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Effective Tips If You Wanna Have A Cozy Bedroom – All day activities do make us so tired. After work, what we want is rest and self-relaxation. And as a place to rest, the bedroom is certainly the most important room in the house. The comfort of the bedroom will affect the quality of your sleep. In order for you to sleep soundly and you can wake up in the morning with a happy mood, the bedroom must be made as comfortable as possible.

There are some ways you can choose to make a cozy bedroom, starting from the easy ways to the complicated way. It depends on yourself.

And here, we have provided Effective Tips If You Wanna Have A Cozy Bedroom you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

Make White As A Base Color of The Bedroom

It is important to decide what color to choose before decorating the bedroom. The choice of color will affect the comfort and appearance of the bedroom itself. So, for those of you who want to have a cozy bedroom, try to choose white as a base color of the bedroom.

white bedroom
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Make white as a base color of the bedroom will make the bedroom look bright so that the bedroom will far from stuffy and cramped. In addition, white will make the bedroom looks clean.

Make white as a base color is also the perfect tip for those of you who have a small bedroom. By applying white to the small bedroom wall, the small room will feel more spacious. In this way, the small bedroom could be a cozy room to relax.

Add Some Calm and Soft Colors into The Bedroom

After making white as a base color of the bedroom, the next effective tip you can follow to have a cozy bedroom is to add some calm and soft colors into the bedroom. You do not have to worry if the look of the bedroom will look weird. It is because white is a color that is perfect to combine with any colors.

soft and calm bedroom colors
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To make the bedroom feel cozy, we have to make the look of the bedroom is soft and calm. It aims to make us feel soothing in the bedroom. The autumn colors are a great color to apply for the bedroom. The autumn bedroom will feel cozier.

And here are the autumn colors that will make the bedroom look soft and calm:

  • Brown

The brown color is indeed the right color to make the room look so calm and soothing. The calm atmosphere is right to relax and make yourself relax again.

  • Grey

So that the combination of white and brown does not immediately clash, then gray is the right color to be applied. In addition, applying gray color to the fabric makes the bedroom feel so warm.

Add Wood Elements into The Bedroom

The atmosphere of the room is greatly influenced by the items we use. To provide a cozy and soothing look, applying natural elements to the bedroom is an easy way. There are various natural elements that can be used, such as natural stones, bricks, wood, and so on.

wood elements for cozy bedroom
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To add the cozy and warm nuances in the bedroom, wood elements is very recommended. So, try to use bedroom items made of wood, such as bed frames, table-sides, hanging floating wall shelves, and so on. If you want your bedroom to look bright, you can use items made of mahogany.

Applying the wood to the floor also becomes a great way to make the atmosphere in the bedroom feel warm and comfortable. In addition, the wood element will make the air in the bedroom feel so warm that it is perfect for winter.

Make The Bedroom Fell Fresh with Some Plants

As a place to rest and relax, it is very important to add a fresh element to the bedroom. With this, make the bedroom feel fresh with some plants becomes the next tip you can follow for those of you who want to have a cozy bedroom.

fresh cozy bedroom
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There are many different sizes and types of plants. So try to choose the types of plants that can absorb harmful substances in the bedroom. In this way, the air in the bedroom will always be healthy.

There are three sizes of plants that can be used for the bedroom:

  • Small-Size Plant

To give a sweet look to a room, small plants are very powerful. However, the uses of this plant are not quite one. To make the bedroom look and feel fresh, use a few small plants and place them in an easily visible place, such as on a table or a floating wall shelf.

  • Medium-Size Plant

The medium-size plant is also the right plant size to make some spots in the bedroom look beautiful. The medium-size plant can be placed bedside tables, beds, closets, and more.

  • Large-Size Plant

If you want to use a small amount of plants, you could choose a large-size plant. To make the room look fresh, you can use a large-size plant. You use this plant to decorate the corner room so that the corner room will look fresh and beautiful.

Place The Bed Next to The Window

Each room certainly has a window so that sunlight can enter the room freely. In addition, windows can also be used to make the bedroom a cozy room at home.

The next tip to have a cozy bedroom is to place the bed next to the window. By placing the bed next to the window, the morning sun will directly hit you which is very good to boost your mood in the morning so that you will happy to do your daily activities.

cozy bedroom decor
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In addition, when you are bored at home, you can enjoy the night view without having to leave the bedroom. Laying down on the bed and enjoying the view can make you more relaxed.

Apply The Layered Bedding

As the main item in the bedroom, making the most comfortable spot bed is very important. So, apply the layered bedding becomes the next tip you can follow if you wanna have a cozy bedroom.

layered bedding for cozy bedroom
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There are many advantages you will get by applying the layered bedding:

  1. The bed becomes softer.
  2. The bed feels warmer so it is suitable for winter or autumn.
  3. The bed feels more comfortable.
  4. Makes you sleep well.
  5. Looks aesthetic.

To make it feel comfortable and look more attractive, you could add some pillows on the bed. Use the pillow sheets with calm and soft colors. You could also use simple motifs to make it look more interesting.

Hang The String Light on The Bed Area

Every room definitely needs lighting, including the bedroom. To illuminate the room at night, lights are the only source of lighting that can be used.

Currently, there are many types of lamps for you to choose from. With this, the function of the lamp is not only to illuminate the room but can also be used as a decoration to make the room look attractive. In addition, some lamps will also affect the comfort of the room itself.

string light for cozy bedroom
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The string light is an additional lamp you could use for the bedroom. So, if you want to have a cozy bedroom, you could hang the string light on the bed area, such as a wall or the bed canopy. The string light on the bed area bringing the warm nuances that are so comfortable. In this way, you feel comfortable to linger here.

Add Carpet or Rug into The Bedroom

As a finishing to make the bedroom feel cozy, carpet or carpet is the right item to use. The function of the rug itself is to sweeten the appearance of the bedroom so that the bedroom will look more attractive and beautiful. In addition, using a carpet or rug is an alternative way to provide a warm, comfortable atmosphere into the bedroom.

cozy bedroom with carpet or rug
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In addition, the carpet or carpet is also the most appropriate item to use in a small bedroom. The presence of the carpet or rug will give a spacious illusion so that the small bedroom will feel comfortable.


All-day activities are very tiring. In order for the next day’s activities to run smoothly, of course, we must feel fresh and relaxed again. Therefore, as the main room, the bedroom is very important to be made as comfortable as possible. Besides being comfortable, the appearance of the bedroom must also be considered. And the points above are the Effective Tips If You Wanna Have A Cozy Bedroom.



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