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Choosing Traditional Bedroom Designs to Make You Feel At Home

1. About traditional Bedroom

The bedroom is the more important place for homeowners because the bedroom is one of the rooms to rest after a hard day’s work. Of course, you can feel when you feel sleepy and tired. Many people try to make the bedroom comfortable and quiet. Especially the location where they live is in a crowded area.

A minimalist bedroom can be one of your favorite bedroom decoration choices, and other choices are classic or Scandinavian. However, traditional bedrooms that lean towards regional culture still inspire many people to use this design in their homes. Therefore, the bedroom decorations have beautiful, classic, and unique designs. And that is different from other bedroom designs. You certainly still remember when you were still a child, you always sleep accompanied by your parents in a traditional bedroom.

Then, you must still remember the mosquito netting cloth. Then, ready to install before you sleep. Well, this atmosphere makes you always remember your past.
However, the changing era of mosquito nets is no longer used and replaced with mosquito repellent. So sweet your childhood at that time.

2. How to design the bedroom

Creating a traditional bedroom design is not the same as a minimalist design and other. Of course, bedroom designs have inspired ancient bedroom models. This design emphasizes classic models so that homeowners will feel like living in the past. The advantages of this bedroom design look classic and simple. And, without a lot of luxury bedroom equipment, and can save costs. But the weakness of this design is outdated, and only some people in the area still use it.

The bedroom design in this picture can provide an atmosphere of life in antiquity. If this design can be lived, of course, you will feel comfortable in it. You can reminisce about the lives of past people. It is not easy to maintain this design because this is only in love by people who like ancient civilizations and like history. They say the interior design of this bedroom looks beautiful and ancients.

3. Material for traditional house

One of the main ingredients in making a house is material. The material itself consists of basic materials and additional materials. Then, to make a traditional house design, you don’t need a lot of luxurious materials such as marble, ceramics motifs, and beautiful glass.
Traditional design houses prioritize wood and natural bricks and cement. It is not the same with the minimalist and Scandinavian house designs, which use the best materials.

So if you are a lover of traditional design, it would be nice to use materials that can support the shape of the house look traditional. However, many traditional homes have been developed into modern designs without leaving the original design. For that, you can see some of the pictures that we provide and hopefully can add to your inspiration.

4. Traditional bedroom furniture

Furniture is one of the complements of the house that can decorate the interior of your home to look beautiful and charming. For that, we will discuss furniture in the bedroom.

Furniture in a traditional bedroom is not the same as furniture in a minimalist and Scandinavian bedroom. Furniture in traditional bedrooms prioritizes ancient or classic designs and uses more iron or wood combined with mattresses. Furniture in traditional bedrooms is always identified with teak wood which looks classic. But the model is timeless.

Therefore, we give some examples of furniture in traditional bedrooms. Hopefully, you can consider using a model like this. Hopefully, the pictures we provide can make your bedroom interior look beautiful and artistic. For that, let’s discuss one by one the images below. Hopefully useful for you. Happy decorating.

Bali traditional bedroom

This traditional bedroom comes with an open design, and this traditional Balinese-style bedroom makes the atmosphere cooler and fresher. The advantage is decorating the bedroom with this model creates free air circulation and is very good for health. Then, to make it more beautiful, add decorative lights beside the bed.

One of the Interesting fixtures in this bedroom is patterned wood floors, wooden walls, and wooden shelves. With an all-wood design, people will call it a wooden house. Then, the feel of the bedroom gives a traditional Balinese atmosphere which is certainly similar to a Balinese noble house. If you are curious, you can come to Bali.

Indonesian traditional bedroom

Another inspiration for a traditional Indonesian bedroom is the color combination of woven bamboo and wood walls. This color is a characteristic of bedroom colors in the Indonesian area. With the presence of a wooden bed, nightstand for lamps, bedside lamps, and wall paintings, the proportions of the room are just right, suitable for a place to rest and relax with the family. Then, you can put on a wooden chair to relax while chatting. In this picture, the bedroom looks very natural and as the name implies, a traditional Indonesian bedroom.

