1. Get to know about wall shelves

A Wall shelf is a shelf that can install on the wall. Nowadays, more models of wall shelves are installed on the room wall to put a good, and at the same time can be used for home decoration, for example, antique and modern style shelves, shelves for television placement, and for placing books.

If you feel dizzy, to organize your room because your room is narrow, then we give you some ideas, you should place your accessories in this place and at the same time as it can make space decoration in your home looks beautiful and fun. For this solution, wall shelves are one way to make your room not look cramped.

2. Wall shelf as decoration

Most people like to install wall shelves in their homes. In addition to many models and unique, Wall shelves are easy to make. For example, it can make of wood and iron. In addition, wall shelves also can be used for home room decoration and save your place. Then, it can display as room decoration in your home. In this way, your room looks beautiful and not cramped, and not cluttered.

If you want to make a design on the walls of your home, then you have to adjust it to the area of ​​​​the room and the type of accessories. So your room looks more attractive.

3. Benefits of wall shelves

As we know, wall shelves have many benefits. Therefore, many people choose wall shelves as wall decorations in your home to put books, accessories, small electronic equipment. For that, you should put wall shelves according to your need, as in the living room, study room, workroom, bedroom, kitchen room, dining room, and the bathroom as a place for toiletries. Then, if you choose a wall shelf, you have to be careful, don’t choose wrong, and choose according to your placement and your needs.

In addition, wall shelves can save space in your room. With a wall shelf, you don’t need a lot of furniture to put your things so that your room doesn’t look cramped. For those of you who have a minimalist home, we recommend using the wall shelves as a place to put your small items.

4. Wall shelf material

As you know and you often see, the Wall shelf material consists of wood and iron. Then, to get the best quality wall shelf material, there are many varieties to choose it. Of course, you choose a design according to the function, benefits, and custom colors. Don’t forget to look at the specifications of the wall shelf material that you will use, of course, the right one with the model of your room.

In this article, we will explain how to install wall shelf material in your home. If you have natural stone house walls, you should use iron wall shelf material to make your wall look natural and beautiful. But if you have smooth walls with cement finishing, you should use wood material to make your wall look more attractive and fun. In addition, you should know that the wall shelf color must be adjusting to the color of your wall to make it look beautiful and charming.

5. Room wall shelf design

The placement of the appropriate wall shelves in the room will make the interior of your home look more attractive. Therefore, not all rooms can design with wall shelves. In this article, we want to give some ideas for you to make your room with wall shelves. So your loom will look beautiful and charming.
For that, we hope that this article can help you find the best location for installing wall shelves on the walls of your room. For that, let’s discuss it one by one in the picture below!

Wall shelf in the living room

As you can see in the picture above, model wall shelf decoration has been install in a minimalist living room. As we know, wall shelves are the right choice as a substitute for a closet in a small space and making it not cramped. Therefore, wall shelves always use to store items. In this way, they are easy to see and easy to clean. Then, wall shelves that do not have legs at the bottom should be better on the living room table.

Then for the function and use of wall shelves, it varies depending on the needs and benefits. For example, the wall shelf in the living room more prioritizes room decoration for the living room to look more beautiful and artistic.

Varieties of wall shelves in living room

Wall shelves can give beauty to your room. Wall shelves like this picture are still rarely used because many peoples are not well known to the designer community. In addition, wall shelves are also still widely underestimated by many people who still have ancient thoughts. Placing a wall shelf in a room will increase the design value of the room and save space in one room.

For this reason, you must choose the wall shelf correctly so that it can be in harmony with your room. Especially for the living room wall shelf, you have to pay attention to many things. Then it can give an interesting. Therefore, we are here to explain a model like this picture so that this wall shelf can be designed in your living room and make your living room look beautiful and unique.

Square wall shelf on a light-colored wall

Look for unique minimalist wall shelf inspiration? Of course, You can try this design. With several box shapes like this picture, you can find them for interior your home design and made with light wall colors. This design looks different and is suitable for those of you who like the art. Then the wall shelf can also be a decoration for your living room to look beautiful and elegant. In addition to putting room accessories, this wall shelf can also use for a gallery around your room.

If arranged proportionally, this wall shelf can become a separate work of art in your home. On the other hand, if the arrangement is wrong, this wall shelf model will make the walls of your room look not attractive. For that, make sure the walls of the room and the color of the walls of your room ok.

Wall shelf in the bedroom

Wall shelves with a minimalist style are very popular with various groups because of their simple and modern designs. In addition to the living room, wall shelves can install on the bedroom wall because it can make your bedroom more spacious and comfortable. With a wall shelf, your bedroom does not use much furniture, for example, a table to store books and work equipment. Besides that, wall shelves can use to display your favorite objects without worrying about filling your bedroom.

For that, we want to share ideas with you, and you can take advantage of the wall shelves in your bedroom so that the bedroom looks spacious, looks more beautiful, and more fun.

