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Some of the Most Aesthetic Bathroom Wall Ceramic Inspirations For Your Home

1. Overview of wall tiles

Have you ever seen an attractive bathroom design as you often see on social media? This design is inseparable from the role of beautiful bathroom wall tiles. Indeed, choosing bathroom tiles is not easy, especially if you meet with many types of ceramic motifs to colors. But as a first step, you have to do is determine the bathroom theme that you will use. Of course, it will be easier for you to choose the best ceramic motif So that you don’t make the wrong choice, therefore, we offer some inspiration for the most aesthetic trend of bathroom wall tiles for you to install in your bathroom.

2. Ceramic motif

Various kinds of ceramic motifs. Of course, not all ceramics can install in your bathroom. To get a beautiful and comfortable motif, you have to adjust to the bathroom model that you will make. If you are happy with a minimalist design, you can choose ceramics with bright and bright motifs. However, if you like a beautiful and comfortable bathroom design, you can select marble ceramic models with attractive motifs. But it doesn’t stop there, the ceramic motif that you will install must match with the ceramic model. We know that your ceramic size is big and then small size. If you are designing it wrong, your bathroom will look messy. In addition, the combination of ceramic colors can make the bathroom wall look more attractive and comfortable. Therefore, we want to share ideas with you to choose the best ceramic according to your taste. Hopefully, this article can use for you.

3. Some examples of bathroom tiles

In this article, we want to give some examples of bathroom tiles that have been installed. Of course, the ceramics chosen are beautiful ceramic motifs according to the area and model of the bathroom. For ceramics with rectangular or large sizes, we will provide them in the form and already install them on the wall. For that, let’s discuss it as below. I hope the examples of ceramics can be an inspiration for you.

Herringbone ceramic

Maybe you are familiar with rectangular ceramic motifs arranged in a woven form. Indeed, this herringbone ceramic contains a simple concept and does not make us bored to see it. If you like something detailed, you can choose a small herringbone shape. But when installing it, you need high accuracy. To make it look more minimalist, you can also select a large ceramic model. Installation of large ceramic tiles is easier and faster to install. To add to the beauty of ceramics, you can combine it with a sink model, round wall mirror, and dark color bathroom accessories like this picture. I hope this design can add to your inspiration.

Fish scale ceramic pattern

Another aesthetic wall ceramic is in the form of fish scales. As the name implies, this ceramic is motifs like sea fish scales. For that, many people dub it as mermaid scales. For that, you can choose a beautiful dark and light blue color to symbolize the mysterious side of the ocean. By choosing this color, you will feel like you are in the sea. Then this color can make you feel more comfortable because blue symbolizes calm and tenderness. Do not forget to combine with bathroom accessories like this picture. We hope this ceramic motif can be an inspiration for you.

Terrazo ceramic

Terrazo ceramic models are quite popular in recent years because of their unique and artistic appearance. The abstract value in this ceramic can create a more cheerful atmosphere in a room. Usually, many people use this motif to avoid the bathroom from looking dirty. In addition to its unique model, a bathroom with a terrazzo ceramic model can also be in the house. To add a more attractive and aesthetic appearance, you can add a round or square mirror to make it look beautiful, then design a washbasin with a combination of white and gray. That way, you are comfortable in the bathroom. I hope this ceramic motif can be your inspiration.

Hexagonal ceramic

The hexagonal ceramic model has six sides that make it look elegant. To have a variety of sizes and colors, you can mix several colors at once. That way it looks more harmonious. Therefore, you can be creative like the picture below by combining 3 ceramic colors into one. For example, combine blue, white, and brown which symbolizes the ocean, waves, and beautiful beach sand. If you want to look an elegant bathroom feels so cozy, you can complete the bathroom by using a bathroom cabinet in white. That way, the appearance of your bathroom looks more fashionable and fun. Then you must know is not easy to the installation of this ceramic motif. Therefore, you must control when the install it. So that the results are according to your taste. We hope this ceramic motif can add inspiration to you.

Mini Square motifs

Using ceramic with a mini box model might be a little difficult to install. But when the installation is done properly, it can give a neat and eye-catching appearance. for that you can choose beautiful pastel colors so that the bathroom does not look cramped. But if you like a calm atmosphere, you can choose mini ceramics with soft colors like this picture. To add coolness to the bathroom, you can add some artificial ornamental plants. In addition, you can design a sink with white color and a wooden stand. In this way, your bathroom will feel more comfortable and make you feel in this place. Hopefully, this ceramic model can add inspiration to you.

Leaf shape ceramic motif

Bathroom tiles with leaf shapes may be difficult for you to find, even so, these tiles can give a unique and elegant look to your bathroom. Then this ceramic is also not easy to install because of the irregular and unique model. To be more attractive, add some decorations such as lights, round mirrors, and bathroom accessories to make the bathroom look more charming. In addition, the white sink design can make the bathroom look brighter. That way, your bathroom looks a minimalist design. If you like ceramic motifs like this, you can take this picture as an additional inspiration for you.

Tribecca ceramics

Tribecca ceramic model is a type of ceramic that uses a dark blue color that does not match. Karna has a square shape, and many people choose it to form a pattern like laying bricks. This ceramic color is perfect for those of you who don’t like bright colors. In addition to providing a calming side, this wall tile can also increase intimacy in the household. This is because the Tribeca blue color contains a sensual side. Then to add to the appearance of the bathroom more attractive, you can install an around or city mirror to make you more comfortable. Then choose the color of the white sink to make it look more harmonious, and then place the flower pot on the sink table. That way, your bathroom design will look natural. Hopefully, this design can add to your inspiration.

Black accent ceramic


The black color should not be left behind in decorating the walls in the bathroom. Black bathroom wall tiles can create a clean and mysterious look. We know that this color is not easy to get dirty, and it looks more attractive. In this place, you can put some furniture from wood. Then the aesthetic appearance of the bathroom will look more perfect. Then, to look more attractive, you can decorate with round mirrors, decorative lights, flowerpots, sinks, and wall paintings. That way, your bathroom will feel more comfortable. Then make you feel at home inside. Hopefully, this ceramic motif can be an inspiration for you.

Ceramic flower shape model

If you want your bathroom to look a classic minimalist, you can create it by making a ceramic pattern resembling a flower from a combination of several oval tiles. Although it looks like simple motifs, you have to focus when installing on it. However, there is a cheaper way to create this ceramic wall look. Therefore, you can use used ceramics and ceramic cutters to make ceramic pieces according to your design. Then cut the ceramic to form as many flower petals as you need. Then, also cut the ceramic into a star or round shape. After that, you can arrange the used ceramic pieces to form a beautiful and charming flower pattern like this picture. if you want to make the walls look more attractive, you can decorate them with a white sink, a long mirror, and a wooden table. Hopefully, this method can add inspiration for those of you who want to design a bathroom that looks unique.

Marble Ceramic Motif

Bathroom wall tiles with marble motifs will not disappoint you. What’s more, this ceramic has an elegant and luxurious appearance. Then this marble motif ceramic has many advantages, ranging from patterns to strong durability. Then, To make the impression or more luxurious, you can add some decorations with silver or gold patterns that seem classy like the sample images we provide.


If you want to design your bathroom to look elegant and luxurious. For that, we provide some examples of attractive and unique ceramic motifs. Then the inspiration from the motifs that we describe you can apply to make your bathroom look beautiful, more attractive, elegant, luxurious, and aesthetic.

But if you want to arrange it well, you should use a home decor company so that the results are satisfactory. However, if you have a limited budget for this installation, you can give an example of this image to a ceramic installer. In this way, we hope that your bathroom will look elegant and luxurious. Happy decorating!





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