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Use These Bathroom Tools to Make It Neat and Attractive – Being the smallest room in the house makes the bathroom often overlooked. Even though the bathroom is the room that is most often used. Therefore, maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of the bathroom is very important.

Sometimes, the bathroom is also a room to unwind due to busy daily activities. Soaking in warm water in the bathtub will certainly be a very pleasant thing. However, to make ourselves relaxed and fresh, the bathroom must be made as comfortable as possible. One way to make a bathroom feel comfortable is to make this room look attractive.

So, it can be concluded that cleanliness and tidiness of the bathroom are not the only things that must be considered. However, the appearance of the bathroom also needs attention. And for those of you who want to have this bathroom, you can Use These Bathroom Tools to Make It Neat and Attractive. Let’s check it out!

Bathroom Rug

Using the bathroom at the rug is often overlooked because it is considered not important. However, actually using a rug in the bathroom is very important.

Try to place the rug close to the bathtub. So, after you shower, you can dry your feet in the rug so that the bathroom floor will not get wet and dirty.

bathroom tools
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Not only to keep the bathroom clean, bathroom rugs also function to make the bathroom look more attractive. Rug can be used as bathroom decoration. Therefore, choose a room with an attractive appearance and fits your bathroom design.

Try not to use a white rug because it will quickly look dirty and will interfere with the appearance of the bathroom in your house.

bathroom rug decor
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For those of you who have a small bathroom, it would be better to use a rug for the bathroom. By using a rug, the bathroom will look more spacious. Besides that, the use of a rug can also be an alternative so that the bathroom does not look stiff.

Bath Caddy

Soaking in warm water while enjoying a soothing and comfortable bathroom will certainly be very pleasant. To bring a calm atmosphere into the bathroom, using aromatherapy candles is an option that you can choose.

To keep the bathroom looking tidy, you are certainly not allowed to put these candles carelessly. Scattered candles will actually make the bathroom look unattractive. Even the bathroom will seem cramped and messy.

bathroom rack decor
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bathroom rack decor ideas
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So, the bath caddy is one of the bathroom tools that you can use to put these candles. However, the bath caddy is also not only a place to put aromatherapy candles. As can be seen from the picture in the bag, you can also use this one item to put books that you will read while soaking in warm water. That way, you will feel more relaxed and happier.

Ladder Shelf

Small bathrooms are often a problem in decorating so that this room can look attractive and feel comfortable. It is indeed very difficult to provide free space in a small bathroom while the bathroom stuff is very much.

ladder shelf
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The only way to make a small bathroom feel comfortable is to take advantage of every space in the bathroom. Therefore, the ladder shelf becomes a bathroom that you can use.

On this ladder shelf you can store some bathroom stuff such as towels, tissue, shampoo and soap bottles, and so on. You can also use a rattan basket to put the bathroom stuff in to make it look more organized and tidier.

bathroom ladder shelf decor
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The shape of the ladder shelf is also very good for use in a small bathroom because it will not make the bathroom seem cramped and uncomfortable. You can also use the ladder shelf to make the large bathroom look more attractive.

Floating Wall Shelf

Using the wall as a storage area why not? In fact, this is very good, especially for small bathrooms. By utilizing the wall, the bathroom will feel much wider and more comfortable.

Given the large amount of bathroom stuff that can make a bathroom look messy, then using a floating wall shelf is the best way. Put the bathroom stuff on the floating wall shelf neatly.

bathroom floating wall shelf
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On the floating wall shelf, you can also put several displays to enhance the bathroom appearance, such as pictures, paintings, plants, and so on. In this way, you do not need to use a large number of nails which can actually damage the bathroom wall.

Hanging Wood Basket

Putting the bottles near the bathtub is much more practical. This will make it easier for you when you want to use these bottles. In order for the bathroom to feel comfortable, it is better to put things that you need when bathing near you.

hanging wood basket
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To make it more practical and also make the bathroom look tidy is to use a hanging wood basket. You can hang it on the wall near the bathtub or hang it in the shower.

The number of interesting forms of hanging wood basket will certainly affect the appearance of the bathroom.

Toilet Tissue Holder

Toilet paper is a must-have item in the bathroom. Sometimes, toilet paper is put on the table or on the closet so that after use, the tissue will become messy. And of course, this is very disturbing to the appearance and comfort of the bathroom.

roll toilet paper tissue
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So, so that the bathroom still looks neat, you can use the toilet tissue holder. Hang the toilet tissue holder in places that are easy to reach, such as next to the closet or on the wall near the sink.

bathroom tissue container
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Using a toilet tissue holder is not only to make the bathroom look neat but also to give a more aesthetic appearance to the bathroom. Currently, many models are presented from a toilet tissue holder. You can choose a toilet tissue holder with an attractive appearance. In addition, a multifunctional toilet tissue holder can also be an option.

For those of you who like to bring your smartphone into the bathroom, try to choose a toilet tissue holder that can be a place to put your smartphone. This will really help you in preventing your smartphone from getting wet.

Towel Rail

It would be better to hang up the towel after using it. This will make the towels dry faster and less damp. However, hanging towels carelessly in the bathroom will certainly make the bathroom look messy and unorganized. Therefore, you need the right item to hang your towel.

Towel rail is one of the bathroom tools that you can use to make your bathroom look neat. Besides that, the towel rail can also be used as a bathroom decoration to make it look more attractive. You only need to choose a towel rail with a color that matches your bathroom design.

towel rail
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To make it easier for you to take a towel after showering, you can hang the towel rail on the wall near the bathtub. And do not forget to hang the towels back on the towel rail neatly.

Shower Curtain

Have you ever felt that your bathroom looks so dirty after taking a shower. Water splashes dripping on the floor will be very disturbing. Not only that, slippery floors can also make you slip and get injured.

shower curtain bathroom decor
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So that water does not drip onto the surface of the bathroom floor, you can use a shower curtain for the bathroom.

The shower curtain can block water which will make the bathroom floor surface wet. In this way, the bathroom will stay clean and dry after you shower.

shower curtain
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Besides making the bathroom look clean and tidy, the shower curtain can also add a beautiful value to your bathro. You only need to choose a shower curtain with beautiful colors and motifs. Try to have multiple shower curtains. So, after the shower curtain is dirty, you can replace it with a new one.

Rattan Basket

Because there are so many bathroom stuff that can make the bathroom look messy, you need to put the bathroom stuff in the right place so that the bathroom looks neat. And to make it easier for you to find the item you are looking for, you can organize the bathroom stuff.

In this way, the container is really needed. Try to choose rattan basket as a place to store the bathroom stuff.

bathroom rattan basket
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For those of you who use more than one rattan basket, you can put it in a place that will not make the bathroom feel cramped, such as ladder shelves, floating wall shelves, under cabinets, and so on.

bathroom basket
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Rattan basket is also not only used as a container to store the bathroom stuff. Rattan basket with a larger size can be used as a place to put dirty clothes for laundry. With this, the bathroom will look tidier and more organized.


Sometimes people focus more on the design for the bathroom to make it look beautiful and attractive. However, there is something that is as important as designing a bathroom, which is maintaining the neatness and cleanliness of the bathroom. It’s useless if the bathroom is made as attractive as possible, but the cleanliness and tidiness of the bathroom are not considered. In order for the bathroom to look neat and attractive, you will need several bathroom tools. And here we have provided some Bathroom Tools to Make It Neat and Attractive.



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