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Let’s Get to Know More About Coastal Design – Currently, minimalist, monochrome, and Scandinavian designs are indeed on the rise. These three designs are the designs that are most widely applied to housing, starting from houses to apartments. And it is only natural if you feel bored with this design. It is okay if you want to make your home look different.

If you are the type who prefers a simple interior appearance, you don’t need to apply a monochrome, Scandinavian, or minimalist design. There is one design that can also make the interior of your home look simple and beautiful, namely Coastal Design.

Some of you may be unfamiliar with Coastal Design. So, if you are interested in this design and want to apply it to your dwelling interior, you have to know first what the Coastal Design is. So, Let’s Get to Know More About Coastal Design!

Beach Vibes That Feel Very Clear

Each design certainly has its own characteristics and concepts, such as Scandinavian with a bright and minimalist concept, Industrial design with masculine and dark concepts, and so on. Likewise with Coastal design. Coastal design is a design that adopts a beach and sea atmosphere.

coastal design
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So, the coastal design is perfect for those of you who like the beach or the sea. The beach atmosphere is very pleasant. The warm nuances will make you feel so comfortable. Besides that, the beach atmosphere is very good to make your mood good.

Natural Bright Look

Because this design carries the concept of a beach, the appearance of Coastal Design is naturally bright. The natural bright appearance is indeed one of the factors that makes the room appear more alive. Besides that, a natural bright appearance can also make the room look more attractive and more comfortable.

beautiful coastal design
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Here are common decorations used by Coastal Design in creating a natural look into a home interior:

  • Dominant White

coastal bedroom design
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To give a naturally bright appearance, white is indeed the most appropriate alternative color to use. There are several advantages that you will get from using white as the dominant color of a room:

  1. The room will look bright naturally.
  2. The room will feel more alive.
  3. The room will feel more comfortable.
  4. Easy to decor because will match with any colors.
  5. Make the small room feel more spacious.
  • Natural Lighting As The Main Lighting

beautiful coastal bedroom
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To give the room a natural bright appearance, Coastal Design uses natural lighting as the main lighting. This is why in a Coastal style house there will be lots of large windows. The use of large windows is indeed the best way to maximize natural lighting that enters the room.

Natural lighting will also make the dominant white room look livelier and brighter. That way, the room will feel very comfortable.

Using Blue As An Additional Colors

In one room it is impossible to use only one color. Using only one color in a room is a decorating mistake. A room with only one color will look stiff and unattractive. Therefore, so that the room does not look stiff, at least 2 colors must be applied to the room.

cozy coastal living room
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In Coastal Design, white is the dominant color in this design. And blue is an additional color used in this design. The blue color is used to give the room a clear ocean and beach vibe. The combination of white and blue will make the room feel so fresh and warm. Besides that, the appearance of the room will also look soft and bright.

In Coastal Design, the blue color is applied separately (not only to one spot). It aims to give the attractive look to the whole of the room. In this way, you also can feel the beach vibes clearly.

Using Glass Door or Door with A Large Opening

It’s not just windows that are considered in Coastal Design. However, the door is also something that must be considered. In this design, the door used is a glass door or the door with a large opening.

The use of a glass door or a door with a large opening will make the room look brighter. By using this door, the view outside the house will make the room feel relaxed. So, it is perfect to be applied to those of you who have a beautiful view outside the house.

coastal living room design ideas
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On the door with a large opening, usually, the door used is a sliding door. The sliding door is indeed the right choice of the door so that the room does not become cramped. This aims to save the existing space in the room

Natural Elements That is Able to Warm The Room

The beach atmosphere is fresh and warm indeed makes us feel calm and relaxed. This is also one of the reasons for the creation of Coastal Design. A place to live must be made as comfortable as possible, and people who like a fresh and warm atmosphere will certainly be attracted by Coastal Design.

kitchen coastal design
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To create a warm atmosphere, Coastal Design tends to use natural elements. The following are the natural elements used in this design:

  • Wood

rattan furniture for coastal design
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The natural element that is most often used in Coastal Design is wood. In this design, wood is used for floors and some room furniture. The wood used is light wood. That way, a Coastal Design-style room will feel warm and also look bright. Besides that, the combination of white, blue, and wood is a very beautiful blend. A soothing fresh look will make you feel comfortable when you are in a Coastal Design style room.

  • Rattan

wood furniture for coastal design
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The second natural elements used by Coastal Design is rattan to bring a warm ambiance into the room. Some furniture made of rattan is used to fill the room to make it look beautiful and attractive. Furniture made of rattan usually will be much lighter than wooden furniture so that you can easily move this furniture around.

Minimizing or Not Using Glossy Furniture

Coastal Design really minimizes the use of glossy furniture, even doesn’t use it at all. Why? The Coastal Design look is very bright. With white as the dominant color and also natural lighting as the main lighting. If you use glossy furnishings, the room will look dazzling and uncomfortable. In addition, the look of the room also looks tacky.

beautiful coastal design
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So, to reduce the appearance that is too bright and dazzling, Coastal Design tends to use furniture made of wood or rattan. Besides that, the use of wooden or rattan furniture can also provide a natural atmosphere that can make the room feel soothing by relaxing so that the room will feel so comfortable.

The Decorations Used Related to The Beach or The Sea

Room decoration is really needed so that the room looks more attractive and not stiff. In Coastal Design, the decorations used are decorations related to the beach or the sea.

coastal design
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There are the decorations used by Coastal Design to make the interior look attractive and beautiful:

  • Gorgeous Shells

shells ornaments decor
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Shells are the most used decoration in Coastal design spaces. These shells will emphasize the beach vibes in the room.

Because of their small shape, try to put these shells neatly so that the room doesn’t seem cluttered.

  • Ship Ornament

ship room decor
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Ship ornaments are also a beautiful decoration commonly used in coastal design rooms. Displaying ship ornaments on a table, shelf, or floating wall shelf can also make a room look beautiful. The atmosphere of the sea will be clearly seen in this room.

However, due to the many details on the ship ornament, the dust will stick easily and be difficult to remove. To keep the ship ornament looking beautiful, you can clean it regularly using a small brush.

  • Sea Painting

sea painting for coastal design
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Walls are the most appropriate medium for decoration. Therefore, Coastal Design utilizes walls to emphasize the beach vibe into the room. The decoration used is sea painting.

Beautiful sea paintings will also add beautiful value to the room. The white and blue colors in the painting will make the room look soft and calm.





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