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Minimalist Japanese Style Apartment Inspirations – Japanese-style designs are often the favorite designs, especially for minimalist housing. The simple, clean, and neat look throw the Japanese-style design into a special design.

Applying the Japanese-style design to the apartment is a great idea. As we know that an apartment is a fairly minimalist residence so it requires tips and tricks to make it a comfortable place to live.

So, for those of you who want to have a comfortable minimalist apartment, here we have provided Minimalist Japanese Style Apartment Inspirations. So, let’s check it out!

Calming Natural Atmosphere

Bringing natural elements into the interior has become a characteristic of Japanese style. Therefore, it is no wonder that a Japanese-style residence will feel soothing and comfortable.

The following are natural elements that are characteristic of the Japanese style:

  • Wood Elements

wooden furniture
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Natural elements that are usually used in Japanese-style interiors are wood elements. The wood used is not wood with a dark color, but wood with a bright color so that the interior appearance of the room still looks bright and comfortable.

Wood elements usually come in forms, wooden floor, wooden ceiling, wooden furniture, and so on. A room with a dominant wood will feel warmer so that the apartment will be a comfortable place to live.

  • Natural Lighting

natural lighting for japanese apartment
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Because they prioritize natural elements, the lighting used in the Japanese style is natural lighting. Relying on available sunlight is the best way to make a room look bright during the day. Besides that, natural lighting is also very good for improving mood.

There are several benefits of using natural lighting, such as:

  1. The small room will feel more spacious.
  2. The room will look naturally bright.
  3. The atmosphere of the room will feel more alive.
  4. Gives a warm feel to the room.
  5. Make the room feel more comfortable.
  6. Boost your mood.

So that natural lighting can enter the room optimally, try not to use thick curtains or other window decorations. Open the curtains in the morning so that sunlight can enter the room freely. You can close the curtains again at night to maintain your privacy.

  • Japanese Traditional Plant

plant decor for japanese apartment
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The natural element present in Japanese-style designs is plants. Plants are items that can bring a calm and fresh atmosphere into the room so that the room will feel very comfortable.

To emphasize the Japanese design, the plants used must also be traditional Japanese plants, such as bonsai or bamboo.

However, if you have trouble finding this traditional Japanese plant, you can replace it with other plants, such as orchids and so on. Try to use green plants to make the room look fresh.

Sliding Door Save More Spaces in Apartment

In Japanese style, every detail of the room will be considered, including the door. In apartments, usually the door used is a door that is pulled or pushed. However, using this door takes up more space in the apartment.

sliding door japanese apartment
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In applying the Japanese style to an apartment, sliding doors are the most appropriate choice. The use of sliding doors is perfect for saving space in the apartment. In this way, we can use this space to put some furniture or room decoration.

The use of sliding doors is perfect for minimalist apartments.

Outer-Inside Transition (Genkan)

Japanese people prioritize cleanliness and tidiness of the room. This is the reason why the Japanese style is neat and tidy.

One of the characteristics of the Japanese style is the outer-inside transition called Genkan. This place is the main room when you enter the apartment. This is the place to take off your shoes or sandals that you wear outside. With this, the apartment will be kept clean.

genkan in japanese apartment
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In genkan, usually, a wooden bench or console-style wooden will be provided to make it easier for you and the guests to take off or put on their shoes/sandals. For the use of a wooden console style, at the bottom, it can be used as a place to put sandals/shoes to make it look neat.

Change The Wall with Room Divider

Do you know why a Japanese-style residence feels more spacious and spacious? Apart from using a sliding door, Japanese-style residences also prefer to use a room divider instead of using a wall.

timber in japanese apartment
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japanese room divider
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In Japanese-style interiors, the room dividers used must also be made of wood to emphasize the warm nuances in the apartment.

Timber arranged horizontally or vertically to be the room divider used in a Japanese-style residence. With the sidelines, making a separate room will be visible from the other room. With this, the room remains separate but the appearance of the room will still look big and spacious.

Bed on The Floor Style

Japanese people really pay attention to every detail of the space in the room when they decorate the room. In the bedroom, the use of a bed frame is considered to be able to make the bedroom feel cramped and small so that the bedroom will be uncomfortable. Therefore, the bed on the floor is the hallmark of a Japanese-style interior. To make the room feel warm and comfortable, they usually add wood to the bottom of the mattress.

bed on the floor style
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Even though there is no bed frame in the bedroom, this bedroom looks very attractive and feels comfortable. It is very suitable to be applied to a minimalist apartment.

Besides saving space in the bedroom, a bed on the floor also makes your sleep feel more comfortable and restful.

Warm Lighting Makes The Room Feel So Comfortable and Soothing

Natural lighting is indeed dominant in Japanese-style interiors. However, as it is well known that the sun does not shine 24 hours. Therefore, at night lights become the right item to use.

japanese apartment lighting
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The use of lights is not just to illuminate the room at night. However, lights are also items that can create a comfortable and soothing atmosphere in the room.

In the Japanese-style minimalist apartment, the lights used to illuminate the apartment are warm lighting. Warm lighting on wood will make the apartment feel very calming. The appearance of the apartment will also look calm and beautiful.


Japanese-style interiors are often the target of many people. The minimalist, neat, and clean look make the Japanese-style interior look special. This is also the reason why the Japanese style is often applied to minimalist residences, such as apartments. And in this article, we discuss Minimalist Japanese Style Apartment Inspirations that you can make as your reference.



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