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Why You Should Apply Scandinavian Design? Here Are The Reasons

Simdreamhomes.com – In the beginning, the Scandinavian style was applied to the countries of Northern Europe, such as Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. However, over time, the Scandinavian style has a favorite design and is widely applied by people around the world.

So, how can this style be favorited by people all over the world?

This is because the Scandinavian style has advantages that make it look more standout than the other designs.

So, here are the reasons why you should apply the Scandinavian Design to your house. Let’s check it out!

1. Warm Room Shades That Makes The Room Cozy

Lighting in a room is very important indeed. The light used in the room is able to affect the appearance as well as the atmosphere of the room itself. Each design certainly uses different lighting, as well as Scandinavian Design.

Scandinavian design prefers the use of natural lighting. So, do not be surprised if the windows used in Scandinavian style rooms tend to be large. In addition, the lack of decoration on the window allows natural light to enter the room freely.

Bright Appearance of Scandinavian Design
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By prioritizing excessive sun lighting to illuminate the room, the room will feel so bright. Natural lighting that enters the room can make the room atmosphere so warm that a Scandinavian-style room will feel so comfortable.

2. A Soft and Soothing Appearance That Makes It the Right Place to Relax

In addition to the light used, the colors applied to a room can also affect the appearance and atmosphere of the room itself. Just like lighting, each design certainly uses different colors where this is the characteristic of each design.

The Scandinavian design certainly has reliable colors that make it different and superior to other designs. The colors used in Scandinavian Design are neutral colors that are bright and soft.

The Colors of Scandinavian Design
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Here are the colors of The Scandinavian Design:

  • White

White Scandinavian Interior Design
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The main color of the Scandinavian style is white. Usually, white is used as the basic color of a Scandinavian-style room. This is because white is an alternative color that can make some of the other colors used look sweet and lively.

  • Beige

Soft Color of Scandinavian Design
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In the picture above it can be seen that the soft look is so thick in a Scandinavian-style room with white as the base color. Beige color that comes in the form of light wood as if united with white and makes the room look so calm and soft.

The presence of wood elements in a Scandinavian-style room is also able to make the feel of this room so warm that the room will feel comfortable and be the right place to rest and relax.

  • Gray

Cool Scandinavian Look
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The look is a little cool but still calm can also be felt from the Scandinavian-style room. The presence of gray color there are some items made from fabric that make it look a little more eccentric and soft

  • Black

Modern Scandinavian Design
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The Scandinavian style will look so soft without the presence of black. Yes, black is the next color of Scandinavian Design. A few touches of black in Scandinavian-style room make it look a bit more striking, sharp, but does not reduce the soft and calm appearance of the room itself.

3. The Room Feel More Spacious

Due to the less land and also the factor of life so as to create minimalist dwellings. There are several benefits of minimalist housing that you can feel. That way, the minimalist room also has shortcomings, such as being more easily stuffy and cramped so as to make a minimalist home uncomfortable.

However, don’t worry. Minimalist housing can actually be used as the most comfortable occupancy. With Scandinavian Style, minimalist living can be a comfortable place to live.

Then, How?…

Scandinavian for Small Room
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Excessive lighting is needed to make minimalist residential feel comfortable. This Scandinavian style is the right solution because the appearance of the Scandinavian style is bright. The use of white as a base color and prioritizing excessive natural lighting can make a small room feel more spacious so that a small room will be comfortable. This is because the sunlight that enters the house through the window bounces on the surface of the white walls.

4. A Fresh Look That Makes Us Relax

The decoration is one aspect that affects the appearance of a room. For Scandinavian-style rooms, the decorations used tend to lead to decorations with neutral colors.

Fresh Scandinavian Room with Green Plants
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Plants are one of the favorite decorations that are usually used to decor Scandinavian rooms. The presence of plants in the Scandinavian-style room makes this room look so fresh. Neutral colors are used as well as adding some healthy greenery into the room as if to present a natural feel. Some right wall decorations also will affect the room ambiance so that the room will be a fresh and attractive room. So with this, the room will feel so fresh and right for those of us who want to have the right place to relax and release stress.

5. Modern Appearance That Makes It Looks Great

Do you know why the Scandinavian style is getting more and more popular by many people? This is because the appearance of Scandinavian is very simple and modern. The appearance of Scandinavian Design is very suitable to be applied in the current era.

Modern Scandinavian Design
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Basically, the furniture used in Scandinavian Design is furniture with a simple form. In addition, the furniture used must also be plain. Some decorations such as cushion can be chosen horizontally to make it look a little attractive. But the rest, no motive is present in the Scandinavian-style room. In addition, the colors used also tend to be bright neutral colors so the modern look is so thick in this one design.

6. Makes Children Feel Happy When At Home

Scandinavian designs are more likely to use furniture or stuff that is only needed, such as sofas, tables, rugs, beds, cupboards, floating wall shelves, and so on. Therefore, the appearance of Scandinavian Design is very simple and modern.

Advantages of Scandinavian Design
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In addition, by only using furniture that is only needed, there will be more space in the room. With this child can play freely and feel comfortable when in the house.

The elements used in Scandinavian Design are wood and more fabric. Then the child can play freely without worrying about falling or bumping.


When choosing an interior design for a home, of course we must consider several aspects, such as comfort, appearance, and safety of a design. And Scandinavian is the right interior design that can fulfill several aspects above.

There are so many advantages that you can feel by applying Scandinavian Design into your home. The modern look and bright impression make this design the most popular design by many people.

So, have you been interested in applying Scandinavian Design to your home? And surely you must know first, how to apply this design to the dwelling. So, search for some tips in presenting Scandinavian Design into the room.



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