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The Right Items You Can Use for Small Rooms

Simdreamhomes.com – The rise of minimalist homes now makes people look for ways on how to make this place feel comfortable and look attractive. Of course, decorating a small room is not as easy as decorating a large room. In a small room, you cannot use the items you want because you have to pay attention to space in the room.

In a small room, you must ensure that there is excess space for you to move or not so that you can move freely. This is what will make a small room in your house feel comfortable.

Are you confused about what items can be used in a small room? Here we have provided The Right Items You Can Use for Small Rooms. So, let’s check it out!

Living Room Items

Let’s start from the room in the front, which is the living room. A living room is often a place to receive guests or gather with family and friends. Therefore, to make this room feel comfortable and create more moving space is very important.

small room items
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These are items that can be used for small living rooms:

  • Short-Legged Sofa

short-legged sofa for small living room
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As the main item in this room, choosing the right and the good sofa is very important. For small living rooms, present a short-legged sofa so that this room feels comfortable. Short-legged sofas will balance the size of a small living room so that this room will not feel cramped.

  • Coffee Table

coffee table
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If there is a sofa, of course, there is a table. The coffee table is the type of table that is most appropriate for use in a small living room. In addition to its small size, the coffee table has many interesting shapes that can add beauty to this small room. And also the coffee table can be moved easily for you who want more space in the room.

  • LED TV

small living room with TV
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This item is an optional item that can be used in the living room. If you want to bring a TV to the living room, choose LED TV and hang it on the wall. With this, you no longer need a TV table which will only take up space in a small living room.

  • Carpet or Rug

small living room decor
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Just like TV, carpet or rug are optional items. To make a small living room feel comfortable and warm, carpet or rug is the right item to use. Choose a rug or carpet with bright colors and simple motifs.

Dining Room Items

Just like the living room, the dining room is also often used as a room to gather. It’s just that its function is certainly different. If the living room is room to welcome guests, the dining room is room for eating/dining.

beautiful small dining room
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Here are the right items to use in a small dining room:

  • Small Table

small dining room table
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Because of the small space, the table used must also adjust to the room. Choose a dining table that is small in size and has a bright color, like white to make this small room feel bright and comfortable.

  • Chairs

dining room chairs
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As a complement, benches are very important in the dining room. Choose a bench that fits the dining table used. You can add cushions to the bench to make the bench in the dining room feel comfortable.

  • Bench

bench dining room
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To give a different look and sensation, the bench is the right item to use in a small dining room. Choose the same bench and match the chairs used in the dining room. Such as you use chairs made from wood, then use a bench that is made of wood as well.

Kitchen Items

Each occupancy certainly has a kitchen. Indeed this room is rarely exposed. However, that does not mean we can just leave it. The kitchen also includes a very important room in the house so we also need to make it look beautiful and feel comfortable.

And here are the right items that can be used for a kitchen:

  • Kitchen Cabinet

small kitchen cabinet
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Because of the narrow kitchen of course we can not put kitchen items with careless because this will make the kitchen seem dirty and messy. So that the small kitchen feels clean and comfortable, then use the kitchen cabinet as a storage place for kitchen utensils, such as plates, cups, cooking utensils, and so on.

  • Floating Wall Shelf

small kitchen decor
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If you think using a kitchen wall cabinet only makes a small kitchen feel cramped, the floating wall shelf is the next item that can be used in the kitchen. The floating wall shelf is a storage that you can use to put at the same time displaying some beautiful jars so the kitchen will look more attractive. In addition, the price of the floating wall shelf is cheaper than the kitchen cabinet.

Bathroom Items

Just like the kitchen, the bathroom is the smallest room in the house that is rarely exposed. But the bathroom has a function that is quite important. Therefore, it is mandatory to make a small bathroom comfortable and attractive.

small bathroom
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And here are the right bathroom items you can use:

  • Shower Faucet

shower faucet
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In the bathroom, there are two types of places for bathing: bathtub and shower faucet. For small bathrooms, it is strongly recommended to avoid using bathtubs because this will only make the bathroom look more cramped. So, shower faucet is the most fitting item to be used in small bathrooms.

  • Glass Divider

small bathroom items
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The use of a shower faucet will certainly make the entire floor in the bathroom become wet and slippery. To avoid this, use a glass divider to limit wet and dry places.

  • Sink Cabinet

small bathroom sink cabinet
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The sink cabinet is the next item that is appropriate for use in the bathroom. There will be lots of bathroom stuff in the bathroom that will look messy if not stored in the right storage. With the sink cabinet, you can store bathroom stuff such as shampoo bottles, clean towels, and so on so that the bathroom will look clean and neat.

Bedroom Items

Finally, the most important room in the house is the bedroom. As the main room, the bedroom must be considered carefully, starting from the items used in this room.

Beautiful Small Bedroom
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To make the small bedroom looks great and comfortable, here are the right items that can be used:

  • Bed Frame

low-profile bed frame
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The bed is the main item which certainly has an influence on the good appearance of the comfort of the bedroom itself. Bed frames for small bedrooms certainly have to be chosen carefully. Mistakes in the selection of beds can be fatal in this room. And for small bedrooms, low-profile bed frames are the right item to use.

  • Rack Garment

rack garment for small bedroom
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The wardrobe is an important item in the bedroom. However, if you use a cupboard in a small bedroom of course this will only take place in the room and make it look smaller. Garment rack is the next item that is most appropriate for use in small bedrooms.

  • Mirror

length mirror for small bedroom
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The dressing table is an item that is indeed used for bedrooms, especially women’s bedrooms. However, using a dressing table for a small bedroom might not be appropriate because this will take up space and make the small bedroom become cramped. To replace the dressing table, use a mirror length by hanging or leaning it against the wall.


Having a small room is not a bad thing. Precisely a small room will be easier to be made comfortable and feels warm so that your minimalist home will become the ideal place to live for people. Creating a minimalist home that is comfortable and beautiful depends on the items we use. And above are the right items for use in small rooms. So what are you waiting for? Let’s create a small, comfortable and attractive room with the right items. Happy trying!



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