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Choosing Beautiful Marble To Make Your Home Look Luxurious and Amazing

1. About Marble

Marble is a metamorphic rock derived from the recrystallization of limestone. The pattern of the original marble is not the same because the surface is different.

The patterns produced on marble are the natural process of rock formation. Marble itself is a natural rock formed from metamorphic limestone. Its beautiful strokes and motifs also come from this process. Usually, marble is mined in large pieces and then cut into slabs. Furthermore, the marble is honed and polished to make it shiny.

We often find marble as a stone that adorns homes, as a stone used for floors, walls, and even furniture such as tables and chairs. Then, for fans of marble floors, however, you must know the characteristics of marble before you use it, and then you must know the advantages and disadvantages of marble floors. For this reason, we will explain why many people use marble. Therefore, in this article, we will share ideas about marble floors.

Advantages of marble floor

1. Strong and Durable

As mentioned earlier, marble is a natural stone that is very popular by luxury homeowners because this type of floor has high durability and is resistant to hot weather. Then marble is also easy to adapt to all climates and is not easily scratched by sharp objects. Therefore, marble is very suitable for exterior and interior building.

2. Easy Maintenance

Marble floors are relatively easy to maintenance. Then, It takes a long time to become dull. For marble maintenance, you have to clean like a regular tile floor by sweeping and mopping. In this way, that dust does not stick to the marble surface. Then avoid using abrasive chemicals because this liquid will make the color of the marble turn dull and damaged. Then, if the marble looks dull, you can clean it by polishing it. But remember that the marble polishing has to work by experienced technicians. Then, using the right equipment. In this way, the results are neat and shiny.

3. Many motives

As we know, marble has many motifs, several shaped like strokes or veins. These appearances are composed of sparkling mineral content. The amount of mineral content is what makes the appearance of each marble different or varied.
Several variations make luxury homeowners happy to use marble floors in their homes. The advantage, this motif can be installed differently in each room and make the appearance of their house becomes

Disadvantages of Marble 

4. Expensive

Marble is a product that is always using for luxury home floors. That’s why the price of marble expensive than other floor tiles. In addition to the beautiful colors and motifs marble, is also priced at a price that is not cheap. But this price is certainly comparable to the quality you will get.
Then, the flat surface of the marble makes the marble slippery faster than ordinary ceramics. Therefore you have to be careful not to slip into the house.

5. Difficult Treatment than ceramic

Although marble has high durability, it does not mean that marble cannot be damaged. In general, the damage to marble is in the form of cracks, holes, brokenness, and dullness. Therefore, to fix it, you have to use the services of a marble floor polisher. In this way, the technician will repair the damage and clean the dull marble surface with a machine. But for the best solution, you should replace it with new marble.

Appearance of marble

A house using marble, of course, the appearance will be more luxurious than using ceramic. As we explained earlier, marble is a first-class material. Then, always using for a house, buildings, and offices. So it looks beautiful and luxurious.

In the articles and pictures that we present, we want to share ideas on how you organize and design your home to look beautiful and charming so that it makes you more confident to received guests and makes you happy and at home.
Here we provide some examples of attractive spaces with marble designs. For that, let’s discuss it as below.

Beautiful living room floor

Marble is one of the most popular building materials for residential interiors. One part of the house that uses a lot of marble is the floor of the house. The use of marble floors in homes because it looks more beautiful than ceramic floors.

However, for the selection of marble, it should be adjusting to the size of ​​​​the room in your home. One thing you must know is that marble has several motifs. Of course, for your home to look beautiful and luxurious, you should design it before buying and installing it.

Family room

The beauty of natural stone certainly makes many interior or architectural lovers make designs for homes or buildings. To design it, they used marble because marble has been proven and can make the room look more luxurious and charming.

Not only for the floor of the house but the marble background can also be made in the interior of the family room to make it seem luxurious and aesthetic. Especially in residential luxury houses.

Of course, they are interested in used marble for the family room background because marble can make a beautiful and luxurious room.
Therefore, you should choose a bright marble motif so that your family room looks beautiful and comfortable.


If you have a luxurious bathroom, of course, you will be happy. To make your bathroom looks beautiful and fun. Of course, you have to design it, be it the floor, the walls and even the facilities in the bathroom.

With the best design, the appearance of marble in your bathroom will look bright and shiny. Then you also don’t need to worry if your bathroom becomes out of style. For that, the most important thing is that you have to take care of the marble in your bathroom so that it is always bright.

Bedroom wall

In this picture, you can see the bedroom walls have been designing using marble. With this design, the bedroom will feel comfortable because one of the advantages of marble can reduce the heat of the sunlight.
Then make you happy, interest, and comfortable with marble design on the walls of your bedroom is that your bedroom will be bright and cool during the day. If you like it, then you can make it as in the picture.

House floor

To make the atmosphere and aura of your home look beautiful and artistic. You can install marble with wood color motifs so that the appearance of your room will look natural.

Many people do not know the motif of this marble. Most people only know marble motifs are gray, white, black cream, and wood pattern motifs.
Well, for those of you who are not too late to design the floor of your house, immediately to design with this motif, we are guaranteed to be beautiful and artistic.

Kitchen room

Natural stone does seem luxurious in the kitchen. However,
there is an even prettier material to install in the kitchen, namely is a marble. With the marble, your kitchen will look more beautiful and luxurious. Moreover, your kitchen is equipping with a marble table. Of course, make appearance your kitchen more pleasant. Besides that, The advantages of marble are water resistance, heat resistance, making the kitchen table look beautiful and bright, and having a unique motif. If you like this model, you can make it like this picture.

Dining room

Usually, a marble table is installing in the kitchen, so it is easy to clean it when it gets stained with food that is still processed, tea, coffee, and cooking oil. Besides that, it also cannot be scratched by sharp objects when cutting vegetables, meat.

However, many people design a dining table with marble because it is easier to clean if dirty as food-stained and drinks. In addition, the dining table model with marble makes the appearance of the dining room more luxurious and comfortable.

For a marble table like the one above, it fits perfectly into a large dining room. If you are happy with this design, of course, you can order from the marble table maker according to your taste.

Indoor garden

Not many people use marble to decorate the back garden wall because expensive then maintenance is not easy. Then to make a garden design in a house with marble is requires a lot of money.
As you can see, the combination of marble walls and natural stone and flower plants in this garden is very suitable. Then, this design makes your interior garden look more beautiful.. Hopefully, you can make it.


For those of you who like to see luxury houses, we present the best houses designs. Then to make it should choose beautiful marble to look your home more attractive, beautiful, and luxurious.

In this article, we explained several design houses. Then to make it, of course, you will have to spend the money if your home has to be decorated by a home decoration company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained then give it to the marble decoration maker. Hopefully, you can make like this picture. Hopefully, this article can help you to create and organize your home. Happy decorating!



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