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Characteristics of Minimalist Japanese Home Design That So Comfortable and Beautiful – When we look at houses with Japanese designs, what comes to our mind is an atmosphere that is so warm, comfortable, and calm. So this is what makes a house with a Japanese design one of the designs favored by many people. The appearance of a Japanese design house usually seems minimalist and functional.

Taking advantage of natural lighting and using natural elements makes a Japanese-style house look unique and different from the others. By taking advantage of various levels of floors, houses with Japanese designs prioritize privacy.

So, for those of you who are interested in minimalist Japanese home design, you have to know first the Characteristics of Minimalist Japanese Home Design That So Comfortable and Beautiful. So, let’s check it out!

The Main Gate is So Typical

As previously stated, Japanese-style houses prioritize privacy. To make the owner of the house feel comfortable at home, the main gate is the most important part of a house with a Japanese design.

japanese gate design
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Can be seen from the picture above, the gate walls of the house are made very high. The gate used also applies vertical and horizontal line elements which are one of the characteristics of Japanese home design.

You can also see, there is a roof on the gate which makes a Japanese-style house very different from other designs. A look of peace and serenity can already be felt from the front of a Japanese house.

Prefer Use Natural Material

To give such a calm and warm atmosphere, Japanese-style houses prioritize using natural materials. Besides giving a calm and warm feel, the main purpose of using natural materials is because Japanese-style houses love nature more.

There are some typical natural materials used in minimalist design Japanese houses:

  • Natural Stones

japanese house gate
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Japanese-style houses really pay attention to every part and corner of the house. Likewise with the main gate. To show a calm and warm side, houses with Japanese designs use more natural elements such as natural stones. The main gate with natural stones also shows a solid appearance.

japanese house design
Cc: ofdesign

After entering the gate, it will not usually be served directly at the main door. In Japanese-style houses, there is usually a garden or open space. And to give a calm and comfortable feel, the walls on the outside of the house are often used by applying natural stones to the walls.

japanese house style
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Natural stones are also often used as a bridge to enter parts of the house. So it can be seen that Japanese house design looks so natural.

  • Wooden

The main natural element in a house with a Japanese design is wood. Japanese people prioritize using wood because Japan is a country that is prone to earthquakes. The Japanese built their houses with wood so they would not collapse easily.

And now, wood material is one of the characteristics of a house with Japanese design.

Wood is usually used in every part of the house, such as walls, doors, floors, and others. Japanese-style houses apply vertical and horizontal systems to make Japanese minimalist houses look attractive and not rigid.

Outer-Inside Transition

japanese house
Cc: Pinterest

In Japanese home design, there is usually a transitional space between leisure and deep which is often referred to as Genkan. Genkan is made to welcome guests and to take off sandals or shoes. Usually, there are shoe racks and a variety of other displays such as jars or ikebana (traditional Japanese flower arrangements) in the genkan.

japanese genkan
Cc: Pinterest

Not infrequently, Japanese-style homeowners also use console-style wooden benches to make it easier for guests or homeowners to take off their sandals or shoes. Which then the bottom of this bench can be used as a place to store sandals or shoes.

Here it can be concluded that Japanese-style houses prioritize cleanliness and comfort.

Presenting Nature in the Home

Japanese style houses are very close to nature. This is because Japanese people really love nature. Therefore, nature in the home is one of the characteristics of Japanese home design.

Japanese people really believe that living with nature will be very good for their soul and body. They will feel the serenity and beauty of nature in their home. And this is why the Japanese style house feels so calm and also very comfortable.

There are several ways that can be applied in presenting nature in the house that is usually used by Japanese people in their homes:

  • Fishpond

japanese fishpond
Cc: Pinterest

In Japanese Design, water is one of the most powerful elements. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a fish pond in the garden inside the house. The Japanese people make water as a natural element that can provide calm to the house. The sound of the water in the fish pond is very good for the soul.

  • Green Plant

fresh japanese house
Cc: Pinterest

Apart from fish ponds, green plants are also very important. Japanese traditional plants such as bonsai and bamboo are one type of plant that can be used to emphasize Japanese nuances. However, you can also use other plants that you like such as orchids and others. Green plants are very important apart from giving calm and a fresh feel to the house, green plants can also make a house look so beautiful.

Open-Room Concept

One of the characteristics of Japanese home design is an open-room concept. The goal is to maximize the light that enters the room. Usually, Japanese-style houses face north-south where the sun can freely enter the room but it doesn’t make the house feel hot.

japanese house design with open-room concept
Cc: Pinterest

The windows used in Japanese-style homes are large windows, such as ceiling to floor windows, window skylights, and so on.

Adding curtains to the windows only blocks natural light from entering the room. With this, you can use the net curtain or not use window decorations at all.

Timber Arranged Horizontally or Vertically As A Room Divider

Japanese home design really pays attention to every existing room. To maintain the minimalist look of Japanese home design, walls are very much avoided as room dividers. Japanese home design usually uses timber arranged horizontally or vertically. Timber arranged horizontally and vertically as a room divider is one of the characteristics of Japanese home design.

timber for room divider
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The existence of space on timber makes the room seem more spacious so that the room will be very comfortable. Timber that is neatly arranged horizontally or vertically is very important to make the room look simple and attractive.

Sliding Door

In a Japanese design house, swing doors are one of the doors that are avoided. This is because the swing door is considered to take up a lot of space. Therefore, the door used in Japanese-style houses is a sliding door or what is called Shoji.

Shoji for japanese house
Cc: Pinterest

In a Japanese design house, the swing door is one of the doors that are avoided. This is because the swing door is considered to take up a lot of space. Therefore, the door used in Japanese-style houses is a sliding door or what is called Shoji.

You must be wondering why a sliding door is a door that is becoming the characteristic of a Japanese design house. This is because, in Japanese-style houses, there is rarely any ventilation. And Japanese people prefer to open their doors to maximize the light and air that enters the room.

The Roof of The House is Wider Than Other Houses

japanese house roofing
Cc: Pinterest

One of the characteristics of a Japanese design house is a wider roof. The purpose of the house roof is made wide is to avoid heavy rain. Because the Japanese custom is to open their doors so that air and light can enter the house freely so that rainwater will not enter the room. With this, the room will not get wet and stay clean.


The Japanese-style house looks more attractive because the beautiful and comfortable appearance is very thick in this house. Besides that, natural elements make a stylish house feel so fresh. The nuance in this house also feels more calming. There are so many people who want to apply a minimalist house with Japanese design. If you are one of them, then the main thing you should know is the Characteristics of Minimalist Japanese Home Design That So Comfortable and Beautiful.



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