West Java traditional bedroom

In popularity minimalist style trends, the traditional bedroom interior design styles have never lost popularity. The distinctiveness and uniqueness can make this iconic interior style seem, can adapt to all ages.

In this picture, you can see, the interior design of a traditional bedroom in the West Java area has a unique and distinctive appearance. Even with a modern touch, this style can transform into an interior style that can balance the minimalist style. To maintain its uniqueness many bedrooms of the nobles of West Java are made like this. Moreover, the location of the bedroom facing the fish pond adds to the design of this room to be beautiful and unique.

Javanese traditional bedroom

This traditional bedroom looks more natural. The wall design of the living room uses plaster bricks. This design makes the living room atmosphere warm and old-fashioned. Then the layout of the furniture is so neat and follows the model of the roof of the room that it looks very ancient.

The appearance of the stage-style bed, wooden table, paintings, and floor rugs provide a distinct feel that makes the room look more attractive. Even more interesting is that the bedroom floor and window are made of wood.

Traditional bedroom with exposed brick model

Traditional bedrooms can give a different impression and experience when you sleep. You can add traditional-style paintings on the walls and table lamps whose light is soft and placed on both sides of the bed. Chandeliers on the ceiling can also be used to give a more attractive charm to the room.

For a traditional bedroom look, this one looks very interesting. This traditional bedroom is equipped with several accessories and a teak chair complete with a table, painting. However, the teak wood model has been coated with colored foam, and it looks more attractive. Then, the wall design that still looks ancient with exposed brick walls makes the interior of this bedroom more attractive. The presence of decorative light on the walls makes this room look harmonious. For those of you who love art and still have a house like it, of course, you can design your bedroom like this.

Jogjakarta traditional bedroom

The look of this traditional bedroom comes from Jogjakarta. This traditional bedroom is equipped with several accessories and furniture. You can see chairs made of black teak, black teak tables, and teak wardrobes. The appearance of teak wood furniture in this bedroom is indeed a hallmark of the city of Jogjakarta.

Then, you can see some beautiful accessories which are cultural arts from Jogjakarta. Such as teak beds, Javanese beads, teak mirrors, and decorative lamps. This design makes this bedroom look old-fashioned and artistic. However, the existing model in this room is not inferior to the modern design. If you like art and have a traditional home design like this, of course, you should look for new inspiration to make the bedroom interior even more attractive.

Beautiful minimalist traditional bedroom

You can see that the traditional bedroom looks beautiful and neat with a minimalist design. This bedroom features windows, accessories, a stilt bed with mosquito net covers, teak chairs, and decorative lighting. You can see this bedroom consists of teak wood buildings. The appearance in this living room adds to the bedroom to be beautiful and majestic.

All this building makes the appearance of the bedroom look attractive and memorable. However, the existing model in this room is not inferior to the modern Scandinavian. For those of you who love the art of traditional home design, you can consider making it.

Indonesian children’s traditional bedroom

Indonesian children’s traditional bedrooms highlight looks more a simple impression.
You can see the structure of the room building consists of big windows that function as air ventilation and the entry of sunlight. In this way, the child’s bedroom does not become damp, and the children will be healthy. The bedding, glass vanity, and wardrobe are made in bright wood tones. With a design like this, the bedroom will look beautiful and cheerful. Happy decorating good luck!

5. Conclusion

As far as we know, if you want to create a beautiful bedroom. We present traditional bedroom designs. So to make it you must choose the best pictures so that the appearance of your bedroom is more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, and elegant.

In this article, we explain some examples of traditional Indonesian bedroom designs. Then to make it, of course, you have to spend money if your bedroom has to be made by a home decor company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make them according to the drawings and give them to builders. Hopefully, you can make something like this picture. Hopefully, this article can help you in designing and arranging your home. Happy decorating!




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