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Simple Ways You Can Follow to Make The Small Room Feel Bigger – The less empty land factor makes architects create minimalist houses. Although minimalist, but in reality, the style of this one house became the target of many people. This is because a minimalist home feels far more warm and comfortable, especially for those of you who live alone or with your partner.

Indeed, there are many benefits that you will get by living in a minimalist house. However, in a minimalist house of course the existing rooms will be small. And of course, you cannot decorate the room or use the items that you want, especially large items. So it can be said that the wrong decoration can make this small home uncomfortable.

Then, how to make this small residence a comfortable place to live? Of course, we need to make these smaller rooms feel more spacious. And here we have provided Simple Ways You Can Follow to Make The Small Room Feel Bigger. So, let’s check it out!

Making White As A Base Color of The Room

The initial stage when decorating the room, of course, tips must determine the basic color of the room. To make this room feel comfortable and in accordance with your taste, you can use colors that you like. But, of course this does not apply to small rooms.

Mistakes in color selection can make a small room feel so cramped and stuffy. So, what color is suitable for a small room to feel more spacious?

small bedroom design ideas
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White is the most appropriate color for small rooms. The white color can create a broad illusion so that a small room will not feel cramped. In addition, white is also the easiest color to be combined with other colors.

However, applying white to all rooms is also not good. The room will look stiff and uncomfortable. Therefore, there are several spots that can be applied in white.

  • Wall

Small Living Room Decoration
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The wall has a considerable effect on the appearance of a room. That way, painting the walls in white is the most appropriate way to make a small room feel bigger.

  • Big Furniture

bright small room
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In addition to walls, furniture in the room is also very important. Using large white furniture is the right solution to make the room feel more spacious and bright.

Choose The Right Furniture

Not only the color, but the furniture that you want to use must also be limited. And also, not all types of furniture you can use in a small room.

Avoid using large furniture because this will only take up space in the room and make the small room feel and look smaller. However, this does not mean you can not bring furniture with a unique and beautiful appearance. Even modern furniture you can use. It’s just that the size must be smaller.

small dining room decor
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Here is the right furniture you can use to make the small room feel bigger:

  • Short-Leged Sofa or Bench

Small Living Room Decoration
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This one is furniture that is usually used in living rooms. As the main item in a living room, of course, the sofa has a considerable impact on the appearance of the room itself. So, choose a short-legged sofa.

  • Coffee Table

small living room coffee table
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The table becomes an item that is definitely in the house. However, the selection of a table for a small room certainly must be considered. The coffee table is the right table to use in a small living room or dining room. And for benches in the dining room of course choose a bench that fits the size of the table.

  • Bed Without The Bed Frame

small bedroom decoration
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For bedrooms, mattresses are very important furniture. Just like a sofa, you can choose low-profile bed frames. However, if you want your bedroom to feel wider and bigger, avoiding using a bed frame is the most appropriate search. Just use a soft mattress so the bed will still feel comfortable.

  • Pendant Lamp

small kitchen ideas
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To illuminate the room at night, presenting artificial lighting (lamps) is a common alternative that is certainly used by everyone. The choice of lights also greatly affects the appearance of the room. For a small room, use a pendant lamp with the right size.

Presenting Natural Lighting

Lighting is a very important thing that must be considered, especially the small room. Because a small room will easily feel stuffy so the room will feel uncomfortable. So, the easiest way to make a small room feel bigger is to bring excess natural lighting into the room.

small dining room decors
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There are several things that need to be considered so that lighting can enter the room freely:

  • Use The Large-Sized Window

large-sized window
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The window is the only item to bring natural lighting into the room. To bring in more natural lighting, use the large-sized window.

  • No Need Any Window Decoration

natural lighting for small room
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To make the room look beautiful, the decoration is needed. However, so that sunlight can enter the room freely, avoid using decorations on the window.

  • Use White Net Curtain

white net curtain
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Curtains are really needed to protect your privacy. Therefore, use a white net curtain is the right way to make the room look bright while maintaining privacy in your home.

Small Room Decoration

The decoration is very important so that the room does not look stiff and looks beautiful. And for a small room, of course have their own ways so that this room can feel bigger.

small bathroom decoration
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Here are ways to decorate a small room:

  • Plant

beautiful small kitchen
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Giving a fresh feel to the room is very important, especially a small room. Small rooms often feel stuffy. By bringing some small plants into the room, the room will feel so fresh and comfortable.

Some plants can also make the air in the room to be healthy, such as aloe vera plants, lavender, and so on.

  • Painting or Photos

small living room photos and paintings
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Wall displays must also be presented so that the walls of the room look beautiful. The use of skelter and frame photographs make the walls look striking and standout.

  • Floating Wall Shelf

floating wall shelf
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Have some small displays like figures and others? Adding a desk or shelf to a small room will only make this room feel more cramped. Therefore, using a floating wall shelf is the easiest way to put some beautiful and attractive displays in the room.

  • Triangle Cloth Hanger Storage

cloth hanger storage small bedroom
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Using a cupboard in a small bedroom will only make the bedroom look more cramped and uncomfortable. Therefore, we must find ways to replace the cupboard in the bedroom. Currently, there is a triangle cloth hanger storage that can be used for small spaces. The simple and practical form of this item is increasingly popular with many people.

  • Rug or Carpet

beautiful small room decor
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This one is an additional item. Even so, the effect of a rug or carpet for a small room is huge. By giving a rug or carpet into a small room, this item will give the illusion of being spacious so that the small room will feel bigger. The soft carpet and rug will make the room become a cozy place. And do not forget to use the rug or carpet with bright colors to make the small room look bright and attractive.


Having a small room is not a problem. It is precisely the room more easily feels warm and comfortable. To make this room comfortable, there are several ways that can be used, starting from the easiest to the most complicated. It all depends on how you want to make your room look. And the ways above are the easiest ways to make a small room look and feel bigger so the room will be a comfortable place.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s make a small room at home as a comfortable place that can make you feel comfortable to linger here. Happy trying!



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