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Feel Comfortable at Your Living Room with Autumn Decor Ideas –¬†Autumn is one of the seasons that people are waiting for. The colors of the fallen leaves look so pretty. The atmosphere is felt so warm even though the air in this season tends to be cold. Because the air is cold, people are very lazy to go out. Therefore, making the house feel comfortable is the most appropriate thing.

As the room most often used for gathering, the living room is an important room. The comfort and beauty of this room really need attention. So, Feel Comfortable at Your Living Room with Autumn Decor Ideas is the best way.

Gorgeous Wall Decorated with Dried Foliage/Flowers

Providing decoration to the room is indeed very important. A room without any decorations will look stiff and unsightly. In fact, the room can be uncomfortable.

beautiful autumn living room
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In Autumn, the plants will fall. And of course this can be used as a room decoration to make the interior of the living room look attractive. Dry foliage/flower decoration will emphasize the autumn feel to your living room. In addition, the color of the foliage/flower will look so soft and can make the atmosphere in the living room feel so comfortable.

There is no need to use so many dry foliage or dry flowers. You can take a few and then put them together and tie them with one rope. Then, put it on a floating wall shelf or on top of another wall display.

Beautiful Fireplace Decor with Dried Vines and Candles

If the spring and summer fireplace are not used, then this item is starting to be used again in the fall. This is because the air in autumn is getting cold.

fireplace decor
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Not only for heating, the fireplace can also be used as a media for decoration in order to make the living room beautiful. Add some decoration in the form of dried vines is a right idea. The dried vines will emphasize the autumn vibes in the living room. Candles are also an additional decoration so that the fireplace looks beautiful. The light from the candle can give a warm feel that is so comfortable in the living room. It would be great if you use aromatherpy candles to make the living room a place for relaxation.

Cozy Spot in The Living Room with Soft Rug and Small Chair Near The Fireplace

Enjoying the fireplace in the fall can make you relax. Reading a book or drinking warm chocolate by the fireplace really helps make yourself fresh again. With this, you can add a soft rug or a small stool near the fireplace. Use a soft rug with a bright neutral color, such as white. For added warmth, you can use a wool blanket.

cozy living room decor
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Adding one cushion to the rug or small chair is also a good idea to make the fireplace spot cozy. The fireplace display also looks more attractive with the addition of green plants and pumpkins on top. String light (Tumblr light) provides lighting that helps provide a warm which will make the living room feel so comfortable. In addition, the fireplace also looks more aesthetic.

Blankets Under The Table

In the living room, the sofa is indeed the main item. However, besides that, the table is also an important item. Because every time you use a sofa or chair, of course you also have to use a table. So, to make the living room look beautiful, the table can also be decorated.

autumn living room
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Since the air in autumn tends to be cold, we need items to make ourselves feel warm. A blanket is one of the items that can be used to warm the body. With this, putting a blanket under the table becomes an interesting idea. Blankets with calm and beautiful colors will be so interesting to look at.

Because the living room is a room to gather, automatically there will be more than one person there. Then prepare a few blankets under the table to make the living room a comfortable room.

Put Blanket and Additional Cushion on The Sofa

When we go to the living room, the sofa is certainly the main spot we go to. Therefore, making the sofa feel comfortable is very necessary. Besides that, as the main item in this room, the sofa certainly has a big influence on the appearance of the living room. By providing the right decoration, the sofa not only looks beautiful but also feels comfortable.

cozy autumn living room sofa
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Due to the cold air, decorating the sofa by adding blankets is the right idea to make the sofa feel comfortable and also look attractive. In addition, providing an additional cushion on the sofa is also the right decoration so that the sofa becomes the most comfortable spot in the living room. Blankets and cushions with beautiful colors will also make this room look more attractive.

Big Carpet and Then Double It

So that the living room feels warm and comfortable, adding a carpet is the right idea. A carpet with a soft texture can make you comfortable when you step on it.

big carpet for autumn living room design
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Besides making the living room feel warm, the carpet is also able to make the appearance of this room look attractive. Carpet is indeed an additional item where using it or not, it will not be a big problem. However, the function of the carpet in the appearance of the room is very important. A carpet with a calm color can make the room look soft and sweet.

You can double the carpet to make the living room warmer and more comfortable. Carpet with the different motif and colors will look more attractive.

Warm Nuances with String Light in The Living Room

Every room needs light. Likewise with the living room. Giving lights to the living room can make this room look cheerful at night. In addition, lights can also be used as decorations to make a living room look attractive and feel comfortable.

beautiful autumn living room
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String light is a perfect decoration for living rooms during autumn. The use of string lights with warm light can make the atmosphere and feel of the living room feel soothing and relaxing. In this way, the living room will feel so comfortable.

You can also give some decoration such as a paper of books, some photos to make the living room as a memorable place, and so on to make it look more interesting. If you want to make the living room look simple, then just using string lights is enough to make this room look attractive.


As an important room in the house, the comfort and beauty of the living room must be considered. Welcoming the autumn season, the air will feel cold and make you lazy to leave the house. With that, it is mandatory to make the living room a comfortable place. By applying the autumn decor ideas above, you will feel comfortable in your living room for a long time. So, happpy trying!



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