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6 Beautiful and Comfortable Attic Bedroom Ideas You Will Love – Attic is one of the rooms in the house that is often overlooked. Often attic is used as a warehouse for storing unused items. Never been noticed to make Attic a dirty room, full of dust, and even a nest of mice.

It is unfortunate if Attic is not used properly. In fact, the attic can be used as the most comfortable place in your house.

Changing an attic that is not maintained and dirty into an attractive and comfortable bedroom is a very interesting idea. So, for those of you who are interested in an attic bedroom, here we have provided 6 Beautiful and Comfortable Attic Bedroom Ideas You Will Love. So, let’s check it out!

1. Bright Attic Bedroom with Skylight Window

Because it is located on the top so the temperature in the Attic will feel cooler. So do not be surprised if the air in the Attic will feel humid. If left alone, of course, the attic bedroom will feel uncomfortable and can also interfere with your health. Therefore, it is necessary to make air circulation so that the attic does not feel damp.

bright attic bedroom
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To make air circulation in the Attic run smoothly, you can use a window or make an air vent. However, if you make the air ventilation, the attic will feel the walls at night and also during winter. So, using windows is the most appropriate way.

Using the skylight window on the Attic is the right idea. Besides improving air circulation in the attic, the skylight window will also make the attic look naturally bright.

cozy attic bedroom
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Natural lighting that enters the attic through the skylight window will bring a warm ambiance to the attic. Besides that, the attic atmosphere will also feel more alive.

Natural lighting is great for getting your mood up. You will also feel soothing when you are in the attic bedroom.

2. Simple Cheerful Attic Bedroom

The bedroom is a private room used for resting. However, the bedroom is also often used as a room to spend time during the holidays. Doing various activities in the bedroom is fun.

So, bringing a cheerful atmosphere into the attic bedroom is the right idea. The cheerful atmosphere will make you feel happy when you are in the bedroom.

cheerful attic bedroom
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Presenting a cheerful atmosphere in the attic bedroom does not only have to use various colors and displays that can make the attic bedroom look crowded and full. In fact, the number of objects in the Attic bedroom can make this room feel cramped and uncomfortable.

  • Bright color for bedding

bright colors for bedding
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As the main item in the bedroom, the appearance of the bed greatly affects the atmosphere and appearance of this room. So, in bringing a cheerful atmosphere to the attic bedroom, try to choose bright colors for bedding, such as orange, blue, and so on. For a simple look, try to avoid using bedding with a motif. Plain bedding will look more beautiful and simple.

  • Wallpaper for bedroom attic wall

beautiful wallpaper for attic bedroom
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It is a good idea to use wallpaper to create a cheerful look in the attic bedroom. Choose a wallpaper with a white base color so that the attic bedroom looks bright and simple. Besides that, the white color will also make the attic bedroom look bright so it will not feel cramped or stuffy.

If you have chosen to use wallpaper, try to use plain white bedding. To give a little decoration to make it look attractive, use pillowcases with plaid patterns.

3. Mature-Look Attic Bedroom

Currently, bedrooms with a more mature look are more preferred by people, especially teenagers. The adult look does look simpler and feels calmer. In addition, there are usually far fewer items used because they prioritize items that are only needed. In this way, the attic bedroom will feel wider and more comfortable.

mature-look attic bedroom
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mature attic bedroom
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The colors used are neutral colors, such as grey, black, beige, and white. Motifs are put aside because the adult appearance is more dominant with simple things.

Gray is applied to items made of fabrics, such as bedding, blankets, pillowcases, and so on. The gray tones create a slightly cooler, softer look. And black is used to emphasize the appearance of the bedroom. Meanwhile, the beige color applied to the wooden floor gives a bright and soft look to the attic bedroom.

4. Attic Bedroom with Natural Shades

Who here like natural nuances? Natural nuances can indeed make us more relaxed and good for us mentally. Therefore, it would be a great idea to bring natural nuances into the attic bedroom.

natural shades attic bedroom
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Making an attic bedroom with natural nuances is indeed quite simple and quite easy. The colors used are of course bright neutral colors, such as white, beige, and gray. An attic bedroom with a white base color will look brighter and fresher. The beige color provides a softer and calmer appearance. And the gray color complements the appearance of the Attic bedroom.

