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The Benefits of A Clean Kitchen and Tips for Keeping The Kitchen Clean and Fresh – Making a house look beautiful and attractive is certainly not enough. The cleanliness of the house must also be considered. Make sure that all rooms in your house must be clean and neat, including the kitchen. Although the kitchen is a room that is rarely exposed, the cleanliness and beauty of the kitchen must be very much considered.

Do not hesitate to always clean your kitchen regularly, because there are some benefits you will get from a clean kitchen. In addition, we will also let you know how to Keep The kitchen clean and fresh. So, let’s check it out!

The Benefits You Will Get from Clean Kitchen

1. Make Food Hygiene

The kitchen is one of the rooms where we use it for cooking. Therefore, a clean kitchen will also have an impact on the dishes we make. If the kitchen is cleaned regularly, then the food we make will be hygienic and avoid bacteria that can cause disease.

2. The Kitchen Will Be Comfortable

A comfortable room is not only a room that has a beautiful and attractive appearance but is also clean. If your kitchen is always cleaned, then the kitchen will be a comfortable room. This way, you will feel comfortable when in your kitchen for a long time.

clean kitchen
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3. Easy to Clean

A kitchen that is rarely cleaned will certainly look dirty. And if the dirt has been stuck for a long time, it will be difficult to clean. It might take a long time and more effort to clean up the stain. However, if you clean the kitchen regularly of course you don’t need to linger to clean the kitchen. The stains will be easy to clean in a short time.

4. The Air in The Kitchen Will Be Healthy

When we cook, of course we will produce garbage. And if the garbage is left just like that for quite a long time, then the air in the kitchen will smell unpleasant and the water in the kitchen will be unhealthy. Not only for the kitchen, but other rooms will also become smelly.

5. The Kitchen Will Be Look So Beautiful

The cleanliness of the room will certainly affect the beauty of the room itself. As in the kitchen, even though the kitchen is a room that is rarely exposed, but the beauty of the kitchen must still be maintained. Not only for personal comfort, but also the comfort of the guests who come. A clean kitchen will look so beautiful.

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Above these are the benefits you will get from maintaining a clean kitchen in your home. There are so many benefits, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for, let’s follow some of the tips you provide for you to keep your kitchen clean and fresh.

Tips for Keeping The Kitchen Clean and Fresh

1. Sweeping the Kitchen Every Day

A closed room does not mean that it can be free of dust. Dust will always be present every day. Therefore, to keep the kitchen clean, sweep out the kitchen every day.

When you sweep every day, the dirt after you cook will also be wasted. So, no need anymore if the dirt will rot and make the room smell unpleasant.

2. Wipe The Stove After Use

When we cook, it is possible for some food to fall on the stove and make the stove dirty. As the main item in the kitchen, of course, the stove must be kept clean. So wipe the stove after use.

If what is spilled on the stove is splashes of oil, wiping the stove is not enough because oil is a little hard to clean. So, give a little soap and wipe using a wet cloth.

clean stove kitchen
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3. Putting The Equipment in Its Original Place

A bad habit that is often done by many people is to put kitchen equipment carelessly when finished using. And of course, this is not very good. The kitchen will look messy and dirty. So, when you already use kitchen equipment, put it back in its original place. And if the equipment is dirty, don’t forget to wash it first so the kitchen stays clean and neat.

4. Add Some Storage to Organize The Kitchen Tools

In the kitchen, of course there will be many items, such as plates, cups, spoons, pans, jars for seasonings, and much more. If placed just like that the kitchen will feel so messy and unorganized. So, add some storage to put the kitchen tools.

Organize the kitchen tools according to their uses. It aims to make it easier for you when you need the object you are looking for.

neat kitchen stuff by using kitchen storage
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5. Wash The Kitchen Stuff That Has Been Used Immediately

Another habit that is often done by people is to let piles of dirty dishes pile up. This certainly disturbs the cleanliness of the kitchen. Dirty dishes piled up to make the kitchen look dirty. In addition, a pile of dirty dishes also make your kitchen look not beautiful. So, try to wash the kitchen stuff that has been used immediately.

6. Clean The Trash

Furthermore, what is definitely in the kitchen is a trash can. The more we cook, the more garbage will be collected. The rubbish that accumulates will make the kitchen look very dirty and unsightly. And also the aroma in the kitchen will be unpleasant. In addition, the air in the kitchen is unhealthy. To avoid things like this, make sure that the trash can is cleaned every day.

cleaning kitchen trash can
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You can replace the rubbish plastic with a new one when the garbage starts to fill up or start making unpleasant odors. But before replacing the plastic, make sure the trash can is clean (no smelly garbage water). If the trash can is dirty, you can clean it with water and soap. Then dry and give new plastic.

7. Mopping The Kitchen Floor

The next tip for keeping the kitchen clean is to mop the kitchen regularly. Make sure you mop the kitchen once a week so that the kitchen is protected from dust and stains on the floor. Use a floor cleaner so that bacteria on the floor can die so the kitchen becomes a healthy room.

8. Open The Kitchen Window In The Morning

Air circulation is very important to keep the air in a room fresh and healthy. Using ventilation in the kitchen is a way to make the air in this room can rotate. However, ventilation is not the only way to bring fresh air into the kitchen. If you have a window in your kitchen, open the window in the morning. Why in the morning? Because the air in the morning is still fresh and healthy (the air hasn’t been polluted).

9. Adding Some Fresh Plants

If you want to make the kitchen feel fresh, adding some plants to the kitchen is the next tip that you can apply to your kitchen. Adjust the size of the plant with the size of the kitchen. If your kitchen is a minimalist type, small and medium plants are the right plants to use. And if your kitchen is big enough, you can add large plants. Place this plant in the corner of the room so it does not take place in the kitchen.

So that the kitchen is clean of the soil that is on the plants, you can sweep or mop the area around the plants that are dirty to make it easier for you to clean the kitchen.

fresh kitchen with plants
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