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Trips and Tricks to Make The Small Apartment Feel More Spacious and Cozy – It is very difficult to find housing in urban areas, and if there is of course the price offered is very high. This happens because land in urban areas is very limited. Many offices, malls, and other stores make urban areas minimal.

Today, apartments are the most desirable homes for many people. The location of the apartment is usually in the middle of urban areas. In addition, the existing facilities in the apartment are much more complete. And the most important of course is the price offered. The price of the apartment itself is relatively affordable, especially small-sized apartments.

small apartment interior decor tips
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Having an independent attitude and lifestyle factors make small-sized apartments the most suitable dwelling to live in. Besides the many advantages, of course, the apartment has several shortcomings. Like, the narrow space can make this place uncomfortable because of an error in the interior decoration of the apartment. So, here we have provided Trips and Tricks to Make The Small Apartment Feel More Spacious and Cozy. Let’s check it out!

Make White As A Base Color of The Apartment Interior

The small apartment is indeed very cramped so it often makes this place uncomfortable. One way to make a small apartment feel comfortable of course we need to make the apartment feel more spacious.

Can this work?…

white as a base color of the small apartement
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Of course, this will work. All it takes is to give a broad illusion to the apartment. The trick is to make white the basic color of the interior of the apartment itself.

Here are some things that can be applied in white so that the small apartment looks and feels spacious.

  • Apartment Wall

white wall painting for small apartment
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The wall has a significant influence on the appearance of a room. In this case, painting walls in white can make a small apartment feel more spacious. The bright appearance of the small apartment is also able to make it feel more comfortable and not stuffy.

  • Window Frame

white window frame for small apartment
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Usually, the frame of the window in the apartment is made of teak or aluminum. Painting the window frame in white can bring a spacious effect into a small apartment so that the apartment becomes a comfortable residence to live in.

  • Some Apartment Furniture

cozy small apartment with white bedding
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By making white as the basic color of an apartment’s interior, of course, the use of white should be more. In addition to walls and window frames, white can also be applied to some furniture, such as tables, benches, or others.

But, although white can make a small apartment feel more spacious and comfortable, using white on the entire interior of the apartment is not very good. This can make the apartment look very stiff and seem uncomfortable.

Use The Multifunction Furniture

Indeed, we cannot use the furniture that we want in a small apartment because a lot of furniture in an apartment will only make the small apartment feel more cramped and stuffy. In addition, most furniture also makes space very limited so that the apartment will feel very uncomfortable.

multifunction furniture for small aparment
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So, the next tip and trick to make the small apartment feel cozy and feel more spacious is to use the multifunction furniture. And here the multifunction furniture that can be used for the apartment.

  • The Shelf is Used As A Room Divider

Giving a divider to a small apartment will only make it feel cramped and more cramped. However, if no insulation is provided, there is no boundary between rooms. With this, an open shelf can be used as an item to seal the room without worrying that the room will become cramped.

How come?…

self as a room divider
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This is because the open shelf still shows the whole room but makes one room and the other feel insulated. In addition, the open shelf can also be used to display items with a unique and beautiful appearance to add value to the beauty of the apartment itself.

  • Wall Floating Shelf

effective tips small apartment decors
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This one has indeed become a very popular item used in minimalist residences, including small apartments. Utilizing walls as media and storage will not take up space in the apartment so that the small apartment will feel roomy.

Some books or other stuff can be placed on a floating shelf so that the small apartment is kept tidy.

  • Bunk Bed

bunk bed use for small apartment decors
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Staying together in a small apartment is very pleasant indeed. If using two mattresses in a small apartment will certainly make it feel so narrow. Therefore, using a bunk bed is the next tip and trick to make a small apartment feel more spacious and cozy.

For you who live alone, bunk beds can also be used. Open the bottom bunk bed and turn it into a place to study or a place to relax. It will feel more comfortable without taking up much space in a small apartment.

  • A Folding Sofa That Can Be Turned Into A Bed

folding sofa to make the small apartment spacious
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If using a bed will only make a small apartment feel very narrow, using a folding sofa is the most appropriate solution. The folding sofa can be used as a sofa for relaxing during the day and then converted into a bed at night. This will be far more practical.

Adding Big Mirror in The Small Apartment

Biasnya mirror used as a tool for makeup. However, the function of the mirror is not just for that. In the interior design, a mirror is used as a tool to make the room seem attractive and bright, or we can say that the mirror is used as a room decoration. In addition, the mirror can also make the small room feel more spacious. This is because the shadow of the room will be reflected back so the room feels so spacious.

small apartment tips by using the big mirror
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Choosing a mirror without a frame would be far better for a small apartment. However, if you still want to use a mirror with a frame, choose a white frame or light wood color.

Bringing Over Lighting

Do you know why the apartment window that is used is relatively large? This is because living in an apartment will feel cramped and stuffy much easier, making the apartment an uncomfortable place. However, this can all be prevented by bringing excess lighting into the apartment.

Presenting the right lighting can indeed affect the appearance also the atmosphere of the apartment itself. So, try not covered the large window with large furniture such as cabinets, beds, sofa, or others. Also, make sure there are no decorations on the windows because this will only block the lighting coming into the apartment.

small apartment lighting
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Because natural lighting cannot be present 24 hours, naturally artificial lighting is very important to be present. So, use the right lamp for a small apartment. Don’t use lights that are too big because this will only make the small apartment look smaller. Use several lights to evenly lighting the apartment.

Use The Rug or Carpet

Rug or carpet has become an additional item where you can choose to use this item or not. However, it would be very unfortunate if you do not use a rug or carpet in a small apartment because the presence of a rug or carpet can give a broad illusion to a small apartment.

the use of carpet and rug for small apartment
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Choose rug or carpet without or with simple motifs. Don’t forget to use a carpet or rug with bright colors, like white, light gray, etc.



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