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Some Inspiration Minimalist Staircase Design for Your Home

1. Overview Minimalist staircase

If you are looking for inspiration for a minimalist staircase design for a narrow space, we are ready to share ideas to provide some attractive staircase designs. Of course, we hope this design can provide additional inspiration for you. As we know that it is not easy to apply a minimalist staircase to a narrow room because it can make the room narrower, of course, it can seem like imposing the design. But. If the staircase design is not appropriate, it will become cramped and unattractive. Therefore, you can look for some ideas for staircase designs so that they don’t seem imposing. The minimalist home staircase model with a mezzanine or two floors is suitable for narrow home designs. Here we present several choices of minimalist home staircase designs that are simple and can save space and then give their aesthetic impression. For that, follow the article below.

2. Attractive staircase design

As we know, many several staircase designs have been explained to you. However, we do not use all of this design. Except. If you are designing your minimalist home to be two floors. Of course, the stairs design is more necessary. In particular, the proper location of the stairs makes the space in the house does not become cramped. To make your staircase design look more attractive, you can consult with an architect or ask the architect to draw it and provide the stair arrangement to the builder. The most important thing, when you ask to make the design, the safety and security for your family must pay attention. Then you ask for the arrangement of the stairs next to the wall to make it safer and save space. Therefore, we will provide some examples of the best and most attractive designs. We hope this design can be an inspiration for you. Happy decorating!

3. Some pictures of minimalist staircase designs

In the picture, we provide some examples of attractive minimalist stairs that can save space in your home. We hope that some of the pictures below can be an option for you. Of course, it has adapted to the model of the room and the type of house. Then, many pictures that we describe below. Of course, it can be an example for you. Therefore, let’s discuss it one by one. Welcome to our article!

Spiral stairs on top

Spiral minimalist house stairs can be an option and a solution for you to cover vertical distances in a narrow room. Spiral minimalist house stairs are suitable for those of you who only place a clothesline in two dwellings. Therefore, you can try spiral minimalist staircases with iron and wooden steps. A spiral minimalist staircase with soft brown wood can help warm the atmosphere and comfort. To add to the beauty of the staircase area, you can add ornamental plants and accessories. But for stairs like this, you have to be careful to climb them. If you trip on the stairs will endanger you. We hope this design can be an inspiration if you want to save space.

Open staircase

How about an open minimalist home staircase model? An open minimalist staircase means that there are no stairs. This will help lighten the visual weight of the stairs and add a sense of airiness to tight spaces. To add to the beauty of the stairs, you can add the edge of the stairs with fiberglass or thick glass. Then you can decorate the lights on the walls of the stairs to make it look more attractive. However, the minimalist open staircase model is not suitable for those of you who have toddlers because it can be dangerous for your child.

Hanging staircase

Hanging minimalist house stairs will make the interior of the house look attractive and aesthetic. For example, a minimalist hanging staircase made of a sturdy metal frame. What is certain is that this minimalist staircase model will save space. Then you can make a ladder from light wood so that the load does not become heavy. To add to the beauty of the stairs you can decorate the sidewalls of the stairs with motif wallpaper. With this design, your stairs will look more attractive and fun. Then don’t forget that the staircase design must be adjusted to the model and area of ​​the room to make it look beautiful and neat. However, this model is not suitable for those of you who have toddlers because it can harm them.

Wardrobe under stairs

Presenting a cupboard under the stairs for storage is perfect for narrow spaces that have limited land. This model is suitable because we need more storage space. Of course, this idea was created, rather than the area under the stairs being left empty, it is better to use it as a place for storing goods. In this place, you can store cutlery or other items. With a design like this, the room will look neater because everything is stored in this place.

Double stairs

You also want to know how to model a double minimalist staircase. This model is very suitable for homes with high ceiling models. Instead of forcing a straight staircase design from the bottom straight up, it’s better to make it double. This model staircase can also save space and make us not tired when climbing it. This ladder model can be made variations and then made using iron material combined with wood. You can cover your stairs with carpet to make them look antique and unique. for the staircase model, of course, you have to adjust it to the area of ​​the room. For a staircase model like this, you can decorate the middle of the stairs with a dressing table to make it look more fashionable. Therefore this ladder is suitable for older people. We hope this design can add to your inspiration.

Stairs like a bed

Another staircase design that is suitable for narrow spaces is a ladder-like staircase. This minimalist staircase model is widely used to climb the bedroom. Then this ladder model is more suitable for the top of the mezzanine. Then this staircase model is always used in the bedroom under the ceiling. With a design like this, it can save space. For the material, you should use wood because it is easier to install. In addition, the color can be made in a minimalist color to make it look bright and fun. However, this ladder model is still not safe if you have toddlers because this ladder can be dangerous for them.

Stairs Stick to the wall

One more staircase design that can help save space is the staircase model attached to the wall. You just need to make the shape semi-circular or straight according to your taste. To make it look more attractive, add LED lights on the walls of the stairs to make it look more dramatic and fashionable. To make it, you make the surface of the base of the stairs using wood because it can create a more comfortable atmosphere in a narrow space. Then to make the base for the stairs, you should use cement and ceramic because if you don’t make it like that, the ladder is not strong. Then design the stairs according to the floor to make them look more harmonious. To maintain your safety, you should make a handrail on the side of the ladder so it is not dangerous. I hope this design can inspire you.

L letter ladder

This minimalist staircase has been designed with the letter L. With this design, you will be safe to climb the stairs and not get tired. This staircase looks beautiful and elegant in the living room. The edge design of the stairs uses thick glass. Then, the steps have been designed to be wide so that it is not dangerous for your child. To save space, you can use the edge of the stairs as a shelf to place room accessories. Then color the stairs with wood and the edges of the stairs with dark gray. Then, this design is always used for large and luxurious houses. So it looks more beautiful. If you have a large room like this, you can design it like the picture above. We hope this image can be an inspiration for you.

4. Conclusion

If you want to make a beautiful level house, we present the best staircase design. To design your staircase, you should choose the beautiful staircase design to look your home more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, and Aesthetic.

In this article, we explained several of the best pictures for your staircase. Then to design it, of course, you will have to spend the money. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained and then give it to the home decoration company. Hopefully, you can make like this picture. Hopefully, this article can help you to make your staircase look beautiful. Happy decorating!



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