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Effective Tips to Make The Living Room Feel Cozy and Warm with Rustic Design – As the main room, of course the living room must be made as attractive as possible. The appearance of the interior of the house can be described as a characteristic of the owner. If you are the person who likes things that are warm and comfortable, Rustic Design is the most appropriate design to apply.

To bring the perfect Rustic Design into the living room, here are Effective Tips to Make the Living Room Feel Cozy and Warm with Rustic Design. So, let’s check it out!

Presenting The Natural Colors

Each design certainly has the colors used respectively. Like the colors used in Industrial Designs are certainly different from the colors used in Scandinavian Designs. And so is Rustic Design.

Rustic Design has colors which make it special from Rustic Design itself. As we can see that the feel of nature is very thick in this one design. Therefore, the colors used must represent a natural impression.

rustic living room
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Here are the natural colors of Rustic Design that you can apply to the living room:

  • White

bright rustic living room
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The white color is very suitable to be applied for you who likes bright appearance. In addition, making white as the basic color of the living room can make it easier for you to decorate this room because white is the color that is most easily combined with other colors.

Applying white is also the most effective way to make your small living room feel more spacious because white can make the room look bright and not cramped or stuffy.

  • Wood Brown Color

rustic living room colors
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The wood brown color is the next color that can represent the nuances of nature into the living room. Some wood colors in the living room are able to give a warm and calm feel so the living room will be a very comfortable room.

  • Gray

rustic living room ideas
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If you look around the appearance of the Rustic Design, it feels a bit cooler but doesn’t strike. This is because gray is one of the favorite colors used in this design. Gray is usually present in the form of fabric to warm and provide comfort to this room.

  • Brick Red Colors

brick red colors in rustic-style living room
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The natural color used in the next Rustic Design is brick red. The red color itself can give a slightly bright sensation and stand out into the living room while still making the living room feel warm and calm.

For maximum results, you can combine several colors above in the living room. In this way, the Rustic Design will be present so perfectly.

Using Natural Materials

Presenting natural colors alone is certainly not enough to present the perfect Rustic Design. The material used in the living room is certainly a major factor that can make the Rustic Design present in this room.

rustic design material
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Here are natural materials that can be used in applying Rustic style to the living room:

  • Natural Stone

natural stone for rustic interior
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The rustic style itself comes in an unfinished form. It might look strange to you, but this is what makes Rustic’s style look special. The unfinished look becomes the characteristic of this one style.

Rough wall texture you can present by using natural stone as material for the wall. Let the natural stone exposed to the living room so that the living room will look so attractive.

  • Wood

wood elements for rustic living room
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The rustic style itself was first present in rural communities in Europe where the countryside has a cold climate. Therefore, to make their homes feel warm in cold weather, they use wood as the main material in making homes.

So, if you want to make your living room become a cozy place and a warm place to relax, using the wood elements is an effective way you can apply to this room.

  • Bricks

exposed brick wall
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The next material that will bring the feel of nature into the living room is brick. The use of bricks alone is indeed able to provide interesting and bright effects into the living room. The red color of the bricks gives a slightly striking look but remains calm.

An unfinished brick wall is a next tip that you can choose to bring the Rustic style to your favorite living room.

Using Natural Lighting During The Day

Natural nuances cannot be present optimally if there is no sunlight coming into the room. So, in applying Rustic Design to the living room is very important. And to bring more natural lighting, of course you can use several windows or large windows. The skylight window is also the right option for use in Rustic style living rooms.

natural lighting for rustic-style living room
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Bringing natural lighting isn’t too bad. In fact, many of the advantages that you will get from using natural lighting to illuminate the living room.

  • Present Warm Ambiance to The Room

Natural lighting is the most appropriate option to make the room look bright during the day. In addition, the light entering the room can bring a perfect warm feel so the room will feel very comfortable.

  • Saving Budget

By utilizing solar lighting, you no longer need to turn on the lights. Of course, this will save electricity and your budget.

  • Make The Small Room Feel More Spacious

The narrow room will easily feel cramped. And by bringing natural lighting into a small room, the small room will feel more spacious so that the small room will feel more comfortable and warmer.

Using Warm Lighting

Because sunlight is not possible 24 hours, of course we need to bring artificial lighting to make the living room still look bright at night. With this, we can still move freely in the living room comfortably.

The use of lights is not only to light up the room in the dark but also can bring the nuances that we want. As in the Rustic style living room, of course the nuance that must be presented in this room is a warm feel that is so comfortable. So use lights with warm lighting is the next tip you can follow.

rustic living room lighting
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There are several lights that can be used in a rustic-style living room to make it look beautiful:

  • Pendant Lamp Made of Iron

rustic pendant lamp
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To illuminate the living room as a whole, the pendant lamp is the best lamp that can be used. Choose the size of the pendant lamp that matches the size of your living room. And for the Rustic style living room, choose a pendant lamp made of iron with a slightly peeling paint. This will give a rough effect which is a characteristic of Rustic Design.

  • Lamp Table

rustic table lamp
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The use of pendant lamps sometimes feels less to illuminate the living room, because the living room needs lighting that is bright enough to make it feel comfortable. Adding several table lamps is the right solution.

Choose a table lamp with an attractive and beautiful shape so that the table lamp can be used as a room decoration.

Furniture and Living Room Stuff Made from Natural Ingredients

rustic living room furniture
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Next, we need furniture and other living room stuff to fill the living room. In the Rustic style living room, choose furniture made from natural materials such as wood, iron, aluminum, and so on.

Because the Rustic style prefers warm natural shades, so wood is the most widely applied element in the Rustic style living room, such as wooden chairs with a rough texture, tables, shelves, and so on.



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