The following is what is needed in bringing natural shades into the attic bedroom:

  • Fresh plants

fresh attic bedroom
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In presenting natural nuances into the attic bedroom, the use of plants is very important. Given its place at the top, you cannot use items that are too big and heavy. So, use small or medium-sized plants.

Fresh plants will make the attic bedroom look fresh and calm. In addition, some plants can absorb harmful substances in the attic bedroom air so that the attic bedroom will feel comfortable and also healthy.

  • Natural lighting as the main lighting

natural lighting for attic bedroom
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Apart from plants, natural lighting is also very important to bring natural nuances into the attic bedroom. Make natural light the main attic bedroom lighting for a bright, natural look. Use the skylight windows so that sunlight can enter the attic bedroom perfectly.

5. Warm Nuances Attic Bedroom

Being the main goal for resting when you feel tired, the bedroom really needs to be made as comfortable as possible. Presenting warm nuances to the attic bedroom is one very good idea. The attic bedroom with warm nuances will make you feel calm and relaxed when in the attic bedroom.

warm nuances attic bedroom
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In presenting warm nuances into the attic bedroom, there are several things that you can apply.

  • Use the soft colors

soft look attic bedroom
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Color selection greatly affects the look and atmosphere of the Attic bedroom. To bring warm nuances, use neutral colors or soft colors.

Choosing white as the base color is the right idea because white will match any color that will be applied to the bedroom.

  • Wood Elements

wood elements for attic bedroom
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It may seem trivial, but presenting wooden elements in the attic bedroom is very important. The wood element is one of the natural elements that can make the feel of a room feel so warm and comfortable. Besides that, the wood element is also lighter. So, it will be safe to use some furniture made of wood for the attic bedroom.

  • Warm lighting

warm lighting for attic bedroom
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There are two types of lighting that you must present in the attic bedroom, namely natural lighting and artificial lighting. Natural lighting is used to illuminate the room during the day. Meanwhile, artificial lighting is used to make the bedroom look bright at night. So, these two lighting is very important.

The many types of lamps offered today make the light function not only to make the room look bright at night but also to make the room look beautiful and even feel comfortable. Some additional light can bring a cozy atmosphere to the room.

String light with warm lighting is the right idea to apply to the attic bedroom to bring warm nuances to this room. Besides that, warm lighting can provide calm and comfort in the bedroom.

6. Monochrome Attic Bedroom

The concept of monochrome is indeed being popular these days. A simple, bright, and bold look can make a room look perfect. So, the monochrome attic bedroom is a very interesting and good idea.

The combination of white and black in the attic bedroom can make this room look mature, simple, and also beautiful.

comfortable monochrome attic bedroom
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Choose white as the basic color of the room to create an attic bedroom with a bright appearance. Not only that, applying white as the base color will also make your attic bedroom far from stuffy and cramped.

To give a firm impression to the room, apply the black color separately. For example, on one side of the wall, then the bedframe, paintings on the wall, objects made of iron, and so on. Black color can enhance the appearance so that the attic bedroom will not look stiff.

monochrome attic bedroom
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Applying black to one side of the wall that is exposed to direct natural light is an interesting way to make the attic look bold, calm, and also bright. The black color that is exposed to sunlight will look more alive so that it can make the attic bedroom look so beautiful in the morning.


Even though it is an unnoticed room, the Attic can be transformed into a very comfortable room. Turning the attic into a comfortable and beautiful bedroom is a very good and interesting idea. However, in making a comfortable and beautiful attic bedroom, of course you are often confused and have difficulty. Therefore, you first need to get ideas to serve as references. So, in this article, we have provided 6 Beautiful and Comfortable Attic Bedroom Ideas You Will Love. In order to make you feel comfortable in your attic bedroom, try to choose the attic bedroom concept and nuances that suits your character and personality. So, goodluck guys!



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