider that is visible from floor to ceiling. However, the cracks of the shelves will present an open and airy concept to the house.

the built-in shelves
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Using the built-in shelves does cost a lot. However, the built-in shelves will last longer and also make your house look more attractive.

Since these are made by yourself, you can customize the shelves according to what you want so that the appearance of the room will suit your tastes.

Glass Room Divider

Currently, glass room dividers are very popular both for homes, apartments, cafes, restaurants, or offices. The open and airy concept makes the glass room divider widely used by people.

Glass room dividers are very suitable to be applied to buildings with a minimalist and modern concept. The use of a glass room divider will create boundaries and differences in function from one room to another but does not make the room feel cramped and insulated due to the use of glass. So, we can still see another room through the glass.

glass room divider
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Sliding glass door is also a perfecter to create a minimalist modern concept in your house. Sliding glass doors will not take up space in the room so that a narrow room like a studio apartment will feel comfortable and feel spacious.


Giving boundaries to the room is very important to differentiate room functions and divide the room clearly. Usually, building walls is a way to impose boundaries on the room, but this method is rarely used. Currently, the concept of open and airy is mostly promoted in housing, especially those that are narrow and small. Using partitions is the right way to give boundaries to the room without making the living area feel cramped. Besides that, partitions can also be used to make the rooms in your house look more attractive and beautiful. And in this article, we have provided Kinds of The Partitions You Can Use As A Room Divider.



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