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Check Out These Tips and Tricks for Making Bathroom Feel Soothing

Simdreamhomes.com – Being the most closed room and rarely exposed does not mean the bathroom is a room that is not considered. Even though it is a room that is not exposed, the bathroom is the room that is most often used. The function and role of the bathroom are also very important.

Have you ever imagined soaking in warm water and enjoying the soothing bathroom atmosphere after being tired of busy daily activities? Just imagining it is so much fun.

Yup… the bathroom can also be used as a room to relax and quality time. So, let’s Check Out These Tips and Tricks for Making Bathroom Feel Soothing!

Make The Appearance of The Bathroom Look Bright

Dark rooms can feel stuffy and cramped at times. Therefore, the room needs to be bright so it feels comfortable and soothing.

In making a bathroom feel comfortable and look attractive, of course you have to choose the right lighting for the bathroom. Natural lighting is suitable lighting for bathrooms to look bright during the day.

large window for bathroom
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To maximize the natural lighting that enters the bathroom, use a large window. However, before this, make sure that the bathroom is in a private place where no one can see you while you are in this room.

The use of large windows is also the right way to present a beautiful view in the bathroom. With this you can soak while enjoying the outside view from inside this room. Very relaxing, right?

Use Colors That Will Make The Bathroom Feel Alive

One of the factors that affect the appearance and atmosphere of the room is the colors used for the room itself. In making the bathroom feel soothing, the thing that must be done is to make the bathroom look bright. And of course, the colors used in the bathroom must be considered.

There are several colors that are suitable for use in the bathroom so that this room becomes a soothing room:

  • Bright Colors

bright colors for soothing bathroom
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To make the room look bright, the use of bright colors is the most basic and the easiest. There are several bright colors that can be used in bathrooms, such as:

  1. White, be an alternative color that can be used to make a bathroom look bright and seem natural.
  2. Blue, the right color to give a calm and fresh impression to the bathroom. The combination of white and blue can also be a way to bring Shabby Chic design into the bathroom.
  3. Yellow, the right color for a bright appearance and a cheerful atmosphere. The use of yellow in several spots in the bathroom will make the bathroom look more minimalist and attractive.
  4. Green, be the right color to give a fresh impression to the bathroom. The color combination of green and white makes the bathroom feel fresh and natural so that the bathroom will feel comfortable and also soothing.
  • Pastel Colors

soft and calm bathroom look
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For those of you who love a soft and calm look, pastel colors are the right color choice. There are lots of pastel colors that can be used. Adjust the use of colors to the atmosphere and appearance of the bathroom you want.

Choose The Right Bathtub

For those of you who like to relax by soaking yourself in warm water, bathtubs are the most appropriate item to choose. Before you buy a bathtub, make sure the size of the bathtub fits your body where you will feel comfortable when soaking in this bathtub.

right bathtub for bathroom
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The longer the bathtub, the better. You can stretch your legs and enjoy the warm water which is so relaxing and makes you feel more relaxed.

There are several benefits of soaking in warm water:

  1. Make yourself more relaxed,
  2. Relax muscles that are tense from strenuous activity,
  3. Make sleep better,
  4. Make yourself fresh again, and so on.

Add Wooden Elements into Bathroom to Give Warm and Soft Nuances

The use of white is the best way to make a bathroom look bright. However, using white in the entire bathroom will actually make the bathroom look stiff and unattractive. Therefore, it takes a little touch with different colors. Or, you can also use natural elements to make your bathroom feel more natural and fresh.

wooden bathroom wall
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Many natural elements can be used, such as bricks, natural stones, wood, and so on. However, if you want a comfortable and calming atmosphere, wooden elements are the most appropriate elements to use in the bathroom.

Adding the wooden elements to the walls gives an interesting effect and can also make the bathroom look soft. The nuances that are present in the bathroom also seem warm so that the bathroom feels comfortable.

beautiful bathroom decor
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You can use some waterproof wooden blocks, then attach them to the bathroom wall horizontally to give an interesting effect. No need to apply it to the entire bathroom wall. Just select one side of the wall you want to decorate.

Plants to Make The Bathroom Feel Soothing and Fresh

Decorating the room is the most important step in making the room look more attractive. A room without decoration will certainly not look attractive, even the room looks stiff.

In making a bathroom look attractive and comfortable, of course, decoration is very necessary. However, if you want a soothing atmosphere in your bathroom, choose the right decoration.

fresh bathroom with plant decor
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Using plants as bathroom decorations is a tip that you can follow to create a calming atmosphere and also make your bathroom look more attractive. Use some plants in the bathroom. Try to put the plant in a place that is exposed to sunlight so that the plant can grow well.

Add Some Aromatherapy Candles to Make The Bathroom Feel Relax

Bringing a fresh and relaxing fragrance to your bathroom is a great way to make your bathroom feel soothing. In this way, the bathroom is the right place to relax and have quality time.

Place the candles in a place close to the bathtub. You can also use a small table and put some aromatherapy candles on it. Adding flowers to a small table can also be done to give a beautiful and attractive look to the bathroom.

aromatherapy candles for soothing bathroom
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Aromatherapy candles also not only make the bathroom feel soothing, but also make the bathroom look attractive and comfortable. Candlelight brings warmth into the bathroom and this is what can help you relax.


The bathroom is one of the most used rooms. Its role and function are also very important. Some people even make the bathroom their place to relax and make themselves relax again by soaking in warm water. However, it would be better if the bathroom atmosphere is also supportive and can help you relax. One way is to make the bathroom feel comfortable and soothing. And in this article, we have provided Tips and Tricks for Making Bathroom Feel Soothing that you can follow. So, happy trying all!



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