– When we look at Italy, what we feel is a warm and romantic impression. Yes, one of the cities in Italy, Rome, is the most romantic city in the world. Therefore, when you are in Italy you will feel so comfortable.

Not only that, classic European-style buildings are still thick in this one country and this is what makes Italy different from other countries. The atmosphere in Italy feels so warm because of the old buildings that are still being maintained.

Decorating a living room with an Italian interior-style concept is an interesting idea. As a place to gather, a living room should be made warm and comfortable. And here, we have provided Romantic and Warm Italian Living Room Decor Ideas you might love. So, let’s check it out!

Natural Shades Concept

In buildings in Italy, they use more natural stone. And also, natural stone is left exposed just like that, so that it presents a classic feel that is so attractive. As a natural element, natural stone can bring a warm atmosphere so that it can make us feel so calm and comfortable.

italian living room
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To have an Italian living room that is comfortable and also looks attractive, you can use natural elements such as natural stone for the living room walls. Natural stone walls will look firmer.

Providing a warmer atmosphere by presenting wooden elements is also a great decoration. The wooden ceiling will make the living room look softer and calmer.

Classic Living room with Luxurious Touch

Every room needs lighting be it natural lighting or artificial lighting. Natural lighting certainly comes from sunlight. By using large windows, natural light can enter the room freely. And for artificial light, you need to use lights in the room.

Currently, there are many types of lamps that you can choose from. However, if you want a luxurious touch in an Italian living room, you can choose a crystal chandelier. Hang this chandelier in the middle of the living room.

classic living room
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For the light, choose warm lighting to illuminate the living room. The combination of warm lighting and natural elements in the living room (natural stone and wood) will present a romantic, warm, calm, and comfortable atmosphere. In this way, the Italian living room will look perfect.

Bright Classic Italian Living Room

In the 1950 – 1970s, Italian designers were experiencing their heyday. This is also the pioneer of why Italian is so thick with artistry. The Italian style this year underwent major changes. Around the 1950 – the 1970s, the Italian style seemed more modern, abstract, contemporary, eccentric, and a bit exaggerated. And until now the Italian style is still applied to the interior of the house because it looks attractive and unique.

bright italian classic living room
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The furniture used in the living room has indeed changed. The intricate carvings that we usually encounter in some Italian-style furniture have been replaced with furniture with a plain, simple, and modern appearance.

The furniture used in the living room has indeed changed. The intricate carvings that we usually encounter in some Italian-style furniture have been replaced with furniture with a plain, simple, and modern appearance.

Italian Curved Ceiling

We often encounter curved ceilings in Italian buildings. This is what makes buildings in Italy feel comfortable even though they are small. A curved ceiling makes walls feel taller and makes a small room feel wider and more comfortable.

Italian curver ceiling
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So, applying the Italian concept to your small living room is the right idea. With a curved ceiling, your small living room can be transformed into a room that feels more spacious and more comfortable. And do not forget to give the ceiling a color like beige or something else.

Orange Italian Living Room

For some buildings with a classic style, the colors used tend to be warm tones. However, for Italian buildings, sometimes we see some buildings with beautiful bright colors, such as orange, sea blue, Tosca green, and so on.

orange italian living room
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The orange wall will feel so calm. The orange color may look too quirky, but after being given natural lighting into the room, the orange color will look soft and calm.

So, the key to creating an orange Italian living room lies in natural lighting which is the source of the living room lighting. Therefore, use a large window. And also do not give decorations on the windows that can block sunlight from entering the living room.

beautiful italian living room
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Wooden elements applied to the floor, ceiling, and also some furniture in the living room bring a warm and romantic atmosphere to the orange Italian living room. The atmosphere of the living room will feel more alive. Coupled with vintage-style furniture with distinctive carvings, it adds to the beautiful value of the orange Italian living room.

The rough wooden furniture can give it a more attractive appearance. The handmade impression is attached to the living room and makes the Italian living room look artsy.

Semicircular Sofa

As the main item, the sofa greatly affects the appearance of the living room. Choosing the right sofa will also make the living room feel so comfortable.

semicircular Italian sofa
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For a more modern Italian living room look, using a semicircular sofa is the right decoration. The soft colors chosen for the semicircular sofa can make the living room appear calm and warm. Not only that, the feel of the living room will turn out to be so romantic.

Maybe you can add some fresh green plants to complement the appearance of the living room. The green plants placed on the semicircular side of the sofa will make it look so perfect.

Replace The Door with A Stone Arch

If usually the door is used to insulate a different room, but in Italian interiors, the use of doors is more avoided. As a barrier between one room and another, the Italian concept tends to use stone arches

stone arch
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The application of the stone arch is great for small houses. With the application of a stone arch, there is no insulation between one room and another so that the house will feel wider.

The stone arch in the Italian interior is made wider to make the house look bigger. On the side of the stone arch is also often made attractive by adding some natural stone.


Italy is indeed famous for its buildings and architects. The buildings that are so artistic and attractive are very pleasing to the eye. The Italian interior also feels so warm and romantic. Therefore, it is not surprising that Italian interiors are still often applied to home interiors so that the house can be a comfortable and attractive place to live. Unfortunately, to have a comfortable and attractive living room, you have to decor the living room properly. In applying the Italian concept to the living room, you have to get first the references to the Italian concept. So, this is the reason why in this article we provide Romantic and Warm Italian Living Room Decor Ideas. So, happy trying!


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