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How to Add A Room Without Spending A Lot of Money

Everyone wants their house to look beautiful. To make your home beautiful and attractive, of course, you have to make a good design. Then you also have to provide enough money to build the house you want.

Everyone will be happy if they have a lot of room in their house. Because the room can be used as a multipurpose room. Therefore will be explained, how to increase the interior room of the house, without spending a lot of money and fast processing.

In this article, it will be explained, how to add space to your home without having to dismantle your home and not spending a lot of money and not spending a lot of time. Therefore, so let’s discuss one by onethe design for a beautiful level room as below. Hopefully, this design can be input for you to choose the best design as below.

Adding beautiful bedroom above the dining room and kitchen

A big-budget always becomes a problem for homeowners to increase their room. Because to add a room will spend a lot of the money then if the cost is not enough, your home interior will become ugly and messy. For you to know, the costs are spent for dismantling the house and for workers. As you can see, the lower-level rooms below were made without dismantling the house. Then the level room is made above the dining room and kitchen. What’s interesting about this building that the lower-level room below is made of wooden and painted in bright colors, so this room looks  beautiful and comfortable. 

In this way, you do not spend a lot of money to create a level room in your home then your house doesn’t look cramped because you a level room above the dining room and kitchen and don’t make a room below.

As you know, at this level room below, you can see the placement of furniture, room accessories, such as beds, chairs,  paintings mounted on the walls, and the placement of the upper room stairs, making this room look more beautiful and attractive. Hopefully, you can apply this method in your home. Therefore, you should prepare the right budget. To save your costs then we recommended you making a level room like the one below.


Adding multipurpose room above the dining room and kitchen

As you know, there are several ways to increase the space in your home without spending a lot of money. Of course, all this depends on the interior of your home and your budget.

Like the room below,  the level room is above the dining  room and kitchenette. This level room is made for a multipurpose room. In this room, you can see the existence sofa , complete with furniture and accessories mounted on the wall.

In this level room below you can put a work table, chairs and work equipment such as a computer set. So it makes the multipurpose room looks complete and beautiful, then you feel in this room to work.

As you know, the multipurpose room below was built without having to dismantle.  You have to understand this level room made are using wood that has been profiled and has been installed side to the walls of this house then you can see this created a level room that makes the dining room look more beautiful.

In addition, you can see the installation of the stairs that match the living room and downstairs rooms look big and beautiful.

This way will save more your money than you dismantling another room. Because dismantling the room will cost a lot of money and the process will take a long time.

Hopefully, this method can make you interested in adding a room without having to spend a lot of money.


Adding private a bedroom above the family room 

Everyone wants to have a beautiful home. The problem in minimalist homes doesn’t have much room. Therefore will explain how to make a level room above your living room and kitchen looks beautiful.

As you can see, the upper room in the picture below was built above the kitchen and living room to add more space to this house.

The upper-level room is made of simple materials but looks beautiful and pleasant. For you to know, this multi-level building does not use a lot of materials then doesn’t cost a lot of money, then the work doesn’t take long.

As you can see, this level room below  is not big and there is only one bed in the room then the paintings are installed on the walls of the room, a decorative lamp was placed on the table. All these accessories make the upper-level room look beautiful.

In the corner of the room, there is a staircase leading to the floor of the level room which is attached to the wall, adding the living room and dining room below look beautiful.

Most importantly, if you want to make the upper room, you must prepare a good design and sufficient cost, so that the lower room looks more beautiful than before and you feel at home.


Adding Beautiful living room  above the dining room 

Everybody will be happy if their living room looks beautiful and attractive. As you can see in the room below, the living room is made above the dining room and is equipped with complete furniture and good accessories. The perfect design and simple materials make the living room look beautiful from below.

You can see, the upper room looks harmonious because it is equipped with windows as air ventilation and the entry of sunlight, which makes the room bright and healthy and can save electricity consumption during the day. Then the curtains attached to the window add to the beautiful appearance of the window in this room.

For your room to be beautiful, then you must be able to arrange the equipment and accessories in your room. As you can see in this level room below. The placement of a sofa set  with a table in the upper living room and a painting mounted on the wall makes the room comfortable and makes you feel at home in it. To maintain the safety of the people above, a guardrail made of carved wood and complete with iron painted in light colors is installed

So this essence, to make your minimalist home room look big and beautiful, you don’t have to worry about the costs you have. You can calculate what material you will use. Because in this article have been explained the best solutions to make your room looks beautiful without a big money.

Adding practical bedroom  above the small dining room 

A minimalist house does not have much room. With the available space, you are eager to add a simple, comfortable, and beautiful bedroom, so that you feel at home in this upper room to rest and complete your tasks without being disturbed. This upper room is made simply then uses glass and iron frames with a good design. On a level room below, it is not big, but beautiful and comfortable and the room is designed only for one bed including the furniture. 

As you can see, the floor of the upper room is made using wood then is attached to the wall of this house, making this level room look beautiful.

The Wooden with bright colors then the placement of paintings on the walls of this house, the stairs are installed to the wall, making this level room look elegant and attractive.

Most importantly, when you make a building like this, don’t make your room narrower and then make you uncomfortable in it. You have to make the upper and lower rooms look harmonious and attractive because if you make the wrong design, the upper and lower rooms will look unattractive and ugly.


In this article, the appearance of the interior of the house is very important. The amount of cost to make the level should not be a problem for you to add a room to your minimalist home.In this article, we have explained one by one, how the solution to add a room in your house with the lowest possible cost and make your home beautiful and loved by the family.

Hopefully, this article is useful for you and this can be a guide for you, how to make your home level with the lowest possible cost. Now you can get started as soon as possible.







































































































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