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Retreat Your Dream Home With These Design Ideas

Your home decor says a lot about your personality, taste, and overall outlook on life. Everything from your choice of light, shadows, color selection, tiles, art, decor, patterns, and how everything comes together – it tells who you are.

Also, well-planned decor can inspire creativity, art, solution, and a will to live. With that said, here we look at some ways in which you can turn your home into an oasis.

Backyard Patio

No one should have to run away from home during the weekends in search of a jolly time. Turn your home into a space for private weekend retreats with backyard patios.

Ideally, you would want to go with light color brick walls, pavers, and marble tiles; all of which elevate the beauty of plants. You can add a fireplace to make things even classier. And, if you really want to splurge, add a pool with patterned blue tiles! But, if that’s out of budget, having only a patio will do just fine.

Add a Large Rug Area

There’s more to rugs than just comfort for your feet. It does so much more such as – define the room/space, ground the furniture groupings, add unique textures, and make the whole space look interesting. 

Ideally, you should place your furniture on top of an area rug. However, if that’s not possible make sure that at least some part of the furniture is touching some rug. The good thing is you can pick from so many intriguing choices like Traditional, Moroccan, Casablanca rugs. But, to play it safe – you can always go with an overdyed rug.

Comfortable Bedding with 350+ Thread Count

Ever wondered why the sheets in a 5-star hotel look incredibly luxe? It has to do with the thread count. If you can find a way to up the thread in your bedroom; it will do wonders. Sheets with higher thread count will instantly make your space look luxurious. The room will both look and feel expensive.

If you’re wondering that increasing the thread count will sacrifice comfort for looks and sturdiness; you’re wrong. They are just as comfortable as they are luxurious and durable.

Coordinate Finishes

To create a touch of finesse, it’s important that certain textures, finishes, and stains complement each other; rather than working against. Therefore, you must coordinate them well. For instance, oak goes well with cherry wood. Hickory, on the other hand, goes well with nearly everything.

One simple tip is – if you are going to match your doorknobs with the faucets, go with a similar match. If not, contrast it with something that is at least 3 shades lighter or darker. Going for an almost match shows a lack of taste and creativity.

Add Different Types of Lighting

Lighting is important to bring attention to different parts of your room’s aesthetics. You can also create a unique space by adding the right type of lights in the right place. However, don’t go for too bright a light as it can be harsh.

Go with something softer if you’re aiming for a more romantic, toned-down vibe. Warm yellow lighting can make the space look outdated and dingy. In the end, you must think about your personal preferences. Candles and chandeliers are good for a romantic vibe. For brighter lights, go with softer white LED bulbs, ceiling lights, or table lamps.

Open to Sky Bathroom

If your home is in a natural setting; you must try installing an open sky bathroom. You don’t have to keep it entirely open; perhaps just a section of it to let the natural light come in. Bring in some plants and place them near the toilet.

That touch of tranquility and being in touch with nature would elevate your whole bathing experience. Keep it minimal though. Don’t overdo things. To control the sun rays and the rain from coming in, you can go with translucent perforated panels or a simple skylight.

Unique Flooring

Go with different colors and patterns to make space stand out. However, tread carefully. You would not want to overdo it. If you do it wrong, the whole thing could scream tacky. It’s good to experiment but in a safe manner. When in confusion, it’s always good to heed expert advice or do some research before finalizing the design/pattern. Remember, sometimes more is less.

Design Courtyards

Having a tiny courtyard within your home is like having a piece from the outside world within your home. To create a courtyard, pick a space that connects to the outside. Make it as green as possible by adding a bunch of plants. Go with plenty of natural and artificial lighting. More importantly, work on ventilation to let the natural air in.

Having a small inside courtyard could completely change the feel of the space. It would add a new and natural dimension to it. Your room will also seem more breathable and hospitable.

Add Colors That Pop

The right paint can both enliven the space and tone down the shade a notch. Plus, you don’t have to shell out a ton of money. Paints can be rather inexpensive and yet capable of making a huge difference. Nothing can change the dynamics of a space as quickly as a fresh coat of paint that pops.

Bottom Line

Remember, your home should feel like a personal oasis. Make it a space that you would want to come back to; not escape from in search of peace.



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