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Room Decorations Mistakes That You Have To Avoid (Know The Wrong Decorations) – Decoration is really needed to make the room in your house look attractive. Almost all rooms have to be decorated so they don’t look stiff. In addition, the right decoration will also make the room feel comfortable.

Indeed, there are many benefits that we will get by decorating the room. However, mistakes in decoration can also cause problems if we choose the wrong decoration. The wrong decoration will make the room will be unsightly and uncomfortable.

And here are Room Decorations Mistakes That You Have To Avoid. So, let’s check it out!

Do Not Applying White to The Whole of The Room

To make the room feel comfortable, of course, the room must be made bright, especially a small room. White is the color that is most suitable to be applied to the room so that the room looks bright. Besides that, making white as the basic color of the room also makes it easier for us to decorate the room.

However, applying white throughout the room can actually have a bad impact. A room that is only white will look stiff and unattractive. In addition, the room will also be uncomfortable.

Wrong in Combining Colors

Using one color is certainly not good for the appearance and comfort of the room. Therefore it takes several colors to be combined. And this is where things usually go wrong.

Sometimes we feel weird when we have applied the color we want because the colors used look collision or don’t match. The appearance of the room certainly looks strange and becomes unattractive.

There are indeed several colors that when combined will create a look that is too quirky or too dark. Therefore, make sure you have thought about it and tried these colors on a small media.

You can also ask interior design experts for the right colors to use in a room. The colors in the room can also affect the atmosphere of the room itself. Like blues and whites that will create a fresh and calm atmosphere, beige and white create a soft and calm atmosphere, and many more.

Presenting The Light from Only One Source

Lighting is one of the most important presence in the room. With the help of light, we can move freely and smoothly.

There are two types of lights that can be used:

  1. Natural lighting, where it comes from the sunlight.
  2. Artificial lighting, where it comes by using the lamp.

The mistake that people usually make is to present light from only one source, such as using only one light in one room, both natural lighting and artificial light.

In one room, try to use more than one window. If you want to use one window, try to use a large window. And for lights, try to use more than one lamp.

Do Not Pay Attention to The Size of The Room

A mistake in decorating that people often make and should avoid does not pay attention to the size of the room. Without paying attention to the size of the room, of course, you will not know the size of an item that you will use for that room.

Using items with small sizes in a large room will make a large room look stiff and empty. The room will be uncomfortable and seem strange. And vice versa. If a small room is filled with large items, the room will feel narrower and uncomfortable. Even, there is no longer any moving space in the room.

Wrong in Arranging The Items in The Room

This is a common mistake that people often make. And if you let it be, the room will be uncomfortable. Therefore, wrong in arranging the items in the room is a mistake in decorating the room that must be avoided.

Mistakes in placing items in the room will make the room look messy. Even the room tends to be dirty. So when you decorate the room, you can prioritize the main items in the room, such as the sofa in the living room, the bed in the bedroom, the dining table in the dining room, and so on.


Decoration in the room is mandatory and already exists. With the right decoration, the room will look attractive. However, decorating errors can actually make a room an uncomfortable place. Therefore, in decorating a room it should not be careless or careless. You have to know the right decorations. By obeying a few decorating mistakes that must be avoided, your house will become an attractive and comfortable home.



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