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Tips for Choosing and Arranging Industrial Design House with Exposed Bricks to Look Beautiful and Amazing

The design of houses with exposed bricks is now in great demand by many people. Especial, for young families who is the owner of a house and want to design it. For this reason, the exposed stone is a stone that is in great demand today because the design of this stone can make your home look beautiful and artistic.

Then, for the use of this exposed brick, there are several variants and have many colors. Typical colors for this exposed stone include red, white, and can even be black. However, the use of exposed bricks can be adjusting to the style of the house. One of them is the rustic style.

If you like art, of course, this exposed brick is the right choice. Besides their unique appearance, these exposed bricks can also save your home design costs. With the exposed brick, you don’t need to smooth the exposed brick with fine cement. Therefore, organizing your home to look beautiful and unique will be explained in the article below. Well, You are curious! Let’s discuss this article.

There are several room concepts that you can choose and make you feel at home with family members. For that, we will explain one by one how to arrange a beautiful, safe and comfortable interior and exterior as below. Let’s discussed it one by one!

1. Choose a beautiful design

As you know, there is no beautiful and luxurious house without an attractive design. For example, when you buy a new home, of course, you receive it according to the developer’s building model. Then, your desire arises to change the design of the house to be beautiful and according to your taste. Therefore, we want to share ideas, and you should choose a beautiful design so that the results are according to your wishes.

2. How to make it

To make a design and decorate a house, you must prepare enough money because you must provide the materials, accessories, and gardens for your home to look beautiful and charming, all of which cost money. After you prepare the costs, then you have to find someone who is a design expert. For satisfactory results, then you should trust the decoration company you choose. In that way, your burden is not heavy because you only provide an example of a picture of the room to design for the decoration company. Then, to avoid errors in the process, you have to supervise directly so that the results match the model you want.

3. The materials that you use

Don’t forget to choose the best material, not excessive and according to your taste, so that your home looks more attractive. In this article, we want to give ideas for interior and exterior house designs using exposed bricks. For that, we first know what the exposed brick? In summary, the exposed brick is the protrusion of the appearance of bricks on the walls to highlight natural, simple, and attractive patterns. Thus, the interior of the house gets a neat impression and is beautiful from the exposed brick.

Exposed bricks are widely using in Indonesia, Australia, and European homes. These exposed bricks have a unique appearance, are easy to obtain, easy to maintain, resistant to weather moisture. Then, the surface does not need to be smoothed again with cement, does not need to be painted, and displays a high artistic value.

By choosing exposed bricks, you can be select which rooms are appropriate for you to design so that your home looks more attractive. Therefore, the material you use must match the area of ​​your home and your yard.

4. Safety factor for you and your family

When you design and decorate your home, you should pay attention to its safety for you and your family. For that, you should not select the surface of the exposed bricks slippery so that your family does not slip. Then when installing exposed bricks, do not have cement protruding on the surface, and make sure the exposed brick surfaces on the interior and exterior are not sharp because this can harm your child.

5. Ensure interior and Exterior design

So here we come to the design and decoration of the house! In this article, we present several room designs to make your home look beautiful and artistic. We offer some of these designs for you to consider. For that, we offer you several spaces that are suitable for design with exposed river stones. Of course, we offer are expected to suit your budget and your tastes.

Let’s prepare and discuss one by one the right design for the interior and exterior of your home to make it look beautiful and charming as below. Congratulations on choosing your house room design like the picture below!

Front terrace

The design of the terrace of the house with exposed brick is more soft and calm. Like the picture above, this terrace model tends to use the original color of the motif brick. This color is choosing to combine with the color of the windows and doors of a minimalist house. Therefore, to create a beautiful terrace. Then, the fence in front of the house is not closed.
Then the selection of window frames and windows is adjusted to the color of the brick motifs. With the original color combination of wood and brick motifs, the appearance of the terrace becomes artistic.

Then the selection of window frames and windows is adjusted to the color of the brick motifs. With this original color combination of wood and brick motifs, the appearance of the terrace becomes artistic. If you like this design, you can make it like the picture above.

Monochrome living room with a statement wall

Monochrome Living Room with Industrial house design is synonymous with the impression of “distinctive” unique. To display this characteristic is using the exposed brick. A design like this makes this living room look attractive and artistic.

Then, to make this room more attractive, it is equipped with a Sofaletter L in dark gray and paired with a sturdy metal-legged guest table. If this living room model suits your taste, please design it.

Natural style living room

Various ways can make a unique interior appearance. One way is to use exposed bricks on the walls. In this way, the room will look natural and attractive. In addition, using an exposed brick can make the room look rustic and characterful design then can save your renovation costs.

The disadvantage of exposed brick the installation process takes a long time because it takes precision to make the brick arrangement neat. Then, there is a risk of cracking if installed incorrectly and easily covered with moss if you are not maintained. If you like this design, you can make it like the picture above.

Family room

Having a beautiful and comfortable family room is everyone’s dream. Then to arrange the house to be more attractive you have to choose the best design. For this reason, many peoples want to design their homes to look beautiful and fun. For that, all kinds of inspiration to consideration, for example, choosing exposed brick material for the walls of the room and adding furniture and accessories to make the house more attractive.

For this reason, choosing an industrial-style interior design with exposed brick is the choice of many homeowners. Then easy to work, and can save on renovation costs. If you like this design, you can make it like the picture above.

Working room

Exposed brick is not only found on the exterior of the house. But, it can appear in the interior of the house like in the picture. Then, all designs make a dynamic impression because it combines exposed brick on the wall with parquet wood floors.

Then, this workspace has equipped with wooden furniture that provides additional warmth and comfort to you when working in the working room. Then to add a natural impression to this simple industrial design room, you can complement ornamental plants and spotlights so that the room looks bright and healthy. If you like this design, you can make it like the picture above.

Aesthetic style room

Next, we want to share ideas for bedroom designs with exposed brick walls. Usually, the bedroom walls are designed with a smooth design using cement and painted. But for this time, we want to offer a room design with exposed brick walls that are left exposed without finishing with paint. This design can give an artistic impression.

For that, are you interested in designing a room like the picture above? Of course, you have to order from a home decor company. But you try to get various room designs that you can use as references so that this exposed brick wall design will look beautiful and artistic. If you like this design, you can make it like the picture above.

Master bedroom

To design a master bedroom model with an industrial style as above, of course, you have to prepare materials such as exposed bricks and beautiful furniture. This master bedroom looks spacious, so you have to design it appropriately.

Like the picture above, the window frames made of iron, decorative lights, and furniture in this room make the exposed brick look more attractive. If you are happy with this model, you can make it like the picture above.

Big dining room

For a dining room with an exposed brick design, which is a hallmark of industrial design, maybe some of us imagine the uniqueness of this design.

This industrial-style has been using exposed bricks is one of the most popular styles among urbanites. The reason is that this industrial house design combines the best sides of the beauty of vintage style and the elegance of modern style. This concept of an industrial house is synonymous with minimalism style, which still prioritizes comfort without unnecessary decorations. This design inspiration is from warehouses and factories with high ceilings and walls using exposed brick and metal accessories. If you are happy with this model, you can make it like the picture above. If you are happy with this model, you can make it like the picture above.

Simple dining room

To designs with exposed brick material, then, the concept is not separated from industrial design. As you can see, this dining room is a combination of exposed brick and metal furniture. For example, in the dining room, you can use metal dining chairs with a choice of monochromatic colors so that this dining room looks beautiful and artistic.

But don’t forget, when designing an industrial house with exposed brick, make sure the room gets enough from natural lighting. However, keep the bricks out of direct sunlight. For that, use thin curtains to filter the sunlight.

Modern kitchen room

This kitchen adopts an industrial style by using exposed bricks on all parts of the wall. In this way, the warm impression can make you feel in this room. Then dominance of kitchen furniture and utensils with natural material colors such as wood and iron can make them comfortable. Making this kitchen more attractive, you can add this room with a flower vase on the table. If you are happy with this model, you can make it like the picture above.

Traditional kitchen room

After we discuss some designs with bricks, then next we will discuss traditional kitchens using exposed bricks.
The initial appearance of a traditional kitchen is indeed more dominant with exposed bricks. Besides the manufacture does not spend a lot of money, the maintenance is also easier. For this reason, many people in the village choose materials for making kitchens with exposed bricks.

Then for the appearance of a traditional kitchen, it is no less than a minimalist kitchen. With a design like a picture above, the kitchen looks more attractive and unique. If you are happy with this model, you can make it like the picture above.

Back terrace

After discussing the various rooms in the house, that you will design, don’t forget to make the back yard of the house that you always use for a relaxing place.

To realize your dream, you should make the backyard of your house with exposed brick-like in the picture. As you can see, the appearance of the terrace is beautiful and pleasant, and the presence of wooden furniture and decorations of various flowers around the back yard make the house more attractive and fun.

In this way, you can put the chairs then add some accessories. With a design like this, you can relax with your family to fill your holiday. Do you want to choose a model like this?


Several ways to make your standard home look beautiful, attractive, and luxurious. Therefore, you should choose the best design for your house to be appropriate to your home’s interior and exterior.

In this article, we explained some ideas for your home looks beautiful and luxurious with exposed brick. Then to make it, of course, you will have to spend the money if your home has to be decorated by a home decoration company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained then give it to the home decoration maker. Do you want to choose a model like this?

Hopefully, this article can help you to create and organize your home. Happy decorating!




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