Minimalist wall shelves in the bedroom

This Bedroom Wall Shelf has been designing according to its function. However, to install it, of course, must adjust to the size of the bedroom. With a wall shelf, you will find it easy to put your equipment without having furniture such as table accessories or bookshelves.

The appearance of the shelf on this bed looks beautiful and elegant. Maybe you should design it at a home decoration company and have to prepare money for it. But you also have to have brilliant ideas, inspiration, and design concepts so that the results are satisfying and following your wishes. Therefore, we hope that the wall shelves in this picture can provide additional ideas to make your bedroom look beautiful and elegant. That way, you can use this wall shelf to store your goods and accessories and make you feel at home in the bedroom.

Minimalist wall shelves in the kitchen room

Your kitchen interior is also an important thing that might be considering when you install a wall shelf model for your kitchen. You have to make sure that the wall shelves of your choice have a style that matches the overall kitchen interior. Do not let the wall shelves of the kitchen you buy look less compatible with your kitchen room. For that, in this article, we provide examples of kitchen wall shelf designs to make it look attractive and make your kitchen more beautiful.

In this picture, you can see the kitchen shelves are decorating with longwall shelves in bright colors. This wall shelf design looks very harmonious with the color of the kitchen. With this design, the kitchen looks beautiful and charming during the day. We hope you can make it like this picture!

Kitchen wall shelves on natural stones

Kitchen wall shelves mounted on natural stone walls will be easier for you to clean the dust on this minimalist open shelf type wall shelf. The air circulation is smooth and the sunlight coming in from the window means you don’t have to worry about mold growth.

Not only does it make the room look neater and attractive, but this minimalist wall shelf is also very practiced, especially if you are a busy person, don’t have much free time to clean it. In this way, it will be easier for you to take care of it and not spend your time.

To install a wall shelf on a natural stone wall type, you have to be careful. Use a drill so that the results are good and do not damage the kitchen walls. We hope you can make it like this picture!

Wall shelf for wall corner

Installing a minimalist wall shelf does not mean you don’t have the budget to buy furniture. Instead, you make the best options so that your room looks not cramped and practical. By installing a wall shelf in the corner of the room, your room looks neater and more attractive with this design. Therefore, wall shelves are the trick most often used to make a room appear taller than it is. In this picture, you can see a wall shelf installed in the corner of the room. Then, it makes vertical minimalist wall shelves look more attractive on the wall. Then there is no impression of being dense and cramped.

Wall shelf in the study room

A beautiful and fun study room can increase your child’s motivation to study harder. Therefore, to make this room look pleasant, you can install a wall shelf in this study room. With these wall shelves, they can put books on a wall shelf so your son will be happy.
Then, with a design like this, the study room is not cramped, and they can move freely in the room to pick up books.

Wall shelf in the workspace

There are so many reasons to feel uncomfortable working at home because the conditions are not comfortable. So you are forced to find a more comfortable place. Especially during WFH during a pandemic. It seems it’s hard to get a space and be alone, concentrate while working. However, a little creativity can make your work mood change to be more fun.

We recommend that your workspace be installed with wall shelves to make it look spacious and comfortable. With this design, your narrow workspace will be comfortable, and you are free to move around in your workspace because you can put your work equipment on a wall shelf, and you don’t need furniture to put that. That way, you can work comfortably, calmly, and concentrate.

Wooden wall shelf in the bathroom

The bathroom is a wet area and has humid air. One of the best materials is wood because it is easy to obtain, easy to clean, and cheap. This wooden bathroom shelf is suitable for a modern and minimalist style bathroom. Then, the simple model makes this wooden shelf easy to install on the bathroom wall.

Some things to note when using a wooden bathroom shelf, you must regularly clean and wipe with a cloth so that it does not appear dirty on the surface. Also, choose a thick wood and attach it to the wall. In this way, the wooden wall shelves will look beautiful and artistic.

Glass wall shelf in the bathroom

The bathroom is a wet area and has humid air. One of the best materials is glass because it is easy to obtain, easy to clean, and cheap. This glass bathroom shelf is suitable for a modern and minimalist style bathroom. Then, the simple model makes this glass shelf easy to install on the bathroom wall. But you have to be careful installing it because if you wrong install it can break.

Some things to note when using a glass shelf for the bathroom, you must regularly clean and wipe with a cloth so that it does not appear dirty on the surface. Therefore, choose a thick glass and attach it to the wall. In this way, the glass wall shelves will look beautiful and elegant.


For those of you who like to feel a comfortable house, we present the best houses designs. Then to make it should choose the right wall shelves to look your room more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, and not cramped.

In this article, we explained several wall shelves to design your houses. Then to make it, of course, you will have to spend the money if your home has to be decorated by a home decoration company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained then give it to the wall shelves decoration maker. Hopefully, you can make like this picture. Hopefully, this article can help you to create and organize your home. Happy decorating!


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