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How to Make A Cozy Spot for Winter?

Simdreamhomes.com – Time flies so fast. Without realizing it, the season had turned into winter. Some people may keep doing their activities during the winter. However, there are also no ravines who prefer to do activities at home because the cold air does not allow them to leave the house.

Spending time indoors during winter is not a bad thing. Instead, we can get to know ourselves better and take advantage of the time available to enjoy our own time. However, in order to feel comfortable in the house, of course, the interior needs a touch. Making the house feel comfortable in winter is very important.

So, for those of you who want to feel comfortable at your house, here we have provided the best tips about How to Make A Cozy Spot for Winter. So, let’s check it out!

Makeover The Attic into A Cozy Bedroom

An attic is often a place that is not maintained at home. Because it is located at the top, it makes people very lazy to care for and clean the attic. In fact, the attic can be made into a very comfortable place, especially for winter.

Have you ever seen such a comfortable attic bedroom? Just the thought of being there is a lot of fun. The comfortable attic bedroom can be used as a place for us to enjoy the time during winter.

cozy attic bedroom
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By arranging and decorating the attic bedroom appropriately, you can have a cozy spot in your house for winter. And here are some tips for a makeover of the attic into a cozy bedroom.

  • Comfortable Bed

cozy attic bedroom
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The main thing that must be considered in the bedroom is the bed. The bed will determine the comfort of a bedroom.

So, to create a cozy attic bedroom, try to choose a mattress that is soft and comfortable.

Because the place is at the top, avoid using a bed frame so that the load on the attic is not too heavy. Besides, a mattress on the floor will feel much more comfortable.

  • Layered Bedding

comfortable attic bedroom tip
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To make a cozy spot for winter, we are required to make the room feel warm. The location above will indeed feel cooler. Therefore, apply layered bedding to make the bed feel warm and comfortable. Use two to 3 blankets.

To make your bed feel more comfortable, add some soft pillows. The beautiful pillowcases also will add beauty value to the attic bedroom.

  • Heater

The heater is a very important item that must be used in winter. To make the attic bedroom feel comfortable in winter, put a heater near your bed. To stay safe when used in Attic, use a portable electric heater.

Cozy Fireplace Spot

When in winter, the fireplace is very important. To make the air in the room feel warm, the fireplace must be kept on.

There are two types of fireplaces that can be used:

  1. Traditional fireplace. Where to turn on the fireplace, it still requires wood and is turned on manually.
  2. Electric fireplace. The use of the electric fireplace is much more practical and easier. It is just that this item requires electricity and will affect your electricity bill.
cozy fireplace spot
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Use a traditional fireplace or electric fireplace according to what you like. Because the function of both is the same, namely to keep the temperature in the room warm so that the room will feel comfortable.

Besides that, the fireplace can also be used as the coziest place in the room. When in winter, it is more comfortable to be close to the fireplace. So, there are a few tips that you can apply to have a cozy fireplace spot.

  • Place The Chair Near The Fireplace

cozy fireplace spot
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To make the fireplace a cozy spot, you certainly need a place to sit and relax. So, adding a comfortable chair near the fireplace is a tip that you can follow. Also, add a small pillow to make it feel more comfortable. You can also put a warm blanket on the chair to keep yourself warm in winter. Enjoying a burning fire can make you calmer and more relaxed.

  • Use The Soft Rug

comfortable fireplace spot
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If using a chair in your opinion can make the room feel cramped, you can replace the chair with a rug. Choose a soft rug so you can feel comfortable when relaxing there. Sheepskin rug is the best option to use. Put the sheepskin rug by the fire and add a few pillows to make it feel more comfortable.

Here you can also enjoy a warm drink while reading your favorite book. Very fun, right?

Create Cozy Bay Window Seat

Did you know that the scenery during winter is very beautiful? Even though you are still indoors, you still have to be able to enjoy this beautiful winter scenery. Enjoying the scenery is the best solution to make yourself feel calm and relaxed.

As a link between outside and inside the house, the window is a very important item. Choose a large window to make it a cozy place at home.

bay window seat for winter
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Create a bay window seat is the best tip for creating a cozy spot at home in winter. With the large windows, you can enjoy the beautiful winter scenery clearly.

Here are things to watch out for in creating a cozy bay window seat.

  • Soft Cushion

cozy bay window seat for winter
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The bay window seat can be used as a place to relax. Sitting or lying down here can make you feel more relaxed. Therefore, choose a cushion that is thick and soft. In this way, the bay window seat will be the coziest space in the house during winter.

  • Add Some Pillows

comfortable bay window seat
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The thick and soft cushion is not enough to make the bay window seat feel comfortable. There is something missing from sitting back but not hugging a pillow. Therefore, add some pillows there to make the bay window seat a cozy spot in the room. In addition, hugging a pillow while enjoying the beautiful scenery is great for your psyche.

  • Use Sheepskin Rug or Wool Blanket on The Seat

bay window seat for winter
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Cold temperatures sometimes make us feel uncomfortable and want to always be near the heater. To keep your body temperature warm, you can put the sheepskin rug on the seat. Adding blanket wool can also be used as an option to make the bay window seat feel nice and warm. In this way, you can enjoy the winter scenery without worrying about getting cold.

  • Add The Warm Lighting

warm bay window seat
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Presenting lighting to the room is indeed very important and obligatory to make the room look bright at night. However, the function of lighting is not only that. Some additional lights can be used to make the room feel comfortable. Adding warm lighting to the room is a tip that you can follow to create a warm ambiance that can make the room feel comfortable and also look beautiful at night.

The string light is a lamp that can be used to provide a warm ambiance to the bay window seat. You can also scatter the candles for a warm and soothing atmosphere.

Place The Next to The Window

Apart from being a room for resting, the bedroom is often multi-functioned as a room for various activities, such as eating and drinking on the bed, reading books, doing assignments, and so on. Especially when in winter, spending time in the bedroom is indeed the best choice.

comfortable bedroom for winter
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However, just staying in the bedroom will certainly feel so boring. Therefore, you have to make the bedroom not feel boring so that it still feels comfortable and feels at home in the bedroom all day.

Place the bed next to the window is one of the tips that you can follow and apply to your bedroom. The bed next to the window will be the most comfortable spot in the bedroom. You can do activities while enjoying the beautiful outside scenery. This can be a remedy for boredom due to being in the bedroom for a long time.

cozy bedroom for winter
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Do not forget to apply layered bedding and use a thick and warm blanket. Because usually there will be air coming in through the windows and it can make you feel cold when you are near the window. You can also use a portable electric heater in the bedroom.


The cold temperature during winter does make us prefer to be indoors. Warming yourself inside the house is the right choice. However, being indoors for a long time will certainly feel boring. Therefore, you need to create a cozy spot at home for winter. With a cozy spot, you won’t feel bored in the house for a long time. Make some cozy spots in the house so that you feel at home in the winter. And in this article, we have provided some best tips on How to Make A Cozy Spot for Winter. So, have you decided what kind of cozy spot you want? Happy trying all